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Rerun - here I am... and now what?

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Andrea, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    It's funny, but I'm sure you have felt it too. When certain people come a bit too close, you feel uncomfortable. With other ones, usually people you like and care for, it's completely ok for them to come close.

    For me, there is one person, whose presence I can feel a few meters away. I just know he's around. I have felt this on the few occasions that we have met over the years. But we never got to really talk or get to know one another. Yet I have always felt some strange joy when we've seen each other.
    Now we have met and talked, started to get to know each other. The closer we are, physically, the stronger this feeling of connection is. He feels it too, it's not just my imagination. When he gave me a hug I thought my heart would explode. And when he looked into my eyes... Wow... That's just indescribable.

    I've been in love before in my life, but hell, I've never ever felt this way. It reminds me so much of magnetic fields and magnetic attraction. Then again, the heart is a big magnet... :)
    But why? Why the two of us? I have no idea.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I completely understand this now ..... and there is no turning back - quantum entanglement to the max.

    If you allow yourself to be fully open .....and accept what is coming into your life - it is such magic!

    When your hands and heart are open - you do receive gifts! I am living, breathing proof!

    The thing is - this impacts on everyone around you..... we are radiating and attracting.......

    The other day a teacher friend of mine spent 2 hours talking to her class about us .... the kids were fascinated by the whole story of our citizenship ceremonies and our engagement ....and what countries we have come from ...and on and on.

    It was so lovely ....and so positive... and everyone has the biggest grin on their face......
  3. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

  4. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    You just made me cry... But thank you! :)

    Thank you, Peter. I love it! It gives some food for thought. :)
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice.................. :) :) :) :) You are so blessed :) :love: :love: :love:
    do not know if there is much to learn from me, I am pretty much confused...lol but very very happy if I can be to any help for anyone!
    you still could share about the biohacks you do ;) :rolleyes: :D
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I need someone to do biohacks with too Rerun :oops:
    I would love that. I really would........ that would be so amazing
    I am doing everything alone and sometimes it needs quite some strength and I am not strong but I do it anyway o_O
  7. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    You are amazingly strong Inger & an inspiration to so many of us - always positive & helpful. But yes I'm sure life would be easier if you had some help :)
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Jenny... you are too sweet :love: :love: :love:
    we are sisters for sure :)
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  9. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?


    Sometimes one word says it all... :)
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  10. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Or how could I better describe it when getting to know another person is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle? All parts fall into place. Perfect fit.

    I'm aware that this won't last forever, and nothing can stop me from thoroughly enjoying every moment. And when doing that, every moment lasts an eternity...
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    A perfect fit ....that is what I am experiencing ....and loving every single second.

    Is it because we are easier? happier? more forgiving? calmer? enjoying the very simplest of pleasures.......

    I am full to overflowing....... and I can see that you are too!

    So very, very happy for you!

    Have you been dancing????? I usually have tears running down my cheeks........

    We are on such an emotional high and affecting everyone around us.....

    Very dear friends of mine haven't been dancing in a million years .... but we apparently inspired them to have a dance last weekend!
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  12. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    It's simply about the right two persons at the right place at the right time. We have had a special connection since we first met years ago. For some reason, somehow, we have waited until now to get in touch. I can't imagine a better time for it than now.

    No, no dancing. Neither of us does. But whaddoiknow? With this one person unexpected things happen... ;)
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It's simply about the right two persons at the right place at the right time. We have had a special connection since we first met years ago. For some reason, somehow, we have waited until now to get in touch. I can't imagine a better time for it than now.
    same here .....apparently we were matched last January. I wasn't ready yet......it took until September. I did a lot of growing in that 9 months. Amazing things happened to me during that time that made this beautiful relationship possible now.
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I love what you experience Rerun :) :) :) :)
    I love unexpected things...... life is just so magic and full of love :) :) :)

    I was by the oyster beach yesterday and picked a place I already picked empty this year... I thought there will be none? But I ended up going home with 100 oysters only from that one spot
    Where do they come from?????
    I think maybe God put them there for me :) :) :) and some were really huge!
    It made me feel so cared for........ :)
  15. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Thanks, Inger. I feel priviledged to experience this.
    I just wish that my body wasn't so confused; my hormone panel seems to be upside down...

    Those suckers grow fast! ;)
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Rerun... at least you know what to do to get your hormones right :) :) :)
    I am sure they will heal fast! :)
  17. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Actually, I don't know. I haven't changed what I do with regard to circadian biology, sleep, diet, CT, grounding, sun exposure... I know there are funny chemicals in my brain for the time being. But I'm not sure that really explains why my period suddenly is very irregular (was 2 weeks early recently, and now 2 weeks late). Among other things.
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I would not worry too much ...... being madly in love have thrown my period off a few times so far ;)
    I think maybe the body gets so overwhelmed with the strong feelings it just get a bit confused?

    Have you moved to a place with less EMF yet? I guess that would be huge too.......
    I wonder if that could be a reason I got zero jetlag or exhaustion from the long flight (and flying east should be worse... and that is what i did..)
    that I have quite a good environment so my body immediately healed the damage as soon as I hit home?

    I know I could feel the difference when I moved here from my parents home... that I thought was not that bad but it was.... smart meters and all... :confused:
  19. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Yeah, well... I just don't like it when my body is unpredictable. Seems like somthing is wrong.

    No, I still haven't moved. :( I really need to do that. But as a matter of fact, I'm going to go and have a look at a small house next week. It's not optimal, but light years better than where I live now. I can't avoid smart meters though. The electric companies decide how they do their readings; I, the customer, can just bend over. However, they won't be able to stop me from shielding mine in my house...
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Light years better sounds awesome....... we always have to make it better... and better... and better.... :) :) :)
    it is all that counts even if it does not get perfect in a heartbeat but it is moving in the right direction! :)
    In the end you get so used to changes they do not bother you at all anymore.... that is :) well it can be a little scary but deep inside you get that deep trust you will be cared for :)

    Let me know how your house hunting goes! :love:

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