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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by recoen, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. recoen

    recoen Gold

    We spent some time in Colorado recently and I felt a difference, a negative difference, even compared to the soup of Northern California. I will qualify that I have spent no appreciable time at altitude and of course being subject to someone else’s environment and not my routine. Some things I noticed:
    • I still dreamt but I could not remember my dreams when I woke up
    • Reduced quality of sleep- I always felt tired
    • Little man started becoming more irritable and everyone always remarks on how jovial he is
    • I did too
    • Little man got cradle cap (has since cleared up after being in the sun back home- UVB is back!)
    • My scalp started having some dermatitis (cleared up too now)
    • No motivation to workout
    • Mid to upper back soreness
    • Constantly felt like I was fighting the start of a cold
    • Decreased dopamine (more anxiety and wanting to check out)
    • Increased desire for carbs
    • Increased desire for water
    • Urination during the night
    • Increased ovulation (I did not lose my desire for some oxytocin though)
    • Increased pain during ovulation (I have the benefit of feeling when I do)
    • Hypoglycemic episodes (they had basically all stopped. I think they are tied to hormone changes)
    • My husband started having a few sleep apnea episodes
    • He also could not kick his cold
    I do believe the cold, sunlight, and being with family/ friends did help mitigate these things from getting worse. They obviously were not enough to stop them from occurring. They also became worse as time went on. We are back to our normal after returning home- within a day. Makes me wonder about our normal and how we become used to what we feel like and believe we are doing well. Then going to a place that is even more optimal and realizing a new normal. Those optimal places are unfortunately decreasing exponentially because even though the inverse square law is important fields and waves are infinite and with the use of satellites very little will be untouched. One must live in a canyon in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately even that will not be enough given our current trajectory. Then the only choice is to avoid for as long as possible and pray your body and mind are able to survive while waiting for the correction. Unfortunate times- not to be a pessimist because I do believe a critical mass is nearing but who knows when, as time truly is relative. Until then we can only do our best to make ourselves as anti-fragile as possible.
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  2. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Good observations. That's the stuff that you don't get to un-see.

    Nobody wants a pissed off little-man!
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  3. Because in Genesis 1:1-2 it states: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the "WATERS".

    Then in verse 3 it states: Then God said: "Let there be light"; and there was light.
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  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy definitely not! He is truly amazing and so easy though. Someone told us about their grandson who literally cries for 5h non-stop :/.
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  5. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Ruth Dejarnette thank you! I wonder if the literal translation would be closer to void, unknown, etc. and we use waters because the vast and unknown ocean is a concept we understand in order to compare- the whole meeting us where we are.
  6. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @JanSz thank you for your beeswax candle idea and directions! They are bright, smell amazing, and have greatly reduced my use of alan. I put some coconut oil in and so far that has stopped the top layer cracks.
    We have been going to sleep earlier and trying to embrace “human hibernation” while in the shorter light cycle.
    @drezy the red nightlights you posted about have been incredibly useful as well.
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  7. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I had one potty that does not have an outlet in it's own little room, so no nightlight in there.

    The red led flashlights work well for that, but upon request I ordered red incandescents too that work when needed. I've replaced half of the lights anyone in my house would have any reason to use in the night with these too. We call it submarine mode.

    I grabbed several of these:

    I also like the look of the Edisons and grabbed a few of those too:
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  8. recoen

    recoen Gold


    “2 tsp per day of baking soda for sleep”

