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Rerun - here I am... and now what?

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Andrea, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    This fall I found this intriguing site and I have read a lot of articles, but there still are many, many more to read...

    My background:
    Female, 37 years old.
    Started noticing hypothyroid symptoms in 2007, but wasn’t diagnosed until 2011. I got prescription for Levothyroxine (synthetic T4), which made me feel better, but I still lacked energy - until I got a prescription for Liothyronine (T3) half a year later.
    In 2012 I was on 75 mcg T4 + 20 mcg T4 (split on 3 times a day) and I was doing somewhat ok, but I had this notion that something was wrong. For reasons I can’t explain I stopped eating the T4 (supplementing only with T3). Two weeks later I felt much better than I had done for several years, but another week or two later I started to get my old hypothyroid symptoms back. So I started to take a low dose of T4, about 31 mcg/day. I got much, much better. In January 2013 I started taking CoQ10, which I believe has made me more stable and less sensitive to the exact timing of my T3 med.
    This summer I was bothered by my high resting heart rate of around 75 and "extra beats" every now and then, so I decreased the T3 to totally 15 mcg/day (3x 5 mcg). My resting heart rate is now 60-65 and I feel pretty ok.

    My latest lab tests were taken last week and I got the results today.
    T4: 49 nmol/L (ref. 66-181)
    T4 free: 7.7 pmol/L (ref. 12-22)
    T3: 0.66 nmol/L (ref. 1.3-3.1)
    TSH: 2.4 mIU/L (ref. 0.30-4.2)
    It doesn't look too good, does it?

    Unfortunately, they don’t test for rT3 in my country. They are restrictive with testing in general, so there’s no way I can make my doc do any tests of my choice.

    As for my diet, I’ve been on a low carb high fat diet since 2010. This has helped me to somewhat maintain the same weight over these years (still 10 kg (20 lb) more than before I started to gain weight in 2007 though). However, after going low carb my LDL went up quite drastically. From my "normal" 3.5-4 mmol/L to 15 mmol/L. It hasn’t decreased much since. A couple heart specialists have tried to feed me with statins, but so far I have managed to refuse...

    Last month I was on a 10 day trip at a nice warm place and chose to eat everything that seemed tasty - for me the local cuisine is a part of the experience when travelling - and I started Leptin Rx when I got home.

    (To be continued...)

    EDIT: 15 mmol/L LDL = 580 mg/dl, for those who are more familiar with these units.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2013
  2. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    I’ve never been a breakfast person, so I find it real hard to eat in the morning, especially proteins. For the last year or two I’ve mostly eaten only once a day, in the afternoon.

    For the last month I’ve eaten about 150 g prawns with a couple tablespoons mayonnaise (homemade, from macadamia+olive oil) and 2 fried eggs for breakfast. The next meal is normally dinner when I get home from work.
    Dr.K. has written that one can replace some of the protein with fat, but I haven’t been able to find how this replacement should be done - by weight, volume, calories, or...? But I do eat as much as I can... However, I really would like to go back to only eating dinner.
    Since I started with these breakfasts, I have become a bit bigger; most noticeably in my stomach area and I look as if I was pregnant. Not so nice, really.

    I’m not really sure how to handle my medication and breakfast. My doc tells me to take my T4 and T3 on an empty stomach and preferably not eat for about an hour afterwards - which wouldn’t work with dr.K.’s instruction to eat breakfast within 30 minutes from getting up. For now I stay in bed and try to rest until 5:30 am, then take my medication and have breakfast just before 6 am.

    One problem is that my sleep has got really crappy lately. I think it has to do with me wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening. With the glasses I’m not just tired in the evening, I actually feel sleepy. Yet, I find it difficult to fall asleep. I go to bed at around 9 pm, and wake up around midnight - 1 am. Then I roll around sleepless more or less until it’s time to get up.
    I have to say I slept much better before I started to wear the blue blocker glasses!

    As for EMF there’s not much I can do at this point: I live in an apartment in a city. I am looking for a house out of town, although it may take time before I find what I want. But at least I have moved my phone and clock away from my bed to the other side of the room.

    Anyway, my mood has become more stable lately and I feel generally more laid back and positive, which is great.

    I thought I would start lifting weights (HIT à la "Body by Science") now, but considering my low T3 I’m not so sure. I suppose I should increase my T3 dose again before I start training. Possibly decrease T4 so that my heart doesn’t speed up again.

    Also I’m thinking of starting with CT and adding seaweed to my diet. But I would like to know what to expect. How can this affect my thyroid function - will I need to make more adjustments to my medication?
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If you do exercise make sure it is short burst high intensity. The fat can be added to limit your cravings. Everyone is a bit different there with fats because their inner mitochondrial membrane is in a state of flux due to the problems at cytochrome 1 and 2 you will soon learn about in the next blog.
  4. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Thanks, dr. K!
    I was thinking of Doug McGuff's and John Little's concept from "Body by science": doing 5 exercises working the largest muscle groups, lifting 75% of max, as slowly as possible, as long and as many times as possible, with shortest possible break between the exercises.

