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RewiringTheBrain - Moving away from AF & Anxiety

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Knghe, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Knghe

    Knghe New Member

    So, as my last post described: My being (brain&body) is in a state of 'cellular' anxiousness. It is very distractable, anxious, unpeaceful, unable to focus, nervous, etc etc etc.

    I am improving, but still in a state of imbalance (mind&body).
    My brain feels very chaotic.

    As Jack and the rest have suggested camping, yet I cannot do that at this time.

    So in an attempt to rewire and calm my brain, nervous system, etc, I will embark on the follow routine/protocol:

    1. Jump in my cold pool (routinely).
    2. Ground myself at the park grass (routinely).
    3. Up my intake of raw oysters (weekly/biweekly).
    4. Do my best to reduce exposure to EMF (purchased a Q-Link Pendant => any thoughts?)
    5. Constantly use my breathing to ground myself (breathing with my whole body, breathing into my feet) [I think this is key because my being feels very ungrounded right now, easily flustered]

    These steps I will take to heart and apply them into my life inorder to get me out of this sub optimal state of inner anxiousness. (I know what it feels like to be completely balanced because this is the first time I ever experienced any time of 'anxiety disorder')

    Does any have any advice or anything else to say?
    Has any1 ever beat this very strange sensation of bodily/cellular/neuro anxiety?
    Are these good steps which will help me heal and get out of this chronic anxious state-of-being?

    My brain just feels totally imbalanced at the moment (although improving).
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  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well... I have felt that anxiety often. I used to be a very anxious person.

    My advice would be, the things you list above are great, + eat ketogenic with lots of seafood, raw always worked best for anxiety for me. Don´t ask me why!
    Then, look up into the sky, often.... be as much outside in daylight as you can be in the dark in the evenings after sunset! This is so important. You need the opposites, the dark AND the light.
    Try to spend at least 1 hour in the woods / nature every day when light outside. And watch up into the sky. Take off your glasses :) (important!)

    Jumps into the cold pool are great for anxiety :)
  3. Knghe

    Knghe New Member

    Thank you so much,

    My brain has been in a drifting/daydreaming/extremely, chronically introspective state for so long it sucks soo bad.

    Its a very unlively state of existance.
  4. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    This is so helpful. I am very anxious person and am trying to do the best to beat the anxiety. I think for some people including me are like this because of our environment. Thanks for the tips :)
  5. Kara Nova

    Kara Nova New Member

    As a creative person/athlete who struggles with anxiety and finding balance, exercise that requires a strong mind-body connection like yoga or dance really helps to ground me. I’d also add that any creative activity, drawing, sculpting, photography, anything— helps to channel and ground that energy that needs somewhere to go. Give the anxiety an outlet and, at least while you’re “doing the thing,” you should feel less anxious.
  6. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix Silver

    it seems that you are stuck in The fight-or-flight response
    i agree with Jack when he recomend to go camping

    May be if you go to sleep to a friend house fro a few days you would realize
    That there is nothing wrong with you, dont try to supress your instinct instead embrace and follow through

    there two ways to see this
    1 somethig change recent in your enviroment
    2 you just activate to defense system

    for either one , you just need to identify the danger

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