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Relocating to the Florida Panhandle?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Allie Litterer, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Maybe not perfect, but we are relocating to Tampa (45min-1hr outside the city so not beachy, but sunny). My husband was able to reach out to an old boss who has clients there and he got a job offer to work remotely! We're open to buying mostly because we hate moving and hope to stay there. And because it's nicer to just settle in with our 3 kids right off the bat. But we'll see. Places in our price range are not plentiful when we want at least an acre too. We'll be out of NC by July I think. We're always open to visitors so if we can be of assistance in the future, please reach out!
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  2. Skylife

    Skylife New Member

    Oh I am glad you found a place to start with and your husband got a job! thats huge in the beginning. I hope your move goes well and i will connect with you when i am planning to go there. You probably know this one but i found antennasearch.com is very helpful to check out where the masts are when you are researching properties. There are definitely fewer in FL than in CA, but i am worried about so many military bases in panhandle and peninsula in general. Jack said the towers are usually close to the beach which is so terrible as i would love to be closer to the beach... i also just came from Playa del carmen and saw so many cell towers in downtown right on buildings but i did feel better there even though i walked like 10 miles every single day for 23 days i was there.
  3. Allie Litterer

    Allie Litterer New Member

    We are looking for rentals. We closed on our house Tuesday and we leave May 5th moving everything from Idaho. We have 4 kids, and two pets. It is hard to gage location until we get on the ground with meters and researching neighborhoods. My husband will be commuting to Alaska for work. Until I can recover more function I am not working. Hoping we can shift soon for him being in Florida full time, once again being on the ground will be key. Did you have a timeline? I'm happy to connect.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  4. jbonifas

    jbonifas New Member

    Not the panhandle, but if you are willing to go a bit further south it is pretty amazing. We spend a little over half of the year in Clearwater Beach. It has been ranked the top beach in the US the last few years, which has been great for tourism, but has also made traffic challenging at times. However, we live in a residential section of North Beach, where it is always quiet and the people are friendly. Cell service is bad, and we walk 3 blocks east to the sunrise and 1 block west to the sand for sunsets. Local caught fish (snapper/grouper) is plentiful and oysters are available in bulk (~.50/ea @ 100ct). Houses on the beach range from low 400's to $1m+. Most of the houses are concrete block, which helps with EMF, and some have metal roofing. The only downside from this paradise, aside from traffic during peak seasons, is the potential for 5G. We are already engaged with local leaders and legal professionals in an effort to stall/prevent. Many other likeminded people around here. Hope this helps! Feel free to DM me if you have any other Q. Good luck on the move!
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Each year there is a number of heavy storms.
    Sometimes hurricanes.
    How life/travel there looks like in those times?
    Do you have to relocate (to another state) in those times?
    What happens in retirement communities there (people 90+ on wheel chairs).
    Within few weeks I am starting my 80, want to know.


    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  6. Emma Annan Alan

    Emma Annan Alan Doggie Mom/wife/caregiver/investor

    keep looking around the Gulf. Cape Coral is a suggestion
  7. Emma Annan Alan

    Emma Annan Alan Doggie Mom/wife/caregiver/investor

  8. Emma Annan Alan

    Emma Annan Alan Doggie Mom/wife/caregiver/investor

    How about something with 24 growable acres, horse, on some type of water and right on riding trails please thank you
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  9. There will be three sets of JK members in Saint Augustine Fl next month. Feel free to connect with Annie Dru or myself. Hope you find what you are looking for...btw...two of us have young kids.
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  10. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

  11. Jeanne

    Jeanne Gold

    Hi Allie! I bought a beach cottage down in the Laguna Beach area. I looked for 3 years so I'm pretty familiar with the area and the market. Feel free to reach out if I can help. I also have a really awesome real estate person that helped me so much. Where my house is located it's a "transitional area" and is way more reasonable that the 30A area. Also, there are far less people here where I am. There are older homes here and many of the residents are only here a few weeks out of the year. It WILL get busier with more people starting next week but not like that 30A area which will be nuts! However, I was here in this area last July 4 weekend which is the busiest time here and it wasn't that bad at all. Let me know if I can help at all! Always willing to help another mitochondriac. Just came in from the beach and the UVI was 13 today!
  12. Jeanne