    I haven't started training yet though. I decreased my T4 med and increased my T3 med last week and something tells me that I should wait a couple of weeks until I feel whether the new doses are ok or not.

    But I have started with CT. I found the face dipping somewhat frustrating and jumped ahead to ice on my chest and belly wearing a compression shirt, which is sort of interesting. The first few seconds are uncomfortable, but then it doesn't really bother me. And I tend to fall asleep after a while...

    Anyway, I have made the conclusion that my BAB isn't completely evil. I thought I didn't have much cravings before, on my low carb high fat diet, although I chose to eat a piece of good chocolate once in a while (which easily became a whole chocolate bar...), but now... We've had enormous amounts of chocolate and sweets at work before Christmas and I didn't mind sitting with my nose in the midst of it watching everyone else stuff their face - didn't feel any desire whatsoever to taste. And I helped my family make sweets for Christmas and I prefered to wash my hands from chocolate rather than licking them...
    Not bad for being me! :)
  5. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    CT is so cool!
    I've been freezing most of the time for several years, always wearing warm clothes and turning the heat up as much as possible. But now...
    Now... After CT, I walk around at home wearing only a bathrobe (no socks!). I feel warm. My skin is cold and my feet are more like lumps of ice, but I feel warm. When I take a normal warm shower I have to turn the water down about 5°C compared to before - it just feels too hot. The only exception is my head, which still likes it a bit warmer.
    And I've hung my winter jacket in the wardrobe and wear my rain coat when I'm outdoors (ok, it's not very cold; the temperature is slightly above freezing, but still).

  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are making great progress! you must be so proud! ... :)
    Do you feel your thyroid improving? Has it kicked up a notch??
  7. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Most of all I'm so happy! Not feeling cold all the time is just amazing!
    At work, I'm now one of the lightest dressed people - it's been completely the other way around for several years. My collegues used to wonder if I was a cat or a reptile, considering how warm it's been in my office - now my room is one of the coolest. :)

    However, I'm not sure I sense much difference from my thyroid. If I did, I wouldn't know why, unfortunately. I changed the doses of my meds a couple weeks ago (lowered T4 med and increased T3 med), and that will take a couple more weeks before I can tell if it was right or wrong. And perhaps it was foolish to also start adding kelp to my diet at the same time, but yet it felt foolish not to...
  8. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    "Finally", the temperature outdoors has dropped to below 0C. The other day it was -8C in the morning (a quick drop from +8-ish the day before), so I took my winter coat on when I went to work. I ended up keeping the coat unbuttoned and removed my hat; it was unnecessarily warm.
    Thanks to the relatively cold temperature outside and my generally not too warm clothing, I feel a bit cold much of the day. Not shivering, but close. I used to hate feeling cold like this and I'd put on more warm clothes, but now... I've sort of convinced myself that it's good for me, so I'm ok with it.
    But I'm more hungry than usual, and I can't stop eating when my food is warm...

    However, the last couple days I haven't been able to make myself do any cold showers. I've tried, but it just felt cold and wrong and I backed out quickly.
    And my sleep has just got worse and worse. I'm tempted to bring a frozen leg of lamb to bed and hit my head with it (besides, who would say no to breakfast in bed?)... :p
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    stay the course........
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Rerun,I wonder if you live close to me? =) Here in Finland doctors does not make many labs either... very old fashioned. But You can go to a private doc, and there you get everything you want, you just have to pay. That is great. My private doc did not knew much either..lol but she gave me all the labs I asked for. They can cost anything from 15 € to over 100 € / lab depending on what it is.

    I love that I do not freeze like I used to either, I also was always cold before I started CTing.

    I have those days too when it is so cold in my home and outside.. and I just cannot do CT! I mostly do anyways but I take care to be warm first, so I do some vacuuming or some other work first. Or, I take a hot shower lol

    I am glad you did the BAB, I love them now - and me too was not a breakfast eater at all. Today I had 400 g raw ground grassfed beef + fat for breakfast... uh IDK I had 300 g first but the after a while I wanted more! So I ate it all... I cannot believe how much I can eat. But I feel great! So I guess I needed it?

    Too bad about your sleep. Do you take magnesium? You could take a frozen ice-gelpack and put under a towel under your head on your pillow... maybe it would help? You sure have many wifi signals around you if you live in a city apartment... I have been looking for houses on the countryside too lately -for rent, but it is really not easy to find a good one - always some antennas or stuff too close. I feel there are so many antennas here now it is ridiculous! I think the best thing is to buy land, and a big piece! and then build an own house. yeah. That is the safest thing.. a home with no freaking smart meter :rolleyes:

    If you want to do some exercise maybe try some yoga or dance, they sure will not hurt you
  11. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Thanks dr. K.! I suppose I needed those three words.
    Took a (short, but still) cold shower after reading your post yesterday... :) Felt good.
  12. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Thanks for your post!

