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Resetting the Eye Clock

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Michael Polito, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Michael Polito

    Michael Polito New Member

    How long does it take (days, weeks) before i can get back on track (Circadian) . My sleep sucks, I just started getting out in the sun between 8-9 am (sometimes longer) a few days ago. Eating seafood everyday. Sometimes grass fed beef, and pastured chicken, Dark Leafy Greens, dont eat starch and sugar carbs. Im in great fitness, but cant seem to sleep through the night. I get to bed by 11pm, but up between 2:30 and 4am and toss and turn for 2 hours. I also shut off the lights when it gets dark outside, and use yellow/amber classes if watching tv. Will this take some time before my body kicks in and gets back on track? Thank you for any help.
  2. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    It will depend on how long you lived your life in an asynchronous manner, how strict you are with minimizing ambient light at night, and all the other shit going in your life. Play around with it. Try to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Eat breakfast while the sun is out (the light will entrain your central clock, and the food will entrain your peripheral clocks--yes, there clock genes everywhere!). Perhaps cut back on working out, and keep it to daylight hours as well (working out at night can mess you up). And definitely do NOT eat after dark; that's when your body is supposed to be resting and regenerating--those programs can't work if you are still digesting food. Unplug your wifi at night and shut off the electricity to your bedroom at a minimum. Then get your barefeet on the ground in the morning, and the AM sunlight in your eyes. Try all that and see how you feel. Doesn't cost a thing except thinking it through a bit.
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  3. Michael Polito

    Michael Polito New Member

    Good stuff here Joe. I do eat late at night, sometimes because of my schedule. I will try eating before i go to teach my classes.. I love my coffee, but have eliminated that after 12pm. I'm getting it now. I'm a bare footer, so that is cool. Thanks so much Joe.
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  4. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    and where your skypers/blueblockers to any evening event.
  5. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Yes. Just starting doing that 3 days ago. Found a real nice pair of yellow tinted lenses. Shooting glasses color. Round frames. Very cool looking. Also have my blue blocker Amber/orange.
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  6. Michael Polito

    Michael Polito New Member

    Hey Joe, took your suggestion and did not eat in the evening. Had my last meal at 6pm. Cup a herb tea at night. Kept my yellow lens glasses on while watching the game. Lights off. I slept right through the night till 6:30 am. Perfect ! Thanks man ! I think that was my major problem. Eating too late when the body is supposed to be resting.
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  7. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    That's awesome Michael! Its the details that matter!

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