    “The last key link with light is with HDAC inhibitors present in the gut: BUTYRATE ketones are not the only common metabolite with HDAC inhibiting properties, but so are sirtuins and butyrate in the gut. Sirtuins are very important signaling components in this quantum dance, especially in the gut and within the eye’s clock mechanism. Free radicals cannot be made in the absence of oxygen and this points out why butyrate production from short-chain carbohydrates in the gut is required in these cases. Butyrate production is lost in many cancerous states, especially in the colon. It would be an ideal strategy to switch between these natural light prescriptions as a dietary form of therapy as time evolves in an illness state. The key teaching point most in medicine and ancestral health miss is that our microbiome can’t make butyrate when nitrogen cycling is uncoupled from sunlight for any reason. The other point they both miss is that the microbiome is made up of bacteria. Bacteria are easily destroyed by any amount of UV light. Remember all disease states are associated with a simplified less diverse flora. Illnesses release more UV light from eukaryotic cells in the gut. Eukaryotic cells are immense compared to bacterial cells in size. This was a key point in Lane’s ” The Vital Question”. The impact of excessive UV light release from our cells on bacteria will affect the species of bacteria in the microbiome differently. Bacteria have another issue that photosensitizes them to UV light. They contain substantial amounts of photo-sensitive amino acids compared to our cells. They have a lot of phenylalanine and tyrosine and those two amino acids are relatively rare in eukaryotic cell proteins by design.The reason for the bactericidal effect of UV light upon them is because they absorb greater amounts of UV light from cells that are emitting more of this light. The UV light causes a coagulation of the bacterial colonies and destroys the biofilms that allow them to adhere to surfaces. Since our eukaryotic cells do not have a lot of these amino acids that absorb UV light the bacteria are preferentially destroyed. Eukaryotic enterocytes cells release more ELF-UV when their redox potential is lowered for any reason. In all disease states, eukaryotic cells release more UV light than they do in wellness states. This is why all disease states are associated with a less diverse flora in species and number. The excess ELF-UV from our cells destroys the microbiome. Bacteria have 5 times the amount of these two amino acids of eukaryotic cells. It is a light effect, not a food effect. This shows you why replacing bacteria in the gut with probiotics fecal transplants fundamentally acutely works. If you do not improve the redox potential of cells by improving your environment your cells will continue to leak excessive amounts of ELF-UV and the probiotics and/or fecal transplant effects will be short-lived.”

    “Women who spend just three hours a day in the sunshine can halve their risk of developing breast cancer”

    “key symptoms seen in women with breast cancer risks? Itchy breasts.

    Sunlight is also stimulatory to RBC's which are loaded with porphyrins called hemoglobin. These cells allow humans to have the capability of animal photosynthesis. This occurs by allowing us to absorb UV light to fuel the transformation of sulfated cholesterol to 7-Dehydrocholesterol to stabilize our epithelial surfaces over the surfaces of our gonads/mammary glands. 7-Dehydrocholesterol is a semiconducting protein in our skin and epithelial tissues that takes the native EMF solar signal of light (with melanin and sulfated cholesterol and water) and changes it to a chemical signal (melanopsin and leptin in the breast) that the brain samples (hypothalamus) to control peripheral and central circadian timing in our clock genes. How does this occur?

    Humans photosynthesis runs via the photoelectric effect. This has been extensively studied in plants. It has been found to be massively energy efficient. The rate of energy capture by the photoelectric effect in plants is immense. It is approximately 100 trillion watts (1 trillion watts = 1 terawatt). This is ten times the current the current power consumption of the human species today. It is clear the photoelectric effect is very powerful for plant life that they could evolve just using water, CO2, and light to make nutrients.

    Melanin in your skin helps. In a 5G world melanin cannot work in your skin = broken topology = no water charge separated.

    Animals are not connected into the ground 100% of the time, nor do they have their semiconductors (canopy of leaves) in the sunlight 24/7. So animal life had to come up with a new way to use the photoelectric effect to power its version of life. It did. It used DHA and water to build a powerful battery that was constantly recharged by solar power. Sulfated Vitamin D3 in our skin is a semiconductor LED designed to transfer the sun’s power to our hypothalamus by way of our blood plasma. The blood plasma then distributes the chemical message to our gonads/mammary glands. The brain uses this signal to OPTIMIZE SLEEP = no sleep = no weight loss = higher risk of future cancers. The sun can increase the electric charge present in our plasma and our neuroepithelium simultaneously in this way = sunlight can be a vaccine for cancer if you do not live in a topologic cesspool.”

