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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by recoen, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Merry Christmas!

    If plants want H and not D, then why do plants that go through C3 or C4 photosynthesis have a high D content?
  2. recoen

    recoen Gold

  3. recoen

    recoen Gold

  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

    If bio molecules absorb different frequencies of light for different actions then does the frequency dictate the action? Or does the arrangement of the bio molecule dictate what frequency can be absorbed so an action can occur? If the latter then how/ why does the bio molecule conform to that configuration in the first place.
  5. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Good question. I have no science background but in my mind I would think they would both cause the action, just a guess. I am very interested in the answer.
  6. recoen

    recoen Gold

  7. recoen

    recoen Gold

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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Eating oysters (lots of magnesium) with lots of bare skin in sunshine must be great for making vit. D then :) :)
    No wonder it feels so good :)
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  9. recoen

    recoen Gold

  10. recoen

    recoen Gold

  11. recoen

    recoen Gold

  12. recoen

    recoen Gold


    Color temperature (moon): https://physics.stackexchange.com/q...onlight-have-a-lower-color-temperature/245275

    Sardine recipes: https://www.alexfergus.com/blog/51-sardine-recipes-for-the-fussiest-of-fish-eaters

    “Boson = light = magnetic field has no real effect on it.
    Fermion = electrons and protons
    Both are affected by magnetic fields but in different ways.
    A fermion is a particle that follows Fermi–Dirac statistics. These particles obey the Pauli exclusion principle. Fermions include all quarks and leptons, as well as all composite particles made of an odd number of these, such as all baryons and many atoms and nuclei. Fermions differ from bosons, which obey Bose-Einstein statistics.
    A fermion can be an elementary particle, such as the electron, or it can be a composite particle, such as the proton. According to the spin-statistics theorem in any reasonable relativistic quantum field theory, particles with integer spin are bosons, while particles with half-integer spin are fermions. So, H+ has a 1/2 quantum spin state and deuterium has a +1 number.
    H+ and D have different magnetic moments so they act differently in a magnetic field.
    This raises an interesting problem:
    Does deuterium act like a boson because of its different quantum spin number?
    What does this mean and imply?
    How much do you know about OAM? (Orbital angular momentum)
    How does OAM link to energy and information in Quantum Thermodynamics?”

    “If consciousness is emergent from and dependent on mitochondrial function, if I don't get the recipe right, or in the right order, my contribution to society stops, and my passion dies with me”

    “The six best healers in the world that I know:
    1. Sunlight
    2. Un-fluoridated water (B and F too)
    3. Magnetism/grounding to Earth/CT protocol
    4. seafood
    5. Self Confidence
    6. Friends who connect with you in life and not just on line.
    That is all...........Carry On.”

    “virtually retiring to avoid a less than optimal workplace, downsizing to a small flat for the winter without heating or any overhead lights on, and spending the summer living in a mobile home in the sticks, where I can do outside CT and nude sunbathing. Doing what it takes has been inconvenient and uncomfortable at times and meant earning a lot less”

    Read CPC 16 again

    Inflammation is a surplus of H and shows “when h subtracts from the net negative charge and this lowers the redox”.

    Nasal breathe. Don’t yawn or sigh.

    Increase salt intake (Celtic sea salt)

    Want c4 plants inside to absorb nnemf

    Mylar blankets (cheap on amazon) for sleep

    Cornet88 http://stopsmartmeters.org/

    “In mathematics, topology describes how a geometric object can transform into various shapes without losing certain properties. For example, a sphere can morph into a flat disk but not into a doughnut, because that would require poking a hole in it.

    In materials, the concept of topology is more abstract, but it similarly leads to extraordinary robustness: Materials in a topological state maintain their exotic properties, such as the ability to conduct electricity with very little loss, under external perturbation.”

    “CT is designed to increase the magnetism of your mitochondria so you are able to transfer DHA and oxygen to your cell membranes simultaneously.

    Make sure you are liberal with fats and seafood preparing for CT this is a sure way to have positive outcomes. DHA assimilation increases in tissues in cold weather.

    CT is a synonym for your magnetic sense, magnetism repels cold.”

    “we do not need UVB light in our environment. All we need is the combination of UVA and IRA to create the pressure we need to release full spectrum UV light in our blood. We make UVA, UVB and UVC in our blood under the right environment. Vermont 2018.” D laser

    “Father of medicine, William Osler, once said, 'Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability”
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  13. recoen

    recoen Gold


    “When will they learn that cells/tissues are "fractally built optical ring resonators" that contain topologic insulators codified magnetically in DNA that must be hydrated by water made from the mitochondrial matrix to get these effects in the living state? When will they learn that the mitochondrial matrix powers these loops using sunlight?

