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"SAFE" Tanning Beds??

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by impervioushealth, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. hey jack!---so for the past few months since beginning to read your blogs mainly the EMF series i now have a DEEP FEAR of EMF and i have been trying extremely hard to try to persuade my wife to move at least away from the city as i live in philadelphia Pennsylvania (my personal EMF HELLHOLE!!) however because of her job--family--and friends this is proving to be VERY VERY DIFFICULT!!!--but she has agreed somewhat that if i could find a place close enough then she would possibly consider it---so i am trying my hardest to find a place up in the mountain area of Pennsylvania which is about an hr and a half away from the city!----hey its definitely a start in the right direction so ill take it!!!----anyway for the past few months ive been preaching to her about how we dont get enough sunlight and how we are basically in the house 99% of the time surrounded by all kinds of EMF and we basically never get any vitamin D so im assuming in her attempts to change my mind about moving she has gone out and bought a tanning bed for me for christmas!!---i guess she thinks i will change my mind about moving if im gettin the vitamin D and "sunlight" from the tanning bed!---TRUST ME nothing is changing my mind about getting as far away from the city as possible at this point!!----so about the tanning bed situation--i would love to know ur thoughts about it---its the vitality elite tanning bed from Dr Mercolas website--he advertises this tanning bed to be a "SAFE" Tanning bed as its made with electronic ballasts instead of the harmfull EMF producing magnetic ballasts that are typically found in most tanning beds--its also advertised as a "solar tanning bed as these bulbs actually produce vitamin D and it also has a variety of blue bulbs and red bulbs all scattered throughout it!---are these really safe???--i tried it today for the first time and i couldnt help thinking that i was laying in an EMF cocoon!!!---do u know anything about these??---am i puttting myself at risk at all by using this thing during the winter until i am able to get out in the summer to get all my sunshine??---i would HIGHLY DEEPLY APPRECIATE ur personal detailed insight on this!---thanks for any time u put into answering this question!!
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  3. CMON JACK!!!!! i was seriously hoping for a nice detailed answer from ur unique prospective!--i know its far much better to get the real thing but what do u think about using this thing during the winter months when i have zero sun???
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That is pretty serious...........See the sun and seek it. If you dont have it you have to go manufacture it which is not even close to ideal.
  5. ok jack i do truly understand that but what im asking u is that my wife got me this thing for christmas and do u see or kno of if there are any risks to my health if i use it over the winter times?--can it be of benefit because i have no access to the sun in the winter or is it going to worsen my health in any way that u kno of?
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I would not buy one......use a club. And to offset the emf get her a blow up cold tub or a rubbermaid one......teach her CT.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. well im definitely moving away from the city!!--this place is a wifi/EMF nightmare!!!---my neighborhood has turned into a college town and im surrounded at all times by new wifi and cell phone towers all the time!!--im getting out!!---moving to a nice place with a fireplace and a few acres of land to grow my own food in the summer!!--i ALWAYS wanted that!!--obviously i would LOVE to live near the equator somewhere but it would be impossible for us to leave here because of our jobs and family---thats my retirement plan though!!---and as for the tanning bed---its already bought and set up in my house already!---from what ive read from dr mercolas advertisements he made it sound very safe compared to the regular tanning beds and beneficial because of the electric ballasts that dont produce EMF like the magnetic ones and the fact that there are vitamin D bulbs and infared red bulbs and blue bulbs---he always seemed genuine to me and as if he really wants to help people but obviously u cant trust anyone these days because of what they dont kno!!--thanks
  11. LOL!-- i feel like u just have a stockpile of these lil sayings that ur just waiting to unleash on someone like me when i ask questions!!!
  12. P.S.--ive been listening to the quantlet podcast----isnt that just another form of manufacturing just as with the tanning bed??
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    not really........quite different. Quantlet optimizes blood plasma..........the sun optimizes all surfaces at once. A tanning bed gets the skin and sometimes the eye if your know what youre doing. This builds dopamine. More dopamine you get in the eye the more gets distributed over the brain substance. Choices become easier.........life seems simpler. You wake up one day and look back and think.........kinda of amazing what one correct choice can do for a life..................