    “when your colony of mitochondria is falling for any reason, you must seek to increase their ability to make heat in some way (sun) or lower the environmental temperatures around this colony of mitochondria to make heat transfer more efficient.
    store energy and not let it become thermalized so cells could transform the energy into matter the cell deems necessary to live far from equilibrium.
    When energy is shared among more atoms energy appears to dissipate macroscopically but it has not microscopically. The energy is just being shared by a larger amount of atoms in the environment causing a relative change in how energy appeared to be used
    Matter can never give energy back to light.
    light, it changes electrons energy and information and electrons change the chemistry of things. The red light part of light moves things with mass differently than other parts of the spectrum of light. I have a sense the other 5 parts of the spectrum do things to the atoms in matter we have not yet found in science-based upon Boltzmann's insights of how energy is changed via atoms“

    “water networks for an extreme Faraday cage inside of cells that would protect it from environmental EMF's and this would prevent or slow quantum decoherence by preserving the coherence of atoms embedded in the EZ water
    Need good magnetism for less psychiatric disorders
    population density is far more important than latitude especially when you have White skin. It is a way bigger deal if you have dark skin
    Your surface skin tone is how you work electromagnetically with the light in that area. Black folks have equatorial shells.......this is why they get bipolar diseases more frequently in the UK. Their melanin needs more sunlight not less to maintain their neurologic function”
    “Light is the "bit" cells use to transfer information. Information is buried in OAM of light. The energy in light is buried in frequency. Since there is one million photons per atom energy and information has to flow from light to atoms.
    There is no way for matter to transmit the information or energy to light. This means that atoms are the hardware of the computer and light is the software that runs the computer.
    Light is the ONLY particle that seems to have an unlimited amount of OAM, and OAM = information.
    That is not true about electrons or protons. OAM of both is also limited.
    Information can create order from chaos only when we store information about light in our memory (water). What is the physical basis of this? With time, light information will fill the capacity of water and fill up and memory will decline. Information can only be useful on an ongoing basis until memory deletes information contained in light.
    This means there really is no free lunch. How did life do this? Evolution built sleep to be mandatory. This is where memory in water is being deleted diurnally so that we can continue to use the information to order our cells while using the light energy to power the cell.
    Because there are more photons than atoms and because light appears to have unlimited OAM.........nature chose to use light to drive all biologic processes at the submolecular quantum level. How do you increase OAM of light? You use crystals to make a laser.......laser light has higher OAM than sunlight.
    1 million light photons to one atom ratio in the universe
    Adding sunlight to cell water makes the dielectric constant go from 78 to 160.
    Under the power of non-flickering red light from the sun, the ATPase become 100% energy efficient nano-torque motor.
    viscosity of the solution increased, the rate of rotation of the probe decreased and its fluorescence changed in a measurable way. So it appears increasing the viscosity of cell water increases the EZ, decreases the pH, raises the net negative charge while allowing the cell to create ELF-UV biophotons.”

