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Redox is all about frequency, light, color

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 3, 2021.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Quantum mechanics is the science of probabilities, biology is the study of the improbable which only makes sense from the perspective that the living state is only probable using reactions that appear statistically improbable.

    The cosmos is filled with light and when light hits matter sound can result. Tesla knew this. Rife knew this. Frequencies can help heal. The universe is light/sound. "In the beginning sound was the WORD" The ancient sages and yogis knew this. We ignore it at our peril

    Decoding the energy message of color may involve a combination of intuitive skills utilized through a multisensory approach — synesthesia. Your pineal gland (associated with clairvoyance) receives and transmits light energy and is photoreceptive even when your eyes are closed. This has a lot to do with the tryptophan in melatonin. Humans are photosynthetic (like plants) and absorb light directly through the “solar energy cells” located all over the skin and throughout the body.

    All matter is, is light slowed down just enough to appear frozen so our senses can cipher its light energy. This is what E = mc^2 is all about.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Color as energy is information. The purest and most thoughtful minds are those who love color the most. Information is coded by frequency.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Slowing light in front of the RPE is the key to understanding how quantum biology creates time and the reality we get. The exclusion zone is the first quantum step in building the living state but not the only one. Within the EZ, forms coherent domains (CD) of water that form the redox pile of electrons that drive all biochemical reactions. The anterior visual pathway has more DHA in it than any other part of the human brain. I will be talking about this next week in Vermont. Why is this all-important? Collagen, DNA, and DHA really use SHG to make the living state a reality. These interactions in the eye remove its dipole characteristics seen in the bulk water and allow exclusion zone water to build a large net negative charge. Sunlight changes bulk water so it takes on the “molecular look” of ice structures which can be thought of as a polymer of water. In ice, water crystals are arranged in hexagonal shapes to create a honeycomb geometric fractal pattern. In the exclusion zone state of water, protons are naturally excluded as a first step, so the protons in one layer of water that bond to oxygen in an adjacent layer is no longer possible, and this will not allow the EZ to attain an ice-like rigid structure at the molecular nanoscale, but it does allow a liquid crystalline state to manifest easily in the presence of light alone. This is why liquid EZ is fluid because it cannot have a rigid structure as ice would. But this fact about ice is a key point to understand how life is built.
    This fact about ice and bulk water should make you think back to the last chapter of my first book now, The Epi-paleo Rx. The polar ice caps were the “protective key” to life returning on land and in the sea after a loss of solar light. Since ice has no net negative charge, it means that it cannot be affected by any altered electromagnetic waves from the sun. The electromagnetic force only deals with charged molecules and atoms. This makes ice the ultimate Faraday cage for the spectrum of light too. Would life forms find this useful during extinction events to protect the liquid crystalline state so living things could easily bounce back when the collisions of the sun rays returned to excite water in cells? I think so. This is why the cold seas could have offered excellent protection to early life to mitigate phase transitions of energy from the sun in all previous five extinction events.
    The initial net negative charge of the EZ built by sunlight rebuilds the coherent domain sizes in cells and allows for cells to become disturbed and awakened by light when it returns and the electromagnetic force can resume the process of survival. This is how many animals survived a low quantum yield environment after the KT event 65 million years ago when photosynthesis was disrupted for some time by the dust cloud from the collision. Sunlight provides 1000 watts of energy per square meter normally. When the number is decreased by an asteroid or by man’s geo-engineering things alive pay a biological toll for this.
    How does life respond to extinction events when sunlight power is lowered? It must first re-establish the quantum coherent biophoton field in a living cell to maximize both local freedom and global cohesion. The key molecules after this bio-photon field were rebuilt were melatonin and dopamine. Both hormones are built by UVA light and IR-A. How could we build local autonomy and be able to transfer energy rapidly from the local to global parts of the biosphere and vice versa during these events? Local autonomy was the domain of melatonin because it controlled mitochondrial DNA locally in tissues. Frequency matching of sunlight to biological rhythms can do it. Melatonin is the key to understanding circadian control. Melatonin is built by aromatic amino acids that are photon traps for AM UV-A light. This is why AM light is critical to good sleep. We now know that all biologic circadian rhythms are built around irrational multiples of one another under the steady-state normally found on Earth. Those environmental conditions are usually destroyed in extinction events. In the Time blog series, I told you that melatonin controls mitochondria DNA dynamics and all energy flow in mitochondria. Mitochondria are globally distributed in humans and they are all linked to a 100 Hz oscillation by the inter-mitochondrial junctions (IMJ’s) in mitochondria. That electro-mechanical vibration in healthy mitochondria comes from the collisions of electromagnetic waves on the surfaces of the body that then deliver these energies to proteins that turn the light waves into electromechanical waves in the cytosol where a mitochondrion sits in a sea of water it creates as it makes energy. The less energy it generates the less water is made in the cytosol and this changes the state of the possible vibration.
    This is why any ALAN at night is harmful.
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