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Rebecca - getting Right

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by RebbalforLight, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Hello, Everybody from a tiny town north of Athens, GA, the birthplace of the rock bands REM and the B-52s. I have been attempting to sip from this firehose of knowledge for a few weeks and decided to jump in and join the tribe.

    Jack, you have blown my mind and opened my eyes to a much greater reality. To be honest, it is a reality that I have always hoped was true, but my background in “science” always caused me to doubt. Earthing and living with nature always sounded so right but so New Age. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your hard work and willingness to share.

    To all the mitochondriacs on this site, please bear with me as a low dopamine newby that is just trying to tread water in this very deep ocean. I have been reading the forum with awe.

    I am a 51-year-old woman of the H1C3 haplogroup. I’m 5’8” and weigh 140lbs. The conditions that led me to seek alternative health answers are collagenous colitis and a very painful DVT (blood clot). Below is my abbreviated life story. Fifty years is a lot to trim, so I tried to focus on the salient points that may lead to insights as to how I got here and what works and what doesn't.

    My nickname growing up was Rebecca of Dirty Foot Farm because I was always barefoot, rain or shine, summer or winter. I was a healthy, active youth. In 6th grade, I got glasses for astigmatism. My diet was partly healthy and mostly junk: protein and bad carbs, with a few raw veggies in the mix.

    My recreation and education had me outside most of the time. I used sunscreen but not sunglasses (but did have coke-bottle glasses).

    I grew up, got married, got my masters degree and we moved to Athens, GA. After giving birth by c-section to my wonderful son, my world crashed. I had postpartum depression. It was as if the real me was shoved up into a tiny corner of my mind while my negative emotions drove my body around. It was scary and I felt totally helpless.

    I fought with deep depression for over a decade. Doctors tried cocktails of drugs. I tried ECT, which worked, apparently, but it totally erased my memory of the happy period that it yielded, as well as chunks of my past. By happenstance, I found a naturopathic doctor who cared. He was offended at the length of my current medication list and my state of ill health (105 lbs of misery). He got my adrenals working and was able to reduce my cocktails with pre enzymatic vitamins and nutrition.

    In my mid-30s, a study of rTMS (repetitive Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation) for mono-polar depression opened up in my hometown and I got off all my meds to participate. After the experiment, I was given 2 weeks of open treatment and fixed me. Within a week of open treatment, I was up to flat and after another week, I was human. It was a miracle.

    In my late 40s, I developed collagenous colitis. The steroids stopped the pain but did not fix the problem. I tried many diets and supplements and then I tried a water fast to give my GI tract a rest. This was prior to Thanksgiving of last year. I fasted for 4 and a half days. My colitis improved greatly.

    Just after the fast, I developed a DVT going from mid femur area to mid hip. Currently, I am on Xarelto blood thinner and Tramadol for pain and take serrapeptase on an empty stomach to break up the clot.

    Thanks to Jack’s videos and a first read through Epi-Paleo Rx, I am wearing blue blockers at work and in front of computer/cell phone/tv and going sans glasses as much as possible. For about 2 weeks, I have been enjoying grounding as I watch the sunrise and as I eat lunch outside, with my glasses at off. I am eating seafood daily and currently following a Keto diet (with emphasis on seafood and pastured eggs, healthy fats and seasonal greens). My house is now lit with sunlight, a few red night lights, and candles. I am working on getting my family on board, too.

    My CT exposure has been slow. I am doing face dips and ending my shower with cold, as well as being mostly bare during the very chilly sunrises. I’m going to try a cool bath today.

    We have always wanted to have a permaculture farm and I now know that it needs to be sooner rather than later. Once I am ambulatory, I will head in that direction. It will need to be providing income before I can quit and go full-time farmer.

    Thanks for reading my rambling. I look forward to learning more and interacting with you all.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    collagenous colitis (gut, you are lucky, DDW will have easier contact)
    c-section --- baby to big, high glucose?

    Before you do all other stuff that you should do:
    1-- do Brethy and urine tested for D
    2-- start using excessive amounts of Lugols and some selenium (pills)
    3-- order 6 months supply of DDW-25 ppm (D/H)
    4-- start drinking it at initially advised dilution level, do not change that dilution level until you get results from #1
    5-- keep repeating Breathy and urine tests, likely monthly or bimonthly with the goal of attaining long term highest possible, and stable ATP-RPM level.