    I'm close, but not completely. Sweden.
    It's not so easy to find a private doctor who would do the labs of my choice here. If they are connected to the "Social Insurance Agency", which nearly all are, I am not allowed to pay for tests myself and they will only do the labs they think are necessary. And the only two doctors I've found who weren't connected to the agency weren't allowed to do more than "counseling" and referring patients to specialists, who again will be connected to the agency. It's a nightmare, more or less.
    Quite some thyroid patients from Sweden travel to Finland to see a good doctor, by the way...

    As for the BAB, I have really started to like it! And I could easily eat more and more now. I actually tried a grassfed hamburger (+ quite a lot coconut oil and tallow) for breakfast the other day, and ended up eating 500g. I only fry my burgers for 45 seconds on each side, so the meat is still raw, under a nicely flavored crust.
    When I eat eggs with shrimps I don't end up eating THAT much. Usually about 150g shrimps and 3 eggs, sometimes I add an avocado as well. Plus quite a lot coconut oil. Macadamia mayo once in a while.

    As for sleeping, yes, I take a teaspoon of magnesium citrate in the evening. More than that wouldn't do any good... :eek:
    The part about frozen lamb leg in my previous post was a joke. There's one regularly occurring moment that I feel uncomfortably cold, and that's when I go to bed and try to sleep. It passes after a while, but there’s no way I'd cuddle a frozen leg or ice-gelpack when going to sleep. A hot water bottle, perhaps...

    Oh yeah, ridiculous amounts of antennas and wifi everywhere around me in my apartment. Unfortunately, it's not better at work. I have a 3G tower max 100m from my office window. And there are DECT antennas and other nasty stuff in all directions. Unfortunately, I really like my job, the place and the people there, so I really don't want to change. If only I could find a nice place in the forest soon...

    By the way, I took a nice, long warm shower before CT today and it did feel better than the previous couple days. Thanks! :)
  13. CoolSwede

    CoolSwede New Member

    Another Swede here! :)
  14. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?


  15. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    I visited my dental hygienist yesterday...

    Whole my adult life these visits have been painful and they took forever, although my teeth weren't in too bad a shape. I went 1-2 times a year; the frequency correlated to the pain-time. I also used to use HUGE amounts of fluoride (and my thyroid issues came as a surprise...) to stop the spreading of caries.

    Now, I've been more or less fluoride free for 3 years. Only use a bamboo toothbrush (no toothpaste) and dental floss.
    Since it's been 2 years since my last visit, they reserved an hour.
    The hygienist took the usual x-rays and checked them, checked my teeth and gums visually, removed tartar (which I only had a little of on my lower jaw, on the back side of my front teeth) and did some polishing. All in all it took 15 minutes and the hygienist sighed that there was nothing more she could do for me.
    She suggested that, if I keep brushing my teeth so well :), I come back in 18-24 months.

    I'm not too unhappy... :D
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2014
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  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is soooo awesome! Have you ever tried oil pulling?
  17. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Not regularly. I tried it for about a month once, but I didn't feel any difference or see a point in doing it, really. Since then, I just wash my mouth with coconut oil for a few minutes once in a while, mostly when I'm not up to flossing...

    Is there a point in doing it regularly, really, really?
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Some have posted that they got great results ... a lot less plaque. I didn't notice much either but I should stick with it. It has anti bacteria properties - and I think that would be really important.

    I use sooooo much coconut oil! on my body, in my mouth, in my coffee etc. etc.
  19. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Well, I suppose that washing my mouth with coconut oil would make the surface of my teeth more "glossy", and doing it before eating would probably make it more difficult for stuff to stick = less plague. But as for the antibacterial properties: not all bacteria is evil!

    Maybe just by eating virtually no carbs at all keeps the mouth more or less free from the "nasty" bacteria anyway (and there are less things for the bacteria to produce acids and nasty stuff from)? Just like what you eat affects the fauna/flora in the gut?

    So, coconut oil on your skin works for you? For me, if I use it once in a while it's fine, but if I do it frequently it dries the skin out. So I mainly use olive oil for my skin.
    But I do eat lots of coconut oil. :)
  20. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    I'm still amused by how well I tolerate the cold outside...
    The temperature is below freezing and there's snow and ice on the ground. My new favorite winter shoes are FiveFingers Lontra. The last several years (or whole my life?) my feet have been lumps of ice most of the time and I've been wearing warm boots with thick and warm socks in the winter. Now, when I have been outdoors in the cold and take the FiveFingers off... my feet are surprisingly warm! Even the toes.

    However, people look at me as if I were an alien... :rolleyes: Perhaps the fact that I walk between the buildings at work only wearing a t-shirt on my upper body contributes...
    Wimps...! :cool:

    Off to the shower.....

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