    “Every 3.5 times the ATPase spins one molecule of ATP is made. Only H+ can spin the ATPase. Deuterium cannot spin the ATPase and in many tissues, it destroys it. Each molecule of ATP in a cell controls 8,800 water molecules binding sites and 20 potassium ions to make a liquid quasi-crystalline semiconductor inside every cell of our body This crystal is built by deuterium depletion of the mitochondrial matrix at cytochrome 4. This chromophore has 4 red light photoreceptors and it has a heme protein in its core. All these are destroyed by free retinal from melanopsin dysfunction.
    In the living state, potassium acts like “the glue” to keep our protein backbone and water in a quasi-crystalline gel state inside our cell to maintain the semiconducting plates together in a cohesive form. This is why K+ is critical in setting the redox potential of water in a cell. In this way, you are building a special type of semiconductor that forms “the fourth phase of matter” and can act like a “topologic insulator.”(TI) A ‘TI’ allows quantum effects to happen in warm wet environments
    The Fo base piece of the ATPase is embedded in the mitochondrial inner membrane is a molecular turbine driven by the transmembrane proton gradient. Proton entry forces a central camshaft to rotate within the Fo baseplate and the F1 head group, altering the subunit conformation as this movement takes place.
    A second, off-center protein tether connects the head group to the base piece and prevents the headpiece spinning uselessly as the central shaft rotates. Energy is transmitted to the catalytic subunits in the ATP synthase F1 headpiece by the rotation of the camshaft. The "cam" distorts the protein subunits, destroying their ability to bind ATP. The energy input is used to drive ATP release, not for bond formation.
    It is presumably necessary to disable the catalytic mechanism on the center which has just formed ATP (to stop this center hydrolyzing its own product) before destroying its ability to bind ATP. This allows the product to be released. Meanwhile, the two other active centers are performing their own parts of the catalytic cycle. The three active centers operate simultaneously, but 120 degrees out of phase. It takes at least 9 H+ protons (possibly as many as 12) to drive one revolution of the camshaft and produce 3 ATP molecules.
    HERE IS WHAT EVERYONE FORGETS: Remember that the whole complex is reversible. Electrons can flow cytochrome 4 to 1 and the ATPase can spin the opposite way. What controls the motion? The electromagnetic force of light does”
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  9. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Jack Kruse
    One correction Landau and Landauer are two different gentlemen.

    If the whole complex from cytochrome 4 to 1 is reversible (ATPase reverse spin) then can time (as experienced by our individual mitochondria) turn back? Therefore, one could have a “health age” that is “younger than” their biological age? This also seems to be reversing the flow of information. But is that truly a loss of information or an addition as future information is translated to the past- so the second law is not violated? Given Landauers principle, a reversible action with no information loss can occur with no heat loss.

    Koomeys law makes this all very interesting. If the landauer bound for irreversible computers will be met around 2050 where the computing efficiency is doubled every ~1.57 years then this has huge implications. And life must be an irreversible computer as arguably the limit would have been met many times over by now.

    Landauer limit: to erase one bit of information requires an energy of kTln(2) this is also the limit for the energy that will be emitted into the environment. The limit is about 0.02eV=2.8zJ at STP.
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  10. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Thoughts after reading Reality 18:
    The ATPase 100% efficiency under red light is what make mitochondria a Carnot engine. However, as the solar spectrum is not 100% red but closer to 42% I believe this will decrease the efficiency of the ATPase. One could argue this is made up for by the red light from the sun being produced 100% by H which controls the H in the ECT. As such, mitochondria are 100% efficient Carnot engines. Therefore, enough red light must be absorbed to match the flow required. And this of course shows why D trying to go through the ATPase is a problem. Also, if the light you are absorbing has little to no red then the ATPase efficiency will drastically drop.

    I do wonder if life began in relationship with the proto-Saturn and not the sun as even more red light would have been present.
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  11. recoen

    recoen Gold

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  12. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I have been reading more about Dr. Pollacks work and Dr. Thomas Cowan came up- specifically his work on the heart. The following are some thoughts:
    • I wonder if coagulation is really cells dumping their gel-like structured (EZ) water
    • Is cellulite fat cells that are “too” gel-like
    • What does “too” gel-like mean?
    • If the heart is a seven-sided regular form in a box that creates a vortex that sends the heavier constituents of blood to the center and light along the hydrophilic sides of the vessels that are lined with EZ and in doing so creates an almost master magnetic field that all other organs sense and are tuned by then how does a pacemaker effect this? Obviously it keeps the timing of the ram (heart). But I imagine that timing may be wrong and is arguably weakening/ creating an unfavorable magnetic field. Which obviously has downstream effects.
    • If EZ is supposed to line the blood vessels then plaque must be places where there is no more EZ
    • I know water molecules arrange themselves within the EZ water to create more but what if a layer is missing? Can it be restored?
  13. recoen

    recoen Gold


    “Human being begin to lose the capacity to split the water molecule at 26 years old, ca. 10 % each decade, and after the fifties goes into free fall.”
    • Two years on the other side... need to keep photosynthesis up.
    “Melanin is a human chlorophyll... Both molecules have the amazing capacity to split the water molecule at room temperature. Both of these chemical makes is possible to burn water to liberate electrons. Photosynthesis is the only known process that is capable of actually burning water. But the process in chlorophyll is irreversible and melanin makes the process work in two way. The first is the dissociation and reforming of water molecule with the consequential release of energy.”

