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RF Box with Open top?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by MITpowered26, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Is there any point in having an RF blocking box where you put your cell phone in, for example, and leave the top open and maybe high up on the shelf? So then.. you are protected below it.. but at least it receives incoming signal ?
  2. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Do it. Test it. You got your answer, Jason.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    There are variety of tests.
    Approach to testing may influence the answers.

    When you look at what Big Pharma is testing, you may conclude or at least suspect, that they did some underground testing before the did publicly described testing.

    Not everyone who criticises you is your foe.
    Not everyone who praises you is your friend.

  4. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    food for thought.

    i really like your last two lines.

    readings on my sunrise spot are coming soon...
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  6. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    I feel your message deeply.

    "the sun is vast and gives life, but that it is also finite. so is time. and because of this, one must first think wisely, then choose wisely, then lastly act wisely. the sun can be fierce and punishing. nowhere in existence does utopia exist"

    oh so wise @JanSz
  7. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    "the sun is vast and gives life, but that it is also finite. so is time.
    I am thinking about how finite is (remaining)time relatively to the existence of humanity on the Earth.
    For humanity, practically time will end when humanity is no longer on Earth.
    @Jack Kruse pushes that angle, and for him, nnEMF is the main driver.
    But I think that there is an even faster driver.
    I have always thought that the human body is a super-efficient machine, real close to Perpetuum mobile.
    That it can go almost forever on 2000 calories/day.
    That turns out to be grossly wrong.
    I have frequently heard that we made a very large amount of ATP daily, but it did not mean much to me.
    But when dr Boros said that we, at rest, make over 3000 liters of new water, daily, by burning hydrogen with oxygen.
    That is something that I can turn into numbers. (Imperfectly, it is much worst).
    The 2000 calories/day is no newer mind amount when we are actually running on thousands, millions, more energy.

    Looking at the amount of solar energy that comes in real-time to earth, I see again that it is nill.
    Practically, when comparing to the energy we are using it is minuscule.
    It can be omitted.
    Sunlight coming to Earth provides information, but no energy (to make water) to speak off.

    Now, the obvious question.
    Life, eucaryotes life, uses huge amounts of energy.
    That energy, since it is not coming from sunlight, must be coming from earthly resources.
    Those resources are not infinite.
    Those resources were accumulating over billions of years, and it will be used up over hundreds of thousands.

    I would love to identify where from this life energy is coming from?
    Then, it would be easier to figure out how long it may last.


    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Same text.
    Left Polish
    Right is google's translation of Polish text to English (not that great).

  10. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    k thanks :)

    i was kidding.
  11. Sage Jan
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Any thoughts on post #8 above?

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  14. Bob Stirling

    Bob Stirling New Member

    I would say the life force energy is coming from inside, not from an external source. It would be similar to Chi, but more concerned with the processes and operations of the body. From what I understand there is more than enough supply.
  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would say the life force energy is coming from inside, not from an external source.

    In my engineering way
    that is also my thought.
    But, some important part is coming from the outside, definitely.

    But my other conclusion is that human life is able to exist at any latitude.
    In the name of human survivability, forcing all humanity to concentrate on the tropical areas is not only overkill but seems rather unreasonable.

    I think that some people (including me) will not thrive on the equator.


  16. I reread the chapter in Life on the Edge to get a better way for me to summarize in my own words. Its all about the magnetism to the Earth. That is what makes our circadian biology and develop to what we are today.

    I guess no surprise there its just renaming the same.
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It looks like we are spending tremendous daily amounts of energy.
    Or likely thousands of times more than I already estimated via burning hydrogen to create 3000+ liters of water daily.
    Why we are not burning with flames?
    Hindenburg blimp did.

  18. Bob Stirling

    Bob Stirling New Member

    Why would something still have to come from the outside?
  19. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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