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Recent Bloodwork - what to make of it?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Gina R, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Gina R, you helped me realize something.
    I have been asking for labs since last August. It was easy to talk my doctor into the generic labs he orders for everybody and I was frustrated with not being able to get all the labs I wanted. It took a lot of patience and I finally got help from my chiropractor. He ordered the "fancy labs" I couldn't get from my primary doctor. It's something my primary doctor and I joke about now but I took it very seriously and was frustrated by my inability to convince him or the other doctors I saw to order labs for me. But now I have the results for the labs that seemed almost impossible to talk any doctor into ordering.
    My results are disappointing, not what I expected. It doesn't surprise me though. My environment sucks. I am too close to a cell tower and this old house I'm renting in New Orleans has really shitty wiring.
    What's disappointing is my DHA is low and omega-6 levels are high. Why is it disappointing? I thought I was eating enough seafood to have high DHA. I only eat pasture-raised beef, bacon and eggs so I expectrd my omega 6 to be lower. I mostly buy food from farmers markets to avoid grocery store garbage but my labs look like I eat nothing but grocery store garbage. So now I know what I already knew. My environment sucks; and I'm doing all I can do but my labs still look like crap. Now I'm glad I didn't blow a bunch of money to run out and get every lab I wanted.
    I'm glad I spent the money I had on hacking my environment instead. It's what led me to understand how bad my environment really is.
    I think you are doing all the right things but it takes some people years to reach "optimal" health and it sounds like you are determined enough to get there.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
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  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    when were you here?? when are you coming back.?
  3. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Hi Shah
    I'm still in New Orleans until the end of the month and I will be flying into Cancun on the 30th. I booked Airbnb rooms around Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morales and Isla Mujeres for next month
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  4. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    pm me. i can't pm you!????
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  5. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    It is stressful, I'll admit. From time to time, I have some company but most times not quantum/like-minded so it's challenging to have a common understanding of things. Also I have been to Isla Mujeres already, I went there the first part of my time here in Mexico, I was there in early December. I met Lloyd, super nice guy, Isla just isn't the place for me for now.
  6. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Keep on it @Dave Key Although I don't have all the answers/solutions, this journey has been life-changing in a positive way. When are you planning on being down here?
  7. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    @Dave Key, I'm glad all this has helped you in some fashion! Determined, yes. Obviously some days are easier, but I won't say "easy" haha! Easy is not a word to describe, in any way, all this time in Mexico!
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  8. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    I can't PM you either. You may have a setting set to that, maybe you did that strategically hehe!
  9. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    I don't know what's going on with the private message thing but I admit I have never used it before so that may be the problem... I'm trying to message Shah and he said the same thing.
    Having brain fog is part of it too lol.
    I messaged Tech Support to help me with this issue... I will figure it out soon
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  10. DLO

    DLO StarFish

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  11. Annie Dru

    Annie Dru Silver

    Thank you for saying what I am thinking Lahelada. I appreciate that we are all entitled to our opinion, but opining that someone working diligently to heal themselves is in fact "going nowhere... possibly even backward" feels counterproductive in the extreme JanSz. I have spoken at length with this brave young woman, and I can tell you that she has laid it all on the line in search the "light, water & magnetism" holy grail. She deserves our admiration and needs our encouragement.
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  12. They would sure make great neighbors! A person could learn an awful lot about tech free living.
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  13. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    I'm flying to Cancun on the 30th.
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  14. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    I was just re-reading the Epi-paleo Rx. The title of Chapter 5 is
    "What are the Epi-paleo Rx lab panel techniques to bio hack one’s self".
    That's where I would go for an explanation of which labs to order and how to interpret those labs.
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  15. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Except that a lot has changed since that book was published.

    One example is that fish oil is no longer recommended as a supplement -- just eat seafood.
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  16. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    @Dave Key when you have it figured out, feel free to PM me. We can maybe connect in person when you get here...although I'm not sure how much into May I'll be staying in Mexico yet.
  17. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Thanks @Dave Key , but I know that...That's where I went to decide which ones to do...I seek out interpretation support from qualified people, as my scenario is beyond my scope so to speak...hence reaching out as a member to JK.
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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You have a lots of (VERY) low hanging fruit (very cheap in implementing).
    What is stopping you from picking it up?

    Why nobody else but me, is telling you about it, that is even more puzzling to me.
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  19. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I thought about this on and off since 12 days ago.

    I'll always be the first one to point and laugh at Jansz's over-reliance on numbers and tests (present or prior).

    I also have batted Jansz down when he made comments on my health and my subjective experience was clearly opposite. @Gina R has spent time doing what she understands as the right thing. I didn't see every second, but it's clear that she went the extra mile beyond what she experienced.

    I'm not sure @JanSz was 100% wrong.

    From the depths of my heart, and as far down as I can reach
    • I hope GinaR has experienced gains
    • GinaR is about to be 45 minutes away from me when she moves back and should feel free to drop me a line
    • Your story @Annie Dru about your son crushed my heart to tiny pieces. I'd be a complete and utter fucking wreck if I were in your place.
    • If you @Annie Dru happen to pass through central Texas, let me know.
  20. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    What do you consider a low hanging fruit exactly?

    Since my initial post, I have brought in some thyroid meds, starting at low dose...I cannot access NDT here in Mexico at this point, so I've combined synthetic T3 & T4. I'll be getting NDT mid-next week.
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