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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by recoen, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I would like your brain power. [and Dan's too]... I am wired so differently...
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  2. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Theory: The human (possibly all species?) immune system samples microbes from our environment to determine our emf type and density (including nnemf).

    First corollary: babies put everything in their mouth to teach their immune system about their emf environment. Their tonsils (possibly other organs) serving as an information exchanger. Based on the type and number of microbes present, the tonsils ascertain (still contemplating how) what the babies emf environment is. This information is shared with the rest of the body to adapt and make changes to live within the location specific emf. (I think the mitochondrial haplogroup fits in here). This is why people can live in parts of the middle east (and other areas of the world) with high naturally occurring radioactivity. (I think this is why people thought the tonsils were useless for so long... I imagine there is an equally important reason for our small appendix... I am considering if our tonsils are able to reprogram our bodies when we are in a different emf environment...)

    Second corollary: one becomes sick/ diseased when their emf environment no longer matches the emf environment set as a baby. The body knows the environment is not right based on the microbes present. (What about people who no longer have tonsils?... there must be another organ). The fastest way to heal is to return to that environment. (This is being shown with the changes in gut microbiome seen when people travel)

    Third corollary: this is why we used to see certain childhood diseases grouped around certain ages. The microbes were updating (fine tuning) the bodies emf environment. If you had the disease outside of these ages then your emf environment was wrong. (Or the diseases were characteristic of the emf environment these people were in and our new emf environment has different populations and densities of microbes so we see different disease groupings).

    (Makes me think about memory t and B cells and also vaccines)
    A start... not comprehensive
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I imagine we will start seeing different effects from giving high dose vitamin A, to prevent major complications with measles, in a 5G/ nnemf world. Assuming we have not already.
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  5. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Breastfeeding my son, skin to skin, under the sun is arguably the most amazing gift I have been given :).
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I used to watch a young Mom breastfeeding her baby at the ocean. She was sitting on the rocks with her feet dangling in the ocean. She was wearing a tiny bikini.

    How did she know?
  7. recoen

    recoen Gold

  8. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Jack Kruse mentioned limiting yourself to 4min of artificial light between 6-9AM (I do not remember the source). Does anyone have more information about this time limit? What is the biophysics behind the 4min? Also, if we experience time differently then why 4min specifically? I imagine he was trying to drive home the point, any light other then the sun is not optimal. But I am curious if there is information that discusses the time required to break the melanopsin:vitamin A. Or what else would lead him to settle on 4min?
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  9. recoen

    recoen Gold

  10. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Penny do you have a salicylate sensitively? If you do, do you actively avoid foods and other things with high salicylate? If you are sensitive did you ever experience hypoglycemia? After reading a lot of information I am beginning to conclude this is my issue. I am not certain why it seems to exacerbate my hypoglycemia around my period. Unless I tend to eat foods higher in salicylate then unknowingly. I also wonder if the reasons why I have a hard time with fasts >24h are due to salicylate mobilization from fat...? I see the endo soon and will ask for the recommended blood tests. Though I assume they will be normal by limiting foods with salicylate. The only problem I see is how to rid my body of current levels safely. I see activated charcoal could help with that.
  11. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I imagine having a salicylate sensitivity is the reason why I have a hard time fat adapting, even high protein adapting. If the salicylate is uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation, essentially stopping ETC, then this effects all of the cytochromes, making them inefficient. Which means I produce too little ATP (hello brain fog!) and matrix water (dry skin- especially when I put olive oil or coconut oil on it, excessive thirst, issues with hormones, and getting sick- though I haven’t been sick since I started using hydrogen peroxide in my ears... signaling??). This also makes my sometimes insatiable “desire” for food and carbs make sense. Because I do not produce enough ATP and matrix water due to the uncoupling, my body burns through glucose in an attempt to make enough. I tend to produce a lot of ketones when my blood glucose drops too... need to consider that more. Because the ketones should be fueling my brain. Unless I am going into a pseudo acidosis. The problem with this is I am not getting enough oxygen, ATP, and matrix water which means my ROS signaling is all kinds of jacked, among other things.
    Now to figure out why my liver is not effectively getting rid of the salicylate. I am going to restrict foods containing salicylate as well to help balance things out.
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  12. Penny

