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Rob Alexander Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rob Alexander, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    wow your in it good for you to keep hacking it. magnetico sleep pad is my best friend (if you don't have this ask me about it)

    The olive oil is a new thing to try to create clean water in the mitochondria as I sleep that is low deuterium and the new water will increase charge and I'm thinking magnetico will aid this process.

    at night there is no light so focus on water and magnetism
  2. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Sleep hads been good, letting all this 5G info really sink in
    switched my new phone to an old model, selling stuff and grey scale has been awesome on all my tech.

    Gotta migrate, getting ready the winds are changing. realizing that anyone who wants help will ask for it, everyone else has chosen

    Never work harder than the person you're trying to help, put your air mask on first and then assist your fellow passengers.
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  3. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    I have started what I call strategic eye clock calibration....simply put I an going out at various times during the day and sun exposure very specifically to reset the time. It is more clear to me now than ever that my time clock is responsible for all my neuro chemistry and hormone expression.

    Just randomly getting sun not near as good as making this a total priority throughout the day. Getting far more benefits from this than the ton of supplements I was taking.

    I truly am starting to see the depth of light and time as the primary determining factors for how my biology functions and that it changes based on light as fast as it changes based on temperature (which is based on light) and that the various times are of equal importance as all light is not created equal. This has made food, supps and virtually all ideas in alt and mainstream health seem ridiculous. I am both excited and at the same time this level up understanding is instantaneously isolating as here on the central coast everyone is in sun glasses. They have no idea what anything is, food, time, life....nothing. I work in a store. I see people with tans because they take smoke breaks and understand they they may be healthier than those who take thier breaks inside staring at blue lit phones.

    I down graded my phone and feel very good about it. All grey scale tech as been awesome. I see the need for change in my life more than ever and am pushing very hard to bring it.

    Isolation often comes from wisdom I am finding as everything has become very simple to understand and very difficult to communicate to others.
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  4. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    I've been feeling good. I had a back injury that was a foolish mistake and its taken a while to recover.

    I donated blood a few weeks back and got a letter in the mail warning me about high cholesterol. I've been eating a diet that is mostly carnivore and keto based on season and location along with the lack of plant stability where I am. Eating this way has me feeling very good but may account for the cholesterol levels. I'm not too worried about it but it's worth noting here.

    I had bloody gums for years and a year ago I found Out I had an oral spirochete issue. I've been on a protocol to get rid of it but they are asking me if I'm willing to take an anti viral for the systemic effects. I'm not sure about this. Last year they had me do anti - biotics (which I never do) and I got horribly sick and ended up with c diff. I guess I'll find out more about the anti viral and see.

    It's been rainy and I can definitely feel the lack of sun. When it comes out I feel ...held I guess is the only real word for it. I'm quite tan now and sat in thye sun the other day for a prolonged period of time with no issues. I have been speaking with doctors about circadian biology. They really don't know anything about light.

    Doing a talk on food tomorrow in hopes of re framing the conversation to light and time. We'll see how it goes.
  5. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Spent the week at Expo west in OC. Talking with high level phd formulators, trainers and CEO's. They had no explanations for ideas on circadian biology or redox potential. They literally knew nothing. Top nordic naturals trainer didn't understand that DHA would have different results based on different locations or light environments. It is clear that the top people in the supplement industry know very little. I now have a very good understanding about why supplemental NAD is a negative just from explaining it to people.

    Being down there was horrible. So many people but I found myself having to gorge myself on meet and sea food. It was a different hunger than normal. Makes sense based on the environment.

    No one taking light, time, deuterium levels, nnemf or even the idea that if you mix 70 ingrediants that they may act the same as they do in isolation.

    I am concerned about the flying issue now that 5G is in planes. I explained that flying is changing and to pay attention to a freind last night and woke up to a news story about 150 people killed in a plane crash but the plane was new......I'm guessing the new planes are wired up and will cause crashes where the older ones will not. i think we will see car crashes increase in newer vehicles based on the biological toll of the wifi in the vehicle.

    So not sure about flying and not sure about where to relocate. I now understand the dopamine pathway far better and why the chemical or light stimulation externally would remove the ability for internal dopamine induced by thought and learning. Now able to make more and more changes based on new understanding.

    Felt good to be home. Putting together new ideas on magnetic environments effect of certain substances. All fun. Interesteing to see things play out. heart pounds a lot. I do wish I had any options for tattoo removal.
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  6. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    I've been feeling glad to be home. Learning so much. Its a lot to process but its fun. haven't to make some major changes in life which is tough but good.
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  7. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    The talks I have been having with those around me are really starting to catch. people are getting magneticos, getting rid of tech/shutting it off and calibrating themselves to sun. I am very happy about all the shifts and realizations I am having.

    Scheduled my reading at my place with Brian Hoyer to find out more about my home environment.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
  8. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    feeling very good, dialing in and fine tuning the various parts of my environment and getting as much nature as possible.
    The message seems to be catching as there are a lot of people around me asking about health that the old story just doesn't fit.
  9. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    listening to the Q&A. I have no idea what all this is about.I'm only 20 minutes in no idea what this is about
    hope this starts to make sense......Vague ....First question and I'm wondering if I can get through this

    never work harder than the person you're trying to help

    I recently started a romantic relationship with a woman who I have been close friends with for years.
    She has completely lit up on all the truth of light, water and magnetism and is all in.

    This love got serious fast as it has been a cosmic few weeks.

    4 days after we got together her 4 year old son started coming forward talking about being abused by his father.
    The detail of abuse went from sexual abuse to abuse with his half sister involved to a full predator ring experience in Las Vegas that was not just abuse but complete black magic rituals.

    The authorities are involved. We are doing everything we can. The child needs to feel safe and I believe based on what he has said that he is only talking because I showed up and he wants me to be his dad because his dad is a "villain"

    This poor child is now split and seems to be taken over by what I can only call some sort of demon where his eyes, voice and face change. It talks directly to me form a place that no 4 year old could. The child screams in terror at night because of the extreme trauma he has endured. The mother who I love very much is being torn apart by this. My sleep has been greatly affected and I am so tired as these nights are terrible and it is difficult to work. I have no way to explain this situation or the things I have seen.
    It is disturbing and I am doing my best as a person who spreads a message of light to hold things together for the child, his mother and the family. In the past two weeks all my allies and enemies have sowed up in a strange way.

    I am doing my best and have to believe that my light will out shine this darkness. I am normally more science than spirituality but that is changing quickly. If anyone is out there please send light this way.
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    OMG... Rob... that hurts my heart to read :confused: :tears:.
    Sending love and light your way... take care Rob.
    Your light will bring healing, but do not forget to take care of you too.
    That must be really rough stuff to go through... ((hugs))
  11. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Last night was a good night and to be honest if this is the worst then I feel confident in the future. Marathon
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