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Rob Alexander Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rob Alexander, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Glad to be here

    full story in my profile

    I'm better than I have ever been after over coming a number of challenges

    current protocols are- (far more but this is a start)
    blue techs
    as much sun/earth as possible
    seafood - eat for charge
    exercise for charge
    breaker cut off in bedroom at night phone on airplane in another room
    no wifi - except off phone during the day
    only salt lamps for light


    to use grounding bracelet run out the window on into the earth from on a free standing apartment first floor

    protection from wifi as I sleep from surrounding area (canopy or constructed faraday cage options?) Heard this blocks natural earths frequency - not sure

    I've got lots of tattoos (I get how bad that is but I didn't know at the time) I can't think of anything to do about it besides do more right

    Spirochetes - dental issue thats improving but is a concern

    Day 1 - ready for more
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  3. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 14, 2019- 2nd post

    Puzzle pieces are really starting to fit together.
    Understand the grounding bracelet and looking into more specific tests for my environment.

    Glad I didn't get a Joov - The more I correlate light and time is see that any fixed light would disrupt the time aspect of light even if it is a step away from blue light. Light supplementation becomes as bad as taking supplements for food.

    Simplification is key. I see the appeal of being involved in the health process as opposed to getting out of the way. I also see it doesn't work.
  4. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Holy Fuck.....I just listened to the extreme health radio interview. That guy had no idea what he was hearing. The OC is fucked. With or without a cell phone. I saw the images of the houses burned and the tree still there. I'm in CA.

    The alternative health industry is a joke. A bad joke. I've known this for some time but after really letting that podcast sink in....

    Met yesterday with a practitioner who can't sleep selling sups to people all day under shit lights. Asking for help about a friend with cancer all over, thinking turmeric and cbd will cure it. I didn't even know what to tell her. Talk about mitochondria and her head explodes.

    I truly understand the significance of 5g and how fast it is gonna come. The little stuff doesn't matter at all. There is zero point in me even trying to have conversations about food sups, diets, any of the top health topics in the country.

    It will be interesting to see if things change once the tech companies realize dead bodies can't give money or info.

    I gotta get to that beach in Mexico. No wife, no kids , no family, no ties, no stuff, no excuses. Just a money game at this point.

    I get it, members meetings in a very specific place. It is an ark scenario. I get it.

    The farm is an hour away from an international air port.

    Yeah my questions about grounding ect are not at all relevant.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love your thoughts Rob .......
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  6. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 15 3rd post
    I've decided to use this a place where I can be honest about my thoughts as my public posts that name people have caused me a great deal of trouble

    Third day of grey scale on phone and work screen. I am amazed at how similar it is to quitting smoking and I have my blue techs and the fux app with the brightness turned down. The dopamine alteration from the light is making so much sense relative to the dopamine mechanisms of alcohol consumption.

    best examples are
    buy someone a beer at a bar (spike dopamine while decreasing critical thinking)
    no casino has windows ( to distort the circadian rhythms and spiking the dopamine with the fake light)

    Just got pitched a nootropic - the sales pitch - its taken at night and releases to work while you sleep.
    I ask - has anyone in human history ever eaten while they are asleep? This would stop the brain from performing the proper restoration functions...guess what that product does...it worse than eating while you sleep. In the past I would have been really excited about the nootropic stuff. Nootropic bio hackers are actually harmful. Sad to see Bulletproofers and now greenfeild who should know better selling aminos and a protein bar as the greatest discovery in health.

    After listening to a Kruse podcast last night the story of water in plants really clicked for me. I'm here in CA. I've been bringing my own water for an americano instead getting coffee. The juice bar people think I'm nuts. For me in my environment at this time the less plants I eat the better I seem to feel which after hearing the expatiation given about a CA avocado (which I would think far less controversial than so many other plants here) makes sense. As a former vegan my switch to bacon has been a tasty one that still has lots of old programming to be undone. Makes sense why the carnivore/keto people in LA are getting a benefit they just don't know why.

