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Reversing disease .

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by craig donovan, Aug 16, 2019 at 12:02 AM.

  1. craig donovan

    craig donovan New Member

    Hi All,
    In Jacks' Redox RX blog he says "This means all diseases that are tied to the loss of electrons are COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE."

    Is there a possibility that in some cases of neuro degeneration -atrophy of the cerebellum - it could be a disease related to loss of electrons?
    I’d appreciate any information you can give me,
  2. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    The answer is buried into E=mc2 where we are taught E = energy, m = mass and c = speed of light.

    The 2 variables are mass and speed of light. Speed of light is just a synonym for energy flow. Energy flow is electron flow across the innermitochondrial membrane. That means anything we do to increase that flow will lead to optimal health, and anything that decreases it will lead to disease and eventual death.

    From this perspective, you can view your overall environment and even diet as how well they balance this equation:

    -Sunlight, particular UV light works the photoelectric effect in you with non-linear contributions to energy flow
    -Grounding increases electron flow through our feet
    -Good glacial/spring drinking water provides a rich source of electrons
    -Seafood, animal fats and fasting (i.e. ketosis) provides a rich source of electrons and increases energy flow
    -CT condenses our matter, releases heat from our mito to shrink the surrounding water to bring respiratory proteins closer together to improve energy flow. IR light from the sun does the same when it is stronger in summer months.

    On the contrary:

    -Blue light and EMFs dehydrate our cells and stretch out the respiratory proteins to decrease energy flow and increase mass/swelling
    -A high carb diet SANS UV light decreases energy flow because carbs have a higher mass, and higher energy electrons that NEED UV light to drive them across the innermitochondrial membrane

    The tissue(s) where the energy loss or slowed energy flow occurs determines the diagnosis/disease one gets, whether that be neurodegeneration, autoimmunity, obesity, cancer, etc.
  3. craig donovan

    craig donovan New Member

    Thank you Kris 90.
    If the energy loss through poor environment exposure is attended to as suggested, can some diseases have progressed too far for reversal? If the energy loss has occurred over a long period of time and caused incorrect coding issues in the DNA and RNA (say5-15yrs), can it then take too long for the correcting of the RNA to code in a healthy manner for autophagy to occur and not apoptosis? That would mean disease continues to progress rather than reverse.

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