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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by recoen, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I am about halfway through @Jack Kruse life stylist podcast episode. His conversation about the third van allen belt creating a microwave situation that is dehydrating us, makes me think we should live on the ocean. Or even in the ocean. Seafood and sea vegetables and also radiation protection. Also, if we are trying to figure out how to create an atmosphere on mars why not do it to the moon? I do not understand our desire to throw earth away in order to “expand” to mars. Overall, great podcast (as always)!
  2. recoen

    recoen Gold

    What are people’s thoughts on building more muscle mass in order to increase the amount of total mitochondria in the body? Obviously if you’re in a diseased state more won’t matter and will probably be harmful- more ros, etc. I’m thinking about children specifically, before their redox starts to drop. Should they try to build as much muscle as possible? All of the docs said I would have been dead if it were not for the amount of muscle I had built when I became very sick in 2015. The muscle atrophied instead of my organs.
  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    You want some.
    Not so much that it redirects mitochondrial density from the heart and brain.

    That's all I got so far.
  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy is there a maximum mitochondrial density in the body that’s unique to each person? I know we have a limit on fat cells but obviously they can be increased or decreased. Can the same thing be said of our mitochondria density?
  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I think the fact that you even ask the question that way hints that you have a good hunch.
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  6. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy I do :). Have you found any papers about total density and how to increase/ decrease that limit? I have done some searching and have not run across anything definitive. The hard part as always, is figuring out if your redox is good. Because in my opinion if it’s not then more will be detrimental.
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  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Then the inescapable conclusion of boost redox always by hook or by crook hangs right there in our faces doesn't it?

    FWIW I'm still shivering a bit from CT #2 of the day.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  8. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Shame on me ,I forgot to add that if you want to read peer reviewed papers it may be better to watch this before reading each paper:

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  9. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy I need to pick no back up on direct ct. northern CA was cold enough that not running the heater and walking/ being outside in the sun (rain) was working. I have the ice vests- now to figure out how to wear them and little man at the same time while walking in the sun :). Today was spent sitting on the grass in the sun :)
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  10. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy yes, I have no doubt that most peer reviews are ego builders and confirmation biased. I am more wondering if anyone has/ is talking about it.
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  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

    The closest parallels I've picked up on here are Doc's mentions of sarcopenia (as natural) later in life.

    If you don't have some man to ditch/convert(?) in the first place it may not work out as well.

    What I haven't sorted out is that if the mechanism runs on muscle and/or fat. Also if one (or a particular blend) is more desirable. If so I suspect that would even be highly specific to your haplotype + environment.
  12. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Obviously this is all dependent on redox... if one were to stop the process from occurring then they should live longer (have a longer health span I mean). I know this corner of the room is not the most important. However, I enjoy lifting outside and am of course looking for some confirmation that it is part of the 20% that I am always looking for. Of course that is my own cognitive dissonance. I have cut way back and only lift one day per week now. I do believe our fiber type has a lot to do with our light environment. Interesting to think about how people who are closer to the equator, are coupled, tend to have more fast twitch- more force, fatigue the fastest, and recover the slowest. And their fast twitch fibers have fewer mitochondria, myoglobin (anaerobic state), and capillaries. Fewer mitochondria because they do not need to make as much heat? When I was sick with GBS, heat was one of the few things that made me feel better. Probably because My mitochondria were struggling to make their own. From that standpoint, I am not sure uncoupled people should focus on trying to build fast twitch muscles.

    Back to sarcopenia and mitochondria density. If we do have a mitochondria set point I wonder what controls it- light... I know... but IR, UV...? If this signal is jammed by another (intense workouts for example) then does mitophagy start in the brain and heart to free up some space for new muscle? This topic really intrigues me. From a survival standpoint, if you workout that intensely, you’re telling your body you need that muscle to survive so down regulate your cognitive ability. I am interested in how far one would have to go to start down regulating the heart. Down regulation means decrease in mitochondria in each here. We obviously see this in athletes who drop dead of heart attacks.

    After this short thought experiment (let’s be honest... ramble), I think some lifting is important to push the mitochondria in your muscles (and lungs and heart and to a less extent your brain) just like heat and cold are important for hsp and csp (also bringing the respiratory proteins closer). High intensity lifting will stress all energy pathways. Again assuming they are functioning and can be tapped. As always, it comes back to redox first. I want there to be a mechanism that lifting provides to increase your redox though!

    From a purely, I feel better in everything I do standpoint, spending 3+hours in the sun per day, blue blockers while putting little man to sleep when the sun goes down (then going to sleep with him), and CT have been great. I have no problem being in 63F in shorts. Before, anything below 70, I would say I was freaking freezing. I also have some seafood everyday but I cannot say either way that I feel much change from doing so- the other three I definitely can. My energy has been a little low because little man still does not sleep through the night and I am the primary person who takes care of him. I know this time is short and one day he will be a teenager that I have to coax out of bed. I am hoping he continues to do all that I do with him now, with me when he is that age.