    Same rep pitched Keto lifestyle products, after a few questions she just gave up and said we're just trying to make money off people who will buy this stuff. I thanked her for her honesty.

    discontentment breads change and change is coming - me, my customers and my store are starting to pick up on how silly I think this all is.

    my battles with Ancient nutrtion and now my total inability to over look the harmful nature of these supplements. And all the reps are in LA 5g - I had one say she couldn't sleep feeling .....strange /odd only way she could describe it - buzzing - she said opening the windows helped, my guess is that the cold helped to condense her mitochondria to allow at least enough charge to sleep some- works for Garden of life and which sold to nestle for 4 billion dollars not too long ago and that rep has no idea what she is up against. Sad, not open to the reality at all.
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  7. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    (so i don't have to keep going back to it)

    Jun 25, 1981 (Age: 37)
    Home Page:
    Grover Beach CA
    Supplement Manager- it sucks
    Happy to be here. I've been listening to the podcasts and info for about 2 years. I've fought with this info. I've tried to find a way out of it. I'm happy to say I lost. So here I am. Its taken me some time just to process the info on the public podcasts so I've waited to really crawl walk run as I am in this for the big and not the quick. I'm here to do this up and I don't hold back so here we go.

    My story (the short version which I can now understand the mitochondrial issues with each step of the journey, I could explain every piece but I just didn't know)

    -Born in Rochester NY
    -the bastard son of an institutionalized paranoid Schizophrenic
    -Taken at birth by the state
    -passed around for the first few years
    -adopted by well intentioned but completely ignorant simple people
    -Inner city/poverty upbringing
    -Horrible reactions to all dental work- getting dental fillings
    -fat from birth
    -picked on to the extreme - withdrew to tv and junk food
    -traumas from adopted brother within family
    -16 lost the fat by basically eating nothing but white bread and smoking cigarettes and cardio in the basement
    -Became a punk rocker - started bleaching my hair for about 2 years
    -Violence at home from brother parents started giving me Tylenol pm - took daily for 6 months
    -it was fucking me up stopped the sleeping pills and started drinking
    -instantaneous alcoholic
    -Left Rochester and moved to small town Indiana for college
    -full on heavy drinker smoker at this point
    -made it through school and got married - still heavy drinker/smoker
    -here important to note that this entire time is filled with emotional turmoil and anxiety/ depression
    -fast forward to 27 gained the weight back
    -still drinking- getting blurry but successful in real estate
    -Make the most money I've ever made in one day but already on a binge - I hit rock bottom and as I write this on 2-11-19 it was 11 years ago today that I quit drinking
    -The real estate market crashes as I'm getting sober I loose everything and my wife (at the time) and I end up as house parents at a residential treatment center for teenage drug addicts
    -I learn sobriety by teaching it and am exercising but running (in the sun for hours everyday) first time in my life getting sun
    -Best time in my life
    -I get a full sleeve of tattoos over my left are and chest
    -I stay for 2 years
    -Then move to California Central coast
    -Show up for a job working with foster kids that turns out to be an unlawful organization and 3 things happen
    1.stress is through the roof
    2.I'm getting more tattoo work, color
    3 I in an effort to improve my health get my fillings removed
    At this point my health starts to decline and quick
    I search for help and now in CA I buddy up to a vegan guru
    I go full vegan in an effort to get healthy
    Now health declining very fast
    brain not working, liver, kidney, heart everything is starting to break down
    Vegan guru has me doing very intense cleanses

    Marital problems as a result of my health and inability to function which increases stress
    Wife and I take a break for me to heal
    Next day I get in a car accident
    This throws me into complete neuro breakdown- I'm close here, my ex wife a therapist who is now filing for divorce convinces me I'm crazy....I wonder if she is right
    I then find out she has been with another guy since before we split....so convincing me I was crazy was an easy play

    I hold on for the next year alone, health declining
    I'm still vegan, I'm sleeping on a grounding sheet next to a router
    I blacking out and making preparations to die

    I randomly get with a dentist i met who sees me for free
    He asks me who's trying to kill you? I say what?
    He says you have a mouth full of metal filling that have been half drilled out and covered up with no tooth between the fillings and the nerves. My teeth were covered so all off gasing was going straight into my nervous system.
    He takes them out as safely as he can. I immediately feel better.

    I start eating eggs and then fish I feel even better.
    Itis a slow recovery. I move down to LA. I get bad again, work for a start up that doesn't start up. high stress, still on the grounding sheet no knowledge of bad tech.

