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Richard's optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Richard Watson, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Just a question: What seafood have you eating & are you adding sea vegetables as well?
    and - How are you practicing your CT?
  2. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    I eat green lip mussels nearly every day, also started buying tins of cod liver from Iceland, plus we have three meals of red cod each week. Sea veges - no we are not but do want to add them also, we do have a sea lettuce Ulva lactuca that grows along the coastline half hours drive from here. The best type is Macrocystis pyrifera which grows plentiful also. We do buy bags of dried bull kelp and feed to our hens so we get the goodness through the eggs that way.
    Cold showers 2x daily, the morning is the longest, the before bed shower not as long,
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  3. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    A low tide is due for tomorrow, the weather will be perfect with a off shore wind meaning flat waters, so plans are to harvest Macrocystis pyrifera bring it home and dry it on the clothesline. after reading about its high nutritional content I can now see why our sheep use to love eating the stuff, we have been feeding our sheep seaweed for 20+ years and that type of seaweed has always been there favourite.
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  4. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Pleased report that Ive had good run of sleeping well again, some of this is due I think to buying a wool mattress three months ago, took a while to break it in (wool settling), great knowing we are not sleeping on steel springs
    Monday I'm away on a trade display which means a night away, learnt I cant stay in an urban environment so I'm staying at a sheep farm B&B well away from town. Last time I made the mistake of staying in town I stayed at a cabin ground right across the road from a cell tower, woke about 3 am with a panic attack from hell, never again will I do that.
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  5. My lovely bride and I have very similar issues. We save up money for a "holiday". We research all we can about a location we can drive to before we get there. Criteria like: it's isolated, quiet, low nnEMF, call to make sure the cleaners used are not full of perfumes, etc., etc. Then we get there: the nnEMF is through the roof (we know because we test when we get there), the cleansers used are so bad the sheets create a taste of "blue bubble gum", etc., etc.

    Dr. @Jack Kruse talks about living out of air-B&Bs for the next couple of years until the devaluation of real state can be purchased. But so far from our experience, we have not found one "air-B&B" livable - even for one night.

    Damn old people, "hyper" sensitive, redox to hell -> whatever.

    It has taken 20 years to "make" where we live -> livable. Is it ideal? no

    But I do not have the financial capacity to travel around looking for it.

    I've given up a lot just so I can purchase "Silver Level Membership" monthly.
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  6. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    I should be fine at the farm stay, they are in the hills with no cell coverage and with no wifi, if I sleep well that's all that matters. A tester would be good, but atm all spare cash is going into buying crypto
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  7. Wise move !
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  8. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Thoughts around grounding, a resent thread there was someone that mentioned that walking around on dry ground means one is not earthed as well as earth with higher water content. Concrete clearly does not going change, but I wonder how much of a drop does dry earth compared to damp? Here atm we have had only 63mm or two and a bit inches of rain this year, the soils are so so dry. There was a thread I read a while back, cant remember what it was titled, it was something like the 'best place to live', one poster said it rains all the time in NZ, LOL!!:rolleyes:
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