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Recent blog comment

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Michael, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    This post by Jack in the comments to BG12 interested me. (I can't post there, because it's a different log-in, and I've screwed up my password somehow.)

    That clicked immediately. As soon as I heard what Erwan was doing it interested me. I heard of him through reading some stuff by "Barefoot Ted" having got interested in minimalist footwear and so on. In those days I don't think the paleo people were even aware of him.

    I can remember first reading about Erwan's concept of the "zoo human" and my immediate thought was that that was a bit rude. But the more you think about it the more you see it makes a lot of sense. We're just in this state where what should be natural and what we're ideally fitted for by descent is alien to us, and what is unnatural and even harmful to us seems normal. I think we just don't see the abnormality (in biological terms) of what's our usual environment. That's not just movement, which Erwan specializes in. It's not even that plus food. It's so many things. There's sleep. There's blue light. There's the cold: as I guess Jack would point out, we put a jumper on if it gets a little cold, but few hunter-gatherers would bother to add more clothing unless it got really bitter. We sit in chairs for hours. We go by car instead of walking. We allow chemical companies to panic us about "cleanliness" and treat our homes and persons with harmful products. We wear sunblock. And after twenty or thirty years of this if we were put back in our natural environment, that evolution fitted us for, we could no longer cope with it. We are members of a human zoo.

    And its kind of symptomatic that when we recognize that our physical capabilities aren't what they should be our notion is that we go indoors somewhere and perform repetitive and highly stylized motions in a kind of industrialized conception of how to "get fit".

    Yeah, I think Erwan is light years ahead.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is no doubt he is.
  3. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

    Not light years ahead, 10,000 or so years behind. Dial it all right-food, sleep, light, temp,activity and everything clicks. This is the path to optimal. And it feels good. Thanks, Jack.
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Having an aversion to oysters, or shellfish, or seafood in general is ironic.
  5. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    I took a Movnat course a couple of months back and can't recommend it enough for anyone who is not confident in natural adaptive movements. It's hard not to gush about it, the pragmatic skills we need to re-learn, but also the mindset in which it is delivered. I feel personally implicated because I've known many of these things throughout life, they're intuitive, but turned my back willingly for more of a life of convenience and the comforts of technology. As if the immaterial self is all that mattered. The "wild" is mediated through packaged and contained experiences designated as escapes from the main course of life. Compartmentalizing or ignoring the wild, if not paving it over with a parking lot, how has that worked out for us?

    We are already highly adapted to these wild natural environments we find ourselves in, to move exist and breathe in. It is therefore way more bizarre to NOT do something like MovNat. The fact that it even has to be a movement or organization needing to grow in popularity, or worse written off as another trendy cutting edge idea for paleo hipsters, is pathetic in the big scheme. I mean think about it, how to walk, how to breathe, how to move, has to be demonstrated and taught in the realm of commerce, which doesn't speak so much of the exploits of the teachers as the profound rarity of the jewel of how to physically exist as the most adaptive creatures on the planet that we already are. So onward with turning around this WALL-E esque disaster.

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