    I move back to the central coast and get a job selling supplements at a store.
    This is 3 years ago- health still not great but I'm functioning

    Move into a new apartment - health falls off completely
    I hear a jack kruse podcast
    I have nothing to do with veganism
    I look at my environment- I'm sleeping on the other side of a wall with 5 smart meters
    I move asap
    - I start to learn about nature, light, ..
    I get a magnetico

    I take it to a point but sell supps for a living
    I'm building a health site about my experiences
    Then I'm at the gym
    Then I'm at the gym with blue blockers on
    Then I'm at the beach

    I'm at work in a hat, blue tech glasses covered up getting as much sun and nature around the clock as I am able

    I finally stop taking the supps
    High people in the supps industry try to get me fired as I expose thier BS

    MY brain has never been better, my health has never been better
    I'm all in and I know my days are numbered at the store as I now think the sups are ridiculous

    I finally join as a member
    I know what 5G means here in CA
    I see the people I know in LA dropping like flies in a bug zapper
    I see the people come in everyday, sleep stress, anxiety, stress, depression, joints cancer and on and on.
    I am so grateful for Dr. Jack Kruse and happy to be here. Those that fight with the knowledge and loose in the short term will be the best warriors in the long term.
    I write my story
    I'm 100% in Lets go

    Next level
  8. drezy

    drezy New Member


    You were kicked in the balls out the gate

    Kids getting a shit deal from the get go really sucks

    I think your autobiography would be better than Fight Club by the way.
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  9. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Just listened to the Sott media podcast.....

    This is deep

    I feel like I have to go back and listen to that one again. Luckily the conclusion I have to find a way to make nature even more of a priority.

    "ATP is not the main driver of energy flow, the key is the interaction between sunlight and water." Kruse

    Link between bacterial light expression (in the gut and everywhere else)
    All foods break down to electrons.
    Mitochondria being a bacteria that was consumed by the cell in the past is expressing that light to fuel everything.
    ATP unfolds the proteins to allow the expressions from light and water.

    electron tunneling
    closer things are together more tunneling
    temperature of water expands and shrinks -"when you release heat through the process of energy generation you shrinking water to thin or shrink the distance of the respiratory proteins to make it more likely to tunnel electrons to make more energy. What does blue light do? It stretches the respiratory proteins." Kruse

    Everyone in the alt health world is selling stuff that doesn't matter at all under blue light reducing their ability to generate more energy.

    "The ability for the cell to capture sunlight" Kruse

    I gotta process this. Man the world must look like a very silly place to the people on this site. I've been listening to this stuff for 2 years

    .....gotta keep coming back here
  10. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    To be honest I'm pretty happy I've held up so well but anything I do to help my mitochondria I feel and fast. I gotta learn this stuff and really be creative to figure out how to build a life that supports true health. It was good for me to write the story down, I good reminder where I came from. Nice to meet you. Happy to be here. Any suggestions don't hold back.
  11. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    magnesium less electrons than iron
    thats why more complex (mobil) life forms have iron and not mag like plants
    Iron must be balanced as nature intended

    thinking that eating animals instead of plants would have a higher amount of electron intake, guessing the carnivore people are benefiting from this

    Not a food story but a light story, got that but I still eat so me eating far more red meat and less plants would make sense why I feel better, plus water issue plus deuterium issue, plus seasonal issue, plus stability issue

    The reason I took so long to join the site was that I needed time to build but my margin to scratch the surface of all this. Tipping point moment. can't unsee it once its seen. I thought I had traded all my innocence for wisdom. I think I did now I'm pawning of anything else I can find. These blogs are beyond significant.

    Gotta go to sleep to not jack my time so that I can learn more about time tomorrow. Damn this is a lot.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  12. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 16 - 4th day to post

    I'm not going to hold back any seemingly strange health issues that I experience as they may latter on be helpful. May be nothing may be something.

    Last night I woke up with a ringing in my near so loud I go up to look around and see what it was. It was in my right ear as I plugged my ear it intensified. This is not a normal occurrence for me. I shut the breaker off so there where any other adjustments I could think of.

    I had been in a deep sleep so wasn't thinking clearly. I also (this is strange and maybe nothing) but I couldn't stop hearing the song black hole sun by the guy that killed himself, Chris Cornell I think. I was never a fan of that song but had this mix of intense ringing and that song in my head. I was aake for some time laying there hoping it would go away. I had to work to over power both in my head.