    “Melanin is able to absorb the full electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma rays, in contrast, chlorophyll just absorbs blue and red light (400 to 600 nm). This is why plants are surface quantum machines and animals are full thickness solar machines. Secondly, melanin has the intrinsic property to split and reform the water molecule using hydrogen peroxide, and the reaction happens as follows:
    2H2O ↔ 2H2 + O2 + 4e”

    “capacity to split the water molecule at room temperature, for instance, in the laboratory, it is necessary to heat up water at 2000°C in order the reach the separation of hydrogen from the oxygen atoms. Melanin is a biogenic amine like dopamine, melatonin, serotonin, and histamine”

    “Infrared spectrum gives cytochrome c oxidase has 4 red light chromophores in it that provide the ‘molecular kick’ using red light in the mitochondria from the 42% of red light in the sun’s rays that are present from sunrise to sunset that goes from 600nm-3100nm light; this informs or tells (information quanta) the cell to organize the IMJ membranes by moving things with MASS, and turning on a large number of antioxidant and energy-boosting genes only when ATP is being made by the combination of IRA and UV light we see in parts of a day.
    Water viscosity changes with the red light in sunlight to facilitate the ATPase to work at 100% photothermal efficiency. That boost is greater when UVA and/or UVB light are present because of both of those UV frequencies BOTH slow ECT at different places on the inner mitochondrial membrane from cytochrome 1-4 by a quantum stimulus/design.
    Cytochrome c oxidase has 4 red windows at 620, 680, 760, and 820nm of light. Those are some frequencies to consider. Hemoglobin has a sharp cut off at 600 nm. This leaves a lot of red frequency the sun provides to animals on Earth above 820nm light. It now turns out that light can be used photosynthetically too in ways we are learning. Both are heme proteins which act as circadian time crystals with radically different optical windows.
    Cytochrome c oxidase is present in mitochondria and RBC have a ton of hemoglobin in their cells which is HAVE NO mitochondria by design because of these light mechanisms. RBC’s are designed to ferry 280-600 nm (IRA and UVA light) 600nm-1000nm red light would cover the activation of fibroblasts to make collagen to stimulate repairs mechanisms.”
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  14. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Just 2....Rub it in why don't you...
  15. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I believe the amount of people gradually “falling out of love” is a direct indication of a changing heart. One hears that all of the time, “I had a change of heart”. But the change has to do with a change in the magnetic field that is produced by the heart. When we “fall in love” our heart, which is not a pump, but really a ram that creates a vortex in order to sort heavier parts of our blood radially inward, creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by the Fe present in hemoglobin primarily but any moving charge will as well. When we are first in love our magnetic fields and frequencies, therefore wavelengths, are matched. Makes me laugh as my high school physics teacher said his go to pick up line in college was, “what’s your wavelength baby?”. This is why time seems to pass in what we believe to be non-normal ways and we seem in sync with each other. A slow descent into disease (or even health) of one or both partners can be seen by the slow phase shift that occurs over years that brings the hearts out of alignment. And once the heart’s magnetic fields are out of alignment we are no longer “in love”.
    Passionate love affairs marked by crazy fights followed by crazy sex are probably due to phases being 180deg (pi) out of phase. Or something close to 180deg. So the waves cross each other at distinct points (in phase, sex) and then are at each other’s extreme max and min (fight). Eventually these people tend to come to the conclusion that they do not truly love each other.
    I think other versions of love along the spectrum between the two extremes just discussed can be accounted for by phase shift.
    So the problem that arises is, to stay in love one must keep their hearts in sync, how does one do that? How do we manage the phase shift? I think by keeping our magnetic field strong which has to do with slowly losing the ability to split water after 26 years old. Because the EZ is what creates the vortex and magnetic field in and eminating from the heart by making the blood flow. And the freefall around 50 is where we typically see midlife crises which can include affairs. You build and maintain a good EZ with light, water, and magnetism. Obviously this requires both partners to be optimal.
    This also brings up orthogonality because obviously magnetic fields are 3-dimensional.
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  16. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Haha, what is time really? I am convinced we can have our cells “go back in time” (obviously time as we define it will still be ticking forward). Therefore our “health age” can be younger than our “biological age”. I predict this occurs by reversing the ETC. so do not worry ;).
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  17. recoen