    Jeanne Gold

    There are tons of jobs here for anyone willing to show up! A lot of people had their houses destroyed and had no place to go here so they left and went "home" or other locations. The construction workers are taking up SO much of the rental property right now that it is difficult for people to find long-term rentals. Look at the Laguna Beach area. It's beautiful and way more affordable than 30A and Destin. Not nearly as many people either.
  13. JMO

    JMO Silver

    Hi Jeanne! We are headed down to Santa Rosa Beach for Mitochondria week 6/21 - 6/28. We're really interested in trying to find a place down there. So,would love any info you can share. Weather is still cold here in Nebraska!
  14. Jeanne

    Jeanne Gold

    It will be super hot at the end of June! And pretty crowded but you can still get a good idea about the various areas. If you want my realtor's name and number let me know. Port Washington is a good area and not that expensive compared to 30A. Rosemary and Alys beach are very crowded and crazy money to be there. Laguna Beach and Inlet Beach are more reasonable unless you are right on the water. My least favorite time here is June-August because of all the crowds. The 30A area is a huge family vacation destination in the summer. Restaurants are crowded unless you go early which is what I do. After Labor Day, it completely clears out and there's hardly anyone here except for a little surge for fall break. You still don't need reservations, etc at that time. October is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here. The water is still warm, people are gone and it's not quite as hot. Let me know how I can help.
  15. jbonifas

    jbonifas New Member

    Yes. It definitely has traffic challenges. The fact CWB has been rated #1 Beach in the US by TripAdvisor has been good for local economy, but presents some traffic during Spring Break seasons (March-April). That being said, we rarely leave the island; maybe once a week for Costco grocery run. Otherwise we walk or take our bikes.

    People do tend to evacuate the island in times of hurricanes. That is a big unknown, but could require moving over the bridge to higher ground; or driving hundreds of miles. We haven't experienced that yet, so I cant speak to it.

    Hope this helps!
  16. Allie Litterer

    Allie Litterer New Member

    So we are settled in the Panhandle. We looked from Alabama to past Panama City. It took several weeks to find a rental. Coming at the beginning of summer season definitely made it harder. Focusing on my research through antenna search and epa superfund sites to help narrow it down. We looked at trying to be on Navarre Beach or Pensacola Beach - cost and availability ended up nixing that. The town of Navarre had a few nice neighborhoods, but metering I found that it would not work. There is a large solar farm and the houses within a mile had high magnetic fields. The water towers in Navarre and gulf breeze were also covered in cell towers. The military also does bombing on a regular basis. We staged in Miramar Beach and it was shocking the amount of concussion from the bomb testing. So between Miramar, Destin to Pensacola Beach was a no go. Alabama had a few available houses, then there was emf issues too strong to mitigate easily. We also looked at Pace - has inversion type smog from East Pensacola and wood pulp type factories that smell like sewage 24 hours a day. Milton had some nice areas, but the houses available where next to cell towers. Long story but thankful for all my meters and comments from Members. We found a brick house by Perdido Key in Pensacola. 5 Min from the national seashore. Most morning I am the only person on the beach for miles. I definitely notice a huge decrease in pain there verses the public beaches by the hotels. I can be at a pain level 8 and in three hours down to a 2 that lasts all day. The readings on Johnson's Beach (National Seashore) are very low. Pensacola Beach toward Fort Pickens was low a few miles from the hotels. Heading East readings were lower in front of the houses about a mile from the hotels. It only left about a mile of beach to explore before the readings went very high. I tend to go from 5am-10am, then back for sunset. Midday reading go up with all the people on the beach and their phones. If anyone has questions or is coming down to explore let me know.
  17. Allie Litterer

    Allie Litterer New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I was in the house search craziness and was not on the forum. We are settled now. Are you in Laguna Beach full time? Have you noticed more RF since Panama City went 5g?
  18. Allie Litterer

    Allie Litterer New Member

    When are you coming down? I would love to meet everyone.
  19. JMO

    JMO Silver

    I hope some of you living in Panhandle area are coming to Mitochondria week next week. It would be great to have a powwow about the best areas to live and share knowledge. It's always great meeting JK tribe as a lot of us think differently and it's always a pleasure having conversations with others that are awake!
  20. Allie Litterer

    Allie Litterer New Member

    What is Mitochondria Week? When and Where?

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