    I woke up this morning thinking about the strange night but also about the singer of the song that committed suicide. My best friend and room mate in college was brilliant but dark. AS true metal head. I never viewed him through the lens of light but after some of the puzzle pieces unfolded yesterday. I was able to see him. He would cover the windows, he was white as snow and hated sunlight, death metal to the core. After college he became a drug addict and brutilly murdered a girl horror story like. It shook me up as he was my closest friend and sent me a gory letter about what he did. He had tried to kill himself after he did it but lived. He is in prison for life now and I have no contact with him, haven't since I got the letter. years ago. Now it all makes sense and understanding sunlight i see that if you wanted to destroy a brain in a lab you would just put it in his self imposed no light life.

    When I was an alcoholic in Indiana I had a drinking friend named Ryan who moved to NYC city after he moved his drinking got much worse, He didn't stay in the city but after a number of negative events as an alcoholic he killed himself......he was a metal worker. Like an art metal maker. He spent all his time in a garage with a mask on probably getting tons of metal expose and the drinking a massive amount of alcohol at night.

    Understanding more about the blue light/ dopamine story it is becoming more clear why people are in the current state of health.
    Trainer I know who keeps getting more and more tattoos is in LA "trainer to the stars" posting videos on green juicing for health.......totally re frame. Millions and millions of people in alt health are blind. Sunglasses all around.
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  13. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 17 - woke up in the middle of the night with my eye lids quivering and buzzing, thoughts muddled. feeling like my thoughts being scrambled

    I understand why people are killing themselves. Its just starting and these people are not sober so when there thoughts get jumbled its even harder to stay clear.

    I am the canary in the coal mine as I am more effected mitochondrialy speaking than others.

    Listened to the Vax not 5g podcast how 5g will make us sick

    I am now thinking about ways to get out. I have nothing at all keeping me here but funds are low.

    Have to figure out a way to get there

    Fuck the alt health world where I've spent so much time. The few closest to me have no desire to know about this.

    Playa Del Carmen
  14. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Hey Rob. Another fairly new member here. Living in LA, in recovery (10yrs), have some tattoos.

    Just offering some solidarity. Thank you for your posts. I am glad you are here.
  15. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    So great to meet you Scott. Thanks for reaching out. Glad to be here.
    Good job on the 10 years. Have you been to any of the member events in Mexico? How are you holding up with 5g?
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  16. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Hello, Hopoe you are well. Question, there is a private FB Group? How would I access that?
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is one for Silver Gold and Platinum groups.
  18. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 18 update

    Off work so getting lots of sun, changes things so much. Did a test last night and drank a good shot of olive oil before bed to see if that would help with water creation through the night possibly influencing my charge. Starting to see the difference between fat intake and fat loss as my fat is not going to be the same as the fat I consume. seems obvious but always little deeper realizations. I will keep toying with it but I Got a great nights sleep.

    The good sleep was fantastic.

    Meeting with someone who has ties to verison and tech to discuss the local wifry environment so hopefully that will help.
  19. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    Feb 20th Update
    Sleep has been much better- still drinking olive oil before bed. Not too much but seems to be a good hack.
    Really understanding the deeper implications of tech and health. Trying to make as many adjustments as I can.
    Exit strategy is being built.
  20. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Thanks mate. I have not been, but I just joined the $45 tier on Patreon and intend to go whenever the opportunity is presented to me.

    I'm in the middle of the worst of it when I am at work (UCLA). I'm in a PhD program and have to be here for another 2-3 years. I am building an exit strategy while mitigating as best I can. I spend most of my work days outside on the roof of my building, writing on my laptop in the sun. When I have to run experiments or be in class, I am fully covered and wear daytime glasses from Ra Optics. I wake up every morning and watch the sunrise while I take a walk, then come back inside and have a big breakfast. Tons of seafood, all exercise is outside, no food after sunset, etc. Since implementing all of those changes, my mental health has improved markedly. The biggest change for me has been my ability to respond patiently to situations that frustrate me. I no longer feel panic on a daily basis.

    Just spent the weekend on the beach in San Diego and, even though SD is heavily populated and a terrible EMF environment, I could instantly feel the difference. LA county is fucked. I will be spending a week in rural Arizona next week, and on the beach in Kauai at the end of March. I get into the sun and into the ocean as often as I can. Moving into a new apartment where I'll be able to ground a CT tub in my backyard in 4 weeks.

    Where did you read about taking olive oil before bed? Would love to hear more about why you're doing that.

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