    Penny New Member

    The 4 minutes - I think - would relate to a post he mentioned - who knows where I saw this - that we are only designed to see 3-4 minutes of blue light in the morning at sunrise and then damage to the retina would occur - sunrise is only about 4 minutes long - I would guess this is why -
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  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Interesting post... aspirin makes me a total bitch - but I regularly eat a lot of turmeric - so I would say aspirin is loaded with deuterium and turmeric is not - however, a lot of turmeric is loaded with lead - total fail - I used to get tinnitus from aspirin - a redox fail indicator right there, but I haven't taken it in a long time - the greenmedinfo guy posted something bad about aspirin but personally I'm confused because I thought is flouresced and that was a good thing... not sure if white willow bark would give the same results - aren't you in Northern Cal? Interesting times if you are... I always thought that high protein would generate ammonia which uses up BH4 which then gives you less BH4 to make neurotransmitters and that was the protein fail eating it late in the day - nothing kills sleep for me like lots of protein after 4:00P.M. - but if you look at the idea of time crystals in cells, eating protein in the sun is a whole different ball game as protein has methionine and methionine is the start signal (codon) to make a protein - so if you're in the sun and eating protein, A) the excitons will be accurate and you'll build a protein that is biologically sound B) You won't build excess amounts (because the light frequency hitting the time crystal in the cell will be slow wave)-so if you exercise between 3:00-5:00P.M. then eat some protein, you should be able to restore that which you used up - even if you don't exercise though, if you're in a bunch of wifi, you will be ubiquitinating more and will need more protein for that - but I think that most people who react to amines, salicylates are actually unable to clear ammonia because they are ubiquitinating so much they are already generating too much ammonia for the body to handle - I don't remember too much here but I think molybdenum might be an interesting hack - JK has some interesting takes on molybdenum:


    And the article below has some interesting ideas - what was interesting to me was the uric acid cycle - I think that's where water from the cytosol comes into the krebs cycle and the hydrogen gets cleaved at fumerate dehydrogenase - so if you are reusing water because it's deuterium depleted your uric acid cycle will be working well - so we're back to deuterium again...

    As far as getting sick, I immediately pan to "unbound vitamin A" - which would be rampant where you live - along with hormones (that need vitamin A) - personally, I get some mega hits from ice water with potassium iodide, lemon juice and methylene blue - I also use Oregon Grape root for blood sugar - I have also recently been getting some great traction from chewing on a few olive leaves from a tree in my back yard - what a mess that thing is about to make:) It's great for blood sugar and I saw a study saying it really helps with wifi - bone broths with kombu are marvelous but the real sleeper lately is... natto... yes, I'm getting it down buried under some scrambled eggs - a bit slimy but not too much taste - the eggs are drowned in feta cheese - talk about the living end in "irregularity" - and I think I figured out what the hell he was talking about with the probiotics - they emit light, so the bonds in the gut are rebuilt accurately - if you look up pi electron orbital or just read this:

    you'll see that there is a bonding orbital and if that orbital is hit with too much energy, organic matter does not bond correctly - probiotics might help because they emit the proper spectrum of light - but even so, if you are in a crap environment, you will continually be "unbound" because your gut wall is absorbing the crappy high frequency light - so bone broth might be a band-aid, but unless you fix your environment, you will still be sick - you might want to try some light therapy - I'm sure you're already doing it - you could also try pregnenalone in the morning and progesterone at night - but Janz is the expert on that stuff -

    oh yeah - liver is phenomenal for you - JK said B2 and magnesium can get around most SNPs... liver also has vitamin A in addition to B vitamins - you can make a rumaki that is delicious and have it for breakfast with a bone broth and eggs and natto:) Oregon Grape root really helps me fast - I think it's like a pseudo metformin - sorry about the rambling... :)
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  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    high dose vitamin a I would think would just be unbound again if you give it to someone in a crappy environment... and you would be worse off
  15. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Penny thank you for your response! The part about blue light at sunrise clears up a lot for me.
    I think my diet was high in things like salicylate, oxalates, and more importantly D for so long. And having a low (37) is incredibly scary when I am alone with my little man. So I jump to fast acting carbs that are the same. And the cycle continues. I also read something about how salicylate creates a feedback cycle where you accumulate more and more. I don’t have most of the common symptoms though (no tinnitus, asthma, etc)... I mainly struggle with brain fog, dry skin (I tried using olive oil on my skin around the same time I started vitamin c again... I have stopped both again), seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, hypoglycemia (I believe the brain fog and cognitive things stem from this), and sometimes bruises linger. I also have lower normal blood pressure, which I always assumed was good given docs you want to be in certain areas of the reference ranges, but I think that’s tied too. You are right about the environment. I immediately begin to feel low around any cell tower. And I know these things are directly tied.
    I haven’t been sick since using hydrogen peroxide.
    My sleep is not optimal because little man still gets up to nurse. We spend most of the day in the sun. I do CT in the sun with ice vests. Seafood everyday. Evian or Icelandic water with baking soda. My diet hasn’t been optimal like I said above. I feel like I’m gaining traction on that and then I have a low. But I am in a cesspool of WiFi and other nnemf. Really difficult situation because my husband is stationed here. And wherever the military chooses is where we have to go. Thankfully AF bases seem to be more in the middle of nowhere than Navy. However, the radars, etc. interesting times indeed.
    I am very confused about why my body went the hypoglycemia and not hyperglycemia route- it seems most trend to the latter.
  16. Penny