    When will they realize the sunlight becomes a laser used to cool atoms to make a BEC to make a fractal optical ring resonator? ”

    “inside this ring-shaped device, light both loses its time-reversal symmetry and changes its polarization. Inside the ring, light waves turn circles and resonate with one another”
  14. recoen

    recoen Gold


    It is a sign of a defect in your environment and not inside of you.
    When these diseases show up in the blood is the infection real or is it the result of a circadian mismatch in the adaptive immune system which is controlled by lymphocytes activated by solar light?
    Can blue light or nnEMF lead to a false positive diagnosis of Lyme, Bartonella or any other viral infection? Yes, it can. This is why all astronauts and cosmonauts come home with these things in their blood.
    So if you have these symptoms in your blood do not be fooled in thinking the defect is in you and floating in your blood. It means your environment is loaded with nnEMF and blue light and the non-toxic pathogens once housed in you are looking to escape an environment that is damaging to your mitochondria.”

    “During the day, many lymphocytes are found in the bloodstream, and they begin to congregate in the lymph nodes at nightfall”
  15. recoen

    recoen Gold


    Everyone needs to see this: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2018/5076271/tab1/

    Read again: Can’t remember? Is your protein bent?

    “Geoengineering allows the government to use more nnEMF in a region because it blocks relativist electrons that bounce off the ionosphere and rain back to Earth from telecommunications and social media?
    Did you know adding many metals to the air with aerosols with a certain atomic mass blocks this electron effect making it safer for people in cities, according to the government? Those are some of the decent things about it.
    Geoengineering is a form of Electrosmog = Low quantum yield = air pollution = geo-engineering = blocked sunlight = lowered quantum yield = Latitude = higher population density = lowered solar power in all ranges = lowered UV/IRA exposure = low dopamine and melatonin/cortisol/vitamin C = higher melanopsin and leptin dysfunction = higher retinal bonding protein = Earth does not have its full spectrum of light = Tarp over a tree = trees dies no matter if they are watered and have access to CO2 and minerals from the ground = your modern world modeled = mitochondria that cannot make CO2 and/or water and leads to cytosolic cellular dehydration in the cytoplasm surrounding a mitochondria.
    MITOCHONDRIA DO, USING SUNLIGHT AS THE INCIDENT natural EMF to accomplish the task. Any other part of the spectrum of light dehydrates us. Today, we use way too many parts of the spectrum we should not, to support the economy globally.
    We need that metabolic water to assimilate the information and energy in sunlight to build a battery in water and to program hydrated proteins in us to many things. For example, dopamine is created and this helps our brain reconstruct time using fractals.
    Lowered water content from blue light or nnEMF lowers the quantum yield in plants too. Why? Plants are loaded with chloroplasts that need water to combine with CO2 from thin air to make sugar. Without water, a leaf suffers from diminished photosynthetic yield even when CO2 is rising. This is happening globally today.
    The same effect on chloroplasts holds true for hemoglobin because of the molecular similarities of both molecules. They are porphyrins with nitrogen cages surrounding a different metal atom. That is really the only difference.
    Photons of light come to Earth in a timeless state. Our aromatic amino acids in tyrosine capture it and cells use this light and the amino acid to create dopamine. We do the same with tryptophan to make melatonin/serotonin to make time once light hits them in cells.
    It turns out melatonin is capable of suspending time during sleep because of electrostatics and the link to magnetism when it is DARK.
    The light man designs and chooses to live under designs the diseases we get in the modern world. Blue light causes metabolic chaos because of melanopsin dysfunction.
    Almost any disease is curable.…… just not every patient is because they refuse to alter their environment to suit their mitochondrial genome and they wind up with an autoimmune condition.
    Geo-engineering limits disease reversal and this is onesmall reason longevity is dropping population centers.”
  16. recoen

    recoen Gold


    “If your cells and body make it endogenously... you're not designed to take it exogenously.”

    Black and red lights “change the quantum spin state fastest when you are disordered.”