    recoen Gold

    065C304F-4251-45E5-BA29-D13B056E6495.jpeg I love this time :)
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  18. recoen

    recoen Gold

    “ferromagnetic vortices may be merons, and indicate that vortex/meron pairs can be manipulated by the application of an in-plane magnetic field, giving rise to large-scale vortex–antivortex annihilation. Ferromagnetic merons can be thought of as topologically protected spin 'bits,' and could potentially be used for information storage in meron racetrack memory devices”

    “Vortices are amongst the simplest topological structures”

    “believes that the eye in the magnetic storm is a meron, a half-skyrmion carrying an out-of-plane core magnetisation. The meron is topologically protected from being changed by the magnetic vortex around it, but it can be controlled. One way of doing so is to apply a large magnetic field, which creates a large force of attraction and causes the vortices to annihilate.”

    Why nnemf interacting with the magnetic field produced by the vortex in the heart can drastically alter the magnetism of our body. Also, another layer of information storage. I am intrigued by what is going on in the “eye” of the vortex created in our heart. Obviously heavier constituents of blood are being funneled there but magnetically. Next search will be looking for a magnetic field diagram of the heart.
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  19. recoen

    recoen Gold

    “"What makes electronic devices possible is controlling the movement of electrons from place to place using electric fields that are strong, fast and local," said physics Professor Jesse Berezovsky, leader of the research. "That's hard with magnetic fields, but they're what you need to control spin."
    Other researchers have searched for materials where electric fields can mimic the effects of a magnetic field, but finding materials where this effect is strong enough and still works at room temperature has proven difficult.
    "Our solution," Berezovsky said, "is to use a magnetic vortex."”

    “A magnetic field emanates from the vortex core. At the center point, the field is particularly strong and rises perpendicular to the disk.”

    That answered one of my questions. Really interesting that the strong field rises perpendicular to the radial disk. Looking at the heart this means it goes to the brain. Obviously the left side will experience a slightly greater magnitude than the right. I wonder if this has to do with the differences in what each hemisphere globally “controls”.

    “By applying microwaves and a weak magnetic field, Berezovsky's team can move the vortex in nanoseconds, shifting the central point, which can cause an electron to change its spin.
    In what's called a quantum coherent state, the spin can act as a quantum bit, or qubit—the basic unit of information in a quantum computer,
    The magnetic field gradient produced by a vortex proved sufficient to manipulate spins just nanometers apart.
    In addition to computing, electrons controlled in coherent quantum states might be useful for extremely high-resolution sensors”

    Interesting that the central point of the vortex is changed when exposed to nnemf. This obviously occurs in the heart... my phase shift idea...?
    Sensors... I need to think about that in relation to the body.

    “the vortex appears to enhance the microwave field we apply”

    That’s not good.

    This rabbit hole is proving to be very enlightening.
  20. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @ElectricUniverse and @Scompy what do you think about the second video? I read Howard Johnson’s book and he argues that there are four vortices of Force emanating from magnets (two for each pole). So the field lines are not static but dynamic.

    Here is a link to the book (it’s 45 pages and mostly pictures/ drawings): http://exvacuo.free.fr/div/Sciences/NewEnergy/Cranks/Johnson - The secret world of magnets.pdf

    Maybe the vortex in the heart is created because of a magnetic field vs the vortex creating a magnetic field.
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