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Road Trip for Spring Water

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Huck, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Road trip to Mayberry (Mt Airy, NC) to get spring water. Filled up my wine jugs (about 10 gallons). The spring used to be a famous health spring back in the late 1800's.

    You walk down about 7 steps into the round concrete foundation. The water comes out a pipe and there is drain directly below it. The brick is to use as a stop to hold your container (if is to big to fit like my jugs were). It took between 45 minutes and an hour to get 10 gallons. Right next to the spring are a couple of wooden rockers looking out on a small river. I got to practice mindfulness while I was waiting for a jug to fill.



    The sulfur smell was really strong. The sign says if I leave them open overnight, it will go away.

    Mineral Content

    • Calcium 20.2 ppm
    • Sodium 7.9 ppm
    • Sulphate 7.8 ppm
    • Magnesium 2.3 ppm

    And then I drove back with the top down - about 50 degrees and sunny.

  2. FUN, I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Same thing. . .and I can buy overpriced bottled versions of it at the yuppie stores here (I used to get it free growing up there!). . .but I saw on an ask Jack thread that there was Floride and JK's advise was stay away.

    Do you know the Floride content? I wonder if RO with replacing is the best we can do on water?
  3. diane

    diane Gold

    Someone posted a link to this site last night in the Q&A if you want to find a spring near you.


    Looks like a beautiful day there - and a beautiful way to enjoy it!
  4. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Nice way to spend an afternoon! I am envious. Have to locate a spring nearby...

    Found one - the Humble Artisan Well. Humble is not far at all... Will look into this soon.

    Diane, thanks for posting the link above.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2013
  5. Vicster

    Vicster New Member

    Fitness@home the one in Humble is no longer operational. It is there and flows, but not from the original source. The city repiped it to run on treated water because they were concerned that run off of the spring water into a nearby lake would harm it. Go figure.....
  6. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Yes, I saw that online. We are spending the weekend in Austin and Barton Spring is 1.7 miles from where we are staying. I see a hike in my future :)
  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I checked out Barton Spring yesterday afternoon. They are doing maintenance in that area of the park and fences were up around it. It is very large and a popular place to go. I took some pictures but am having technical difficulties trying to attach them...will have to do that from the computer at home.

    Will definitely go back and swim when it is re-opened. Apparently the water temp is always very cool. We spend a weekend in Austin every 4-6 weeks.
  8. kjgraffin@yahoo.com

    kjgraffin@yahoo.com New Member

    Thanks so much for the link for the springs. I found one 30 minutes up the road from my house. We drove up there today and got about 7 gallons. The only thing is I wish I had something better than plastic to put it in. The water is fantastic. It takes so pure it's like to really doesn't have a taste (if that makes any sense!).
  9. diane

    diane Gold

    I found a spring near a place I go hiking. Haven't gone yet - just planning what the heck I will put the water in!

    Glad you found one close to you kjgraffin!
  10. diane

    diane Gold

    I finally got to the spring yesterday, and filled the meager water containers that I had. There were people there filling 5 or 6 of the huge water jugs that fit on the machine. I had one coleman water cooler (the small size), a mediumish jug that I bought spring water in, and a 1 litre water bottle. LOL.

    I tried the water today. Oh my - you can just taste the freshness! It's wonderful! I realized that I've been using the tap water for my tea, which still has fluoride in it - guess I will have to use this water as well. Will definitely have to get more next time to make the most of the trip - and so I have enough that I don't have to go back every week.
  11. Huck

    Huck Silver

    I made my 2nd trip a couple of days ago and got 18 gallons. Drive time is about 3 hours round trip plus close to an hour to fill up the jugs. The 1st time I made coffee using spring water I was amazed at the difference in taste.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Huck - will have to do that for my morning coffee. That is quite a road trip for you ...what is the price of fuel these days in the U.S.?
  13. kjgraffin@yahoo.com

    kjgraffin@yahoo.com New Member

    What did you put your water in? We are using a 5 gallon plastic water dispenser that we usually take to the baseball field for the team, but after a week or so it starts to taste funny. I'm looking for something we can put in the fridge.
  14. Huck

    Huck Silver

    I use my PET wine jugs for storing it. One 5 gallon jug I keep in the kitchen and the others in a lower light room. I use wine airlocks and corks to keep oxygen out and keep a full pitcher in the refrigerator for drinking, coffee, etc. I think my 1st batch lasted about 2 weeks and still tasted fine.
  15. Huck

    Huck Silver

    About $3.50 US a gallon. It cost about $25 in gas for the round trip. Compared to the cost of spring water in the store, it is a bargain.
  16. cinnamon

    cinnamon Gold

    Hi Diane,

    As a fellow Torontonian, I'm curious as to where to find this spring. The empty 4L bottles are piling up from my new spring water habit. I was going to put them out in clear plastic bags rather than fill up the blue bin, but maybe I can reuse them by filling them up at a spring? How cool would that be! :)
  17. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    Is anyone concerned about contaminants in the water or am I the only one? I found a spring just a few miles from my house(!) and was thrilled, but it's in a very dense agricultural area, so I'm wondering if I need to be worried about things like nitrates/nitrates, bacteria, etc.
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    It's north of Whitby - about an hour drive from downtown. It's right off Lakeridge Road - pretty easy to find (although I did turn right instead of left, but we got a little scenic detour).

  19. diane

    diane Gold

    From the comments on the link there are a number of people who have tested the one I went to. If you're worried you can always to a test.
  20. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    Yea, I noticed some of them had comments indicating they were tested, but of course this one didn't. I did call a local lab to find out about testing, but it gets really pricey if I want to do a complete analysis. Debating whether I want to just take my chances . . . or maybe I'll just run a few tests that I'm most concerned about.

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