    Penny New Member

    woops - you're nursing - skip any supplements - have you tried salt? I mean, salt is amazing - there are some threads here that can attest to its power even in a 5G environment - salt, baking soda, epsom salts (foot soak or bath), seaweed and bone broths is what I would eat if I were you - I think your problem is your respiratory chain proteins have not had mitophagy done to them - so if you have no mitogenesis, it's like your street is cobblestone and you are driving a Ferrari... there are only 4 ways I know to fix this: fasting (a fail if you're nursing), carbs (if you're young and healthy), nicotine (not when you're nursing), aspirin (not a great idea apparently for you) and methylene blue... but, there is another thing that might work for you: resveratrol - you can try it in chocolate or Malbec wine or japanese knotweed - this might be a nice post for you:

    It chats about resveratrol - it's almost like you are one of these HCG people that aren't going near protein - I actually have no idea about HCG - but it seems like they don't eat enough protein and it seems like you can't deal with protein so maybe that would help you - hydrogen peroxide in your ears - if you have the ol' glue ear - is because excess vitamin a is being excreted through the ears... I actually had it one night when I was on a stage playing the guitar - my kids get it and their friends because they are always online - melanopsin wisdom once again:)

    Green tea might be another one for you to try and I don't think it would hurt to take astaxanthin even while nursing but you should research that - it all sounds like mitochondrial depletion - you crave carbs because it is a quick source of energy - you are also nursing - I was hungry all the time when I was nursing - and thirsty -

    One other thing - it's summer and we are supposed to be eating a small amount of carbs - but eat them between 8:00-10:00 A.M. outside in a lot of sun - when JK posts some of the breakfasts he is serving in NOLA, they have acorn squash... something with beta carotene (like carrots) with breakfast - also, coconut oil can be a god send so have a couple of tsps or even more with breakfast -

    And of course, there's always ceylon cinnamon... :) Cheers:)

    You also might look into d-ribose -
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  17. recoen

    recoen Gold


    I have added salt since I was young- throwback to my Norwegian lineage. I think it helps keep my lower-normal BP up. I crave salty foods when my BP starts to drop. I added baking soda to my water a year ago. I take an Epsom salt bath once every two weeks or so. I also sometimes add no salt to my water.
    I do eat a lot of protein. I keep trying for the recommended 50-75g each morning. And of course have more throughout the day. Even with that I have lows.
    Glue ear and vitamin a excretion! Thank you! That must be what happens when I start producing more ear wax. The peroxide mops that up fast- kind of weirdly satisfying lol. I feel it “breaking through” everything in my ear- must be the vitamin a. This must mean I have too much vitamin A. Obviously sunlight helps this and I know it’s not about the food but what do you think about a low vitamin A diet?
    Yes nursing definitely makes me always hungry and thirsty- like a bottomless pit :).
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold



  19. Penny

    Penny New Member

    You did get the word that wifi/blue light breaks the bond between vitamin a and melanopsin, leaving the body to excrete the vitamin a... so what that means is that your environment is so horrible that this is happening everywhere in your body that has melanopsin... you skin, fat, arterioles and eyes - I would go camping - a lot - and try to mitigate your EMF environment as much as possible - and eat lots of liver - to replace the vitamin a that you are losing -

    there's a vitamin a binding test you can do - and if it's high ( I think that's what he said) then you can pin it on unbound vitamin a due to your environement...

    Honestly, what the hell are people supposed to do anymore?
  20. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Yes, causing retinoic acid to then circulate. I almost wonder if the only thing one can do at that point is deplete vitamin A. I know we need it for our opsins. I guess one needs to look at the cost-benefit of retinoic acid to lower levels of vitamin A. Also, retinoic acid does respond negatively to nnemf so that doesn’t help either.
    I wonder if this has any correlation to my hypoglycemic events- seem to be occurring more frequently the past three days... I have had no change in environment and meters aren’t picking up anything different. I have looked for papers discussing hypoglycemia and vitamin A/ retinoic acid/ retinol and haven’t found much.
    I can feel my brain is being impacted by all of the lows which makes sense but is incredibly upsetting. At this point it’s like do I turn to things like Gatorade to artificially keep my levels up. I know that’s not good for my stem cells, etc. but again I have to take care of my son- makes me pissed that he’s in this environment too.

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