    “Morphine, Nicotine and Cocaine - Caffeine's chemical family. The group of chemicals that caffeine belongs to are known as alkaloids and they are the most addictive substances known to man. technology and the electric power gird zapped more dopamine from mankind and then we defaulted to other bio-molecules with hexagonal rings that absorb light to replace the lost dopamine. Alkaloids are found primarily in plants and are especially common in certain families of flowering plants. Flowers have net negative electric charges that draw bees to them for pollination. Bees and most insects are positively charged in nature. Flowers grow because of sunlight and photosynthesis and normally have a -30V electric field. The function of alkaloids in plants is poorly understood but I have a sense it is related to flowers having the ability to alter their charges for many biologic reasons tied to how they sense their environments. In some plants, the concentration of alkaloids increases just prior to seed formation and then drops off when the seed is ripe, suggesting that alkaloids may play a role in this process. Seed production and germination is heavily tied to solar cycles. Alkaloids may also protect some plants from destruction by certain insect species. This suggests to me that they may affect the charge in flowers to lure or defend against insects and may interact in the physiochemical proces of generation of the DC electric current present in plants. This may explain how they affect neurologic function in humans by altering the charges associated with the DC electric current in man. Generally, an alkaloid contains at least one nitrogen atom in an amine-type structure—i.e., one derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms with hydrogen-carbon groups called hydrocarbons. This or another nitrogen atom can be active as a base in acid-base reactions. The pH has massive effects on the size of the EZ in water in cells. This is likely how these drugs affect the nervous system and act as chemical proxies for a lack of dopamine. This is also why many alkaloids possess local anesthetic properties (cocaine). Local anesthetics work by lowering the pH of the environment around nerves to disrupt action potentials. Their molecular structures however, are not as precise in their actions as dopamine and we get variable results from them because of these chemical changes. Dopamine is amine. Amines that are isolated from plants are known as alkaloids. This is why these drugs are dopamine anologues in animals. There ring structure absorbs UV light to varying degrees compared to dopamine. When you marry a microwaved/RF environment that is blue lit chronically, It creates a lack of DHA in the short and long loops of the retina. With a chronic lack of DHA in cell membranes in the SCN, you create the perfect storm. Your Vitamin A cycle in the retina and brain is broken and this leads to CNS inflammation and lowered melatonin levels. The lowered melatonin levels cause further mitochondrial breakdown because melatonin is a protector antioxidant for mtDNA. When melatonin is destroys so is dopamine because both are made from aromatic amino acids in the retina in AM sunlight when IR-A and UV-A are present diurnally. when you reach for your morning smoke or coffee you have announced to the world and to yourself your dopamine and melatonin levels are destroyed. IF you do this chronically and thing your bulletproof, you start using nootropics and opiates and THC. This is a sign that youre getting worse not better because you need larger dopamine hits as your sleep worsens. It leads to a complete uncoupling of ubquitination from melatonin cycles in the brain, skin, gut and lungs. Blue light frequency destroys DHA in the retina further slowing the SCN clock in relation to the organ clocks. This means your SCN no longer is running quicker than the clocks below it and it destroys the timing mechanism built into all circadian controllers. Mitochondrial diseases are coming your way fast and furious. DHA loss destroys the optical relationship between light bending in our gravitational field to uncouple light cycles from the cell cycle and metabolism. This is why blue light destroys DHA and melatonin levels in humans quickly. Diet is not going to fix this clock speed mismatch between the SCN and the organ clocks, but solar light canbecause it is what makes dopamine and melatonin in your eye every morning if you allow it happen. Sunplements.”
  17. recoen

    recoen Gold

    “Young women before they have children need to get their melanopsin/retinol mechanism in order to protect our stores of DHA for cell membranes via the long loop of the Bazan effect. Women in the lowest quintile of omega-3 (EPA +DHA) serum levels during first and second trimesters had 10 times higher risk of early preterm birth compared with women in the three highest quintiles.”

    “Ideation without execution leads to deletion of all good ideas. Execution trumps debate. A debate is masturbation for procrastination.
    Deploy the resource you can afford to lose in times of strife.
    Find the main course you enjoy in life and just taste the side dishes. Hone and own your focus
    Losing and discomfort are your learning blueprint. They must challenge your current status quo.
    Humans need to compartmentalize information less, to see nature’s global effects sooner.
    Can you be the artist of your heart and soul if you live the life of the herd?”
  18. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Procrastination and masturbation?

    The first time I read that Kruse-ism I got a little paranoid that Doc might have a camera in my house!
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  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I think that comes from Genesis, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. But instead of water it could also be translated more in terms of a primordial, unawakened womb of existence, what we might now call the primordial soup. The spiritual commentary from the book mentioned is

    The breath of Universe Being touched the face of Beloved Possibility
    Pure expansive power stirred the primordial soup.
    The Being of Beings
    inspired, animated and reminded flow,
    that same edge of possible phenomena
    of the expansive growth awaiting it.
    One could say that Cosmic Breath moved with pregnant possibility
    into the deep and massive nether of Chaotic Dark -
    awakening Womb for what?
    An intimacy yet unknown.
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  20. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Sue-UK like the unknown to the known. Thank you :)

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