    Still think your avatar is a good pic considering all we've been talking about?
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You assume retirement is in the cards........what if its not? How will you spend all those moments?
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  15. OH MY RETIREMENT WILL COME my friend!!!---even if i have to drop everything in my life and become a bum with nothing living in the forest living off the land by myself it will happen!!--or ill be dead and wont know about it!!---ur starting to sound like my wife!!--her and her family are always saying how much im always wasting all my time researching and doing all this healthy stuff but i could walk outside and just get hit by a car at any time and die!!----well by that analogy then we mind as well all be shooting heroin everyday and having the time of our lives if we could die at any moment! well not me!! i still have to plan and live in a manner that will provide me with the type of life i want to have into old age just in case i make it there! meanwhile her grandfather--grandmother--and father have all died of cancer since ive met her and her mother is in terrible shape always getting sick around every corner at every part of the year! THATS NOT GONNA BE MY LIFE!!!!
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think my point just whizzed by your head.
  17. lol probably--i just woke up!
  18. ill go bac and reread ur reply after i get my kid to school...
  19. ok i see now---99% of our conversation was before i went to bed last night so when i woke up today the 1rst reply i saw was....
    You assume retirement is in the cards........what if its not? How will you spend all those moments?----so in my waking confusion i took it out of context!.....we got wayyyy off my original question!....on a side note i read the EMF series and im almost done the brain gut series and i read a few RXes with a few seminars sprinkled in--anything u suggest next?--i was thinking the ubiquination series??--unless u got one better for me considering the type of questions ive been asking?
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Ubi series is a good one........focus in on 4-6. then. 22-26 The stuff in between is giving you tons of data that it is a light phenomena and not food. The quicker you get off the food bus the better.

    In all of the major model organisms in which
    circadian rhythms have been studied there has emerged a central organizing principle of the molecular clockwork: within cells a set of clock genes and their protein products together participate in autoregulatory coupled feedback loops of transcription and translation to produce an oscillation with a period of about 24 hr. This links light to protein degradation and nucleic acids are what make protein in us. This is why light activates ubiquitination rates and ubiquination couples to epigenetic expression and links to cancer's (ubiquitination). It also points out why food is not the player we all thought it was. It is counterintuitive, but makes evolutionary sense. The sun was here before food was present on Earth. Earth ages = 4.5 billion yrs. Photosynthesis forms the BASIS of all food webs has only been around for 450-500 million years. The time line is critical in where we should direct our attention. Our system is attuned and order to these origins. We seem to forget that basic concept of nature.

    Most people know that the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain is where the circadian pacemaker lies in humans. It monitors this dance between darkness and light, and the seasonal cold and hot temperatures in our environment to help control and monitor our own growth and development. Evolution apparently agreed to use these signals in all living things because this is what it uses for all life on earth today. Optogenetic and optical photonics opens another trap door for medicine and ancestral health to be aware of. It ties deeply to disease linked to ubiquitin marking. Polarized light has massive effects on protein thermodynamics. This has also been proven in prion diseases, and Stanley Prusiner’s got a Noble Prize for it. Many LCHF guru's (Taubes specifically) made fun of Dr. Prusiner’s work. People in his circle and his supporters continue to make errors in their current assault of carbohydrates. They have completely missed the story of the frequencies of light that must occur naturally via the pupil and skin while we eat what we do. These sensory stimuli are accounted for by mitochondria and the leptin receptor. Those dietary guru's believe what their business partners in LCHF world sell’s. It is a huge shell game in my mind. You need to be wary of their advice too. Some call it conformational bias, I call it unethical in many cases. This is why we need to help the public as much as we can when the science gets deep. Most food guru's do not know what is best. This is why I read the Dietary Guidelines as a fiction novel. They are set in place by people beholden to the government and Big Food and have no basis in science by any stretch. I read them for laughs. The real intention is to control the people who follow them by lowering their dopamine levels first in their eye, and then in their frontal eye fields and frontal lobes. In this way they become docile, “good customers”, and “good citizens” who are easier to control from Washington DC and their corporate offices. Back to light and what Stanley taught us that we still dont realize about light. Dopamine is what I worry about for you based upon your postings..........truthfully.

    This means circadian mismatches can alter the polarization of light in our tissues, which result in altered cellular signals. The proof that this process is going on in us, is easy to resolve because we now can see size, shape, and location changes of proteins, organelles, and nucleic acids that are suspended within the water of our cells with electron microscopes. This is no longer a best guess theory, no matter the marketing paradigm that you ascribe too. This can be done with tissue samples or with MRI’s. I do them with both. There is a blog in the Ubi series on how I use MRI's. You might find that one very interesting. MRI's are a protons shadow cast of a poor light environment.

    We attract wisdom we are prepared to receive, and I know people are not ready for this message. People in medicine and ancestral health care more about beliefs than reality or truth because they create their own versions of reality they use in their businesses. Everyone needs to become aware of the biologic cost of bad thinking. Every single eutherian mammalian gene, has a clock gene in front of their somatic genes. Ask yourself why that relationship exists? Is it food or light that control your biology? Circadian rhythms are controlled by “clock genes” that are entrained by light. These are natural facts, not my opinion. Be careful who’s beliefs control your dietary template. If you're smart you're template will begin with the sun and not with food. Caveat Emptor. Think for yourself or be like the Sphinx. The Sphinx looks east every morning while laying down on the Earth. That is an ancient meme I can get behind. Photonics over electronics is a very ancient meme indeed.
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