    I need to tighten up other things- better food (more fasting) and water. The food part has been difficult as I am basically still exclusively breast feeding and I feel ravenous the majority of the time. My weight is holding steady at pre-pregnancy levels with some fluctuations as I have finally gotten my cycle back (the ~1.5 years not having it was a nice break). Water is getting better as long as I remember to buy enough. Nnemf is difficult when my husband is home (he is gone for work a lot). When it’s just little man and me, the WiFi stays off, breakers off, nothing plugged in, lights off, cell phone in airplane mode most of the time (especially at night). However, as everyone seems to be discussing nowadays, relationships can be difficult. My husband understands and believes the research but his argument is it’s everywhere so who cares and if you act like it’s not a thing then it won’t hurt you.
  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That's the interesting bit. I got the impression that if your redox is in order you won't even really make it to this step. The (age not disease induced) sarcopenia then would be an expected part of a life cycle.

    Maybe that knowledge is even encoded in common language when we say things like "The little old 90 year old lady down the street." Nobody ever say "the shredded old lady..." or "the obese old lady...".

    Off topic, but you should embrace your spirit animal and get this shirt:

    Yeah, I think you can google image search "Nordic strongman" and then "kenyan runner" and see there sure are different templates out there. If 18 year old, larger than most walls, Nordic Stephan, believing the "you can be anything you want' trope, told his mom that he wanted to be an olympic gold medal-winning long distance runner, his mom would probably have to have a long sit-down talk with him.

    The masses of those two body types sure do seem related to the ambient heat (or lack) of their environment.

    I like the thought framework there.

    Biology quickly exceeds my depths, but I like to run thought experiments too.

    Doc taught that stem cells (and oocytes I think) are "stored" in a hypoxic state.

    From : http://dev.biologists.org/content/145/8/dev143420

    Inevitably autophagy/mitophagy occurs.

    Well I've purposely managed my way into direct problems and then have rambled my way into good situations. It's difficult to classify which is better sometimes. Sometimes it feels like rambling long enough the universe gets tired of watching it and just shoves the answer into your head (in a "here you putz!") Kekulé fashion.

    And my heart goes out to you on that morning when you realize that the time has passed and you are there "now". It's very bittersweet and precious.

    Your post is blooming with important topics...

    A few things I can recommend since you have that goal and some time
    • paint a picture with your own life that it's quite alright to NOT be like everyone else or even feel that pressure ( I honestly think that everyone who brings another human being into this place owes that much)
    • When they get old enough start asking them who in their group demonstrates poor behavior. ( a 6th grader who bragged about playing video games till 11PM every night and later only talked about suicide and had only destructive behavior connected so many dots and saved me from explaining so much). Even with a younger kid, when you here another kid has a meltdown in a public place it may be useful think out loud within earshot of your kid "I wonder how that child would feel if he just took a little nap soon?"

    I'd be happy to dive into your main question with you. I may be more than just a one post + on response thing, but a longer discussion/thought experiment with both of us checking each others assumptions a bit...

    Are you generally familiar with these topics?

    Differentiation/de-differentiation (Becker - The Body Electric) <---- it's more than just stem cells/differentiation going on
    Piezo-electric bone + Bone as LED (Becker and VanWijk) <--- native emf is likely involved in regulation (at least)
    Lactate as a preferred brain fuel source (Doc) <--- there are brain links for bone/skeletal muscle strain
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  14. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I will respond more tomorrow.

    Concerning the last part of your reply... I love thought experiments especially when I can bounce ideas off of another who shares a common goal but may see things differently. Short answer yes! I have read Becker’s, Marino’s, van wijks, doc’s, etc work. As such, I would say I am familiar/ can speak to each on a conversational+ level.

    Lactate as a preferred fuel source leads me to believe we want to cause glycolysis in the cytosol to occur faster than TCA cycle leading to a build up of pyruvate and eventually lactic acid. This can be achieved through high intensity lifting.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you guys have the most amazing conversations!
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  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    There's chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter but recoen is a smart cookie.
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  17. recoen

    recoen Gold

    That everyone seems to think no longer applies to them :rolleyes:.

    Or shredded/ obese young lady/ gentleman. I think our obsession with low body fat is unfounded and dangerous. And obviously we know high body fat does not serve anyone. Unless their environment sucks and it is trying to protect them...

    Haha, is the shirt or the man my spirit animal?

    I am trying to show little man that “normal” is not our normal. Also, who wants to be normal? Life is funny we say do and be you but only within these confines. And if for some reason you do something or are something outside of them I am going to label you something and put you in another box so I understand you again and you are not “chaos” to me anymore.
    Your second thought about establishing bad behavior is how I think we will get to most “adults” too. If they care to put the story together. And not just say well that is them and I know better and can handle it, etc.

    We all could use a nap ;)
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  18. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Thank you! I very much enjoy your insights and greatly appreciate the support you give to others :).
  19. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I try lol. Mom brain gets to me sometimes. ;)
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I used to think naps were a sign of weakness .....now that I know better.......
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