    So all above is not stopping you from maximizing your
    Circadian Rhythm status (and hormone levels)
    your micronutients

    Spectracell.com (micronutients and lipids)

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    Homocysteine, Plasma

    there are other...........................


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  3. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Thank you, JanSZ.

    I have just started learning about DDW and am looking into getting some. My annual physical is soon and am also working on a list of labs to get, as well as getting access to what has already been run. My doc is great and will work with me.

    I have Lugols solution on hand and may have selenium, too. Wow, I just looked up indicators and I have most of them. Thanks for that!

    C-section was due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck 5 times. He couldn't drop to start labor and was in distress from Braxton-Hicks contractions tightening the cord. Two decades later and I still get emotional thinking how grateful I am that he made it.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  5. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Thanks, again, JanSz. Reading.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Rebecca and welcome to journal land. Please give Dr. K. some health history of your Mom and Gran too.

    Do you listen to Jack's podcasts? They are a great and fast way to get info. Have you seen the youtube event that Jack and Jeremy did? Jack's 2 Vermont talks? these are all very important.

    You have made a great start!
  7. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Hello, Caroline. Thank you for the welcome and pointers. I have listened to the Vermont talks once, which is not enough. I've listened to Jack and Nathan Walz, too. Can you please point me towards Jeremy's videos?

    My great grandmother was healthy and lived to be 106 and was sharp as a tack. She never gave into the low-fat health craze. When I knew her (in her 80's and beyond), she didn't get outside, but she grew up on a farm. I am sure she dressed modestly, though.

    My grandmother was healthy until she did succumb to the low fat craze. She changed her cooking and gradually slowed down and got cancer and died in her late 80s.

    My mom is healthy, despite her low fat, processed food diet. She has low blood pressure and cholesterol. She gets lots of sun and is active. She will probably outlive my siblings. One sibling has T2D and the youngest had some sort of undiagnosed brain damage at birth and now has severe epilepsy. Unfortunately, I am seen as the crazy one who follows crazy trends and doesn't listen to normal doctors. I hope to get them to listen soon.

    ETA: I know my mitochondria are from my mom but thought this might help: Father's mother was an enigma. She was abusive, paranoid and very hateful. My dad raised his sisters and got out ASAP. He has always struggled with health. High blood pressure, glaucoma, heart attack, gallbladder removed, half of colon removed. He is still kicking at 80, which is old for someone his height, 6'6". All of his peers in college (they were grouped by height) have long since passed.
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  8. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Sleep -

    When I first got my blueblockers, I had almost a week of blissful sleep.

    The last few nights, I am waking up multiple times - my usual pattern. I am fighting a cold with neti pot with a touch of both goldenseal extract and hydrogen peroxide and taking oil of oregano by mouth and in my ears. Grr. I don't need to be sick, again.

    I wear layers of clothes so I can cover up under blue light at work and expose skin at lunch and on breaks. I wear my blueblockers all the time at work because the lights are all fluorescent. At home when not doing delicate/dangerous tasks like cutting/cooking, I go glassless unless using the computer or if I'm in the room with the TV, when I use blueblockers.

    For the BAB, I can't eat more than 20g of protein without nausea. Does that get better?

    What am I missing? I really want to heal.

    Should I get some UV and or IR lights at home? it has been and will be cloudy for the next week.

    Does one have to call the company for the Breathy test for D? I can't find any links for it. (I hate the phone, but will use when necessary). Or does a doctor have to order it? I am going to go get some Icelandic water. I need to save up for DDW.
  9. karenr

    karenr Silver

    Hi Rebecca, the Breathy test can be ordered online from Cignature Health,

    They don’t sell the water online. When I ordered it last month, I just called them, had a brief conversation with Anne Cooper about my situation, she advised me on how to use the water, and I ordered a case. Recently, I heard that someone called to order and was told that they need to go through a health care practitioner. So I'm not sure, maybe they've changed their policy. (I will be calling in the next week or so, and will find out).

    I do know that CH allows practitioners like chiropractors and acupuncturists to become affiliates, to order tests and water for their patients.

    CH seems to be busier than they used to be, and usually you'll need to leave a phone message. But they’re very responsive via email for simple questions.

    I was using Icelandic Glacial water before I started the DDW, that seemed like a good way to go. With the DDW, the instructions are to dilute it with any (good quality) water, so now I don’t bother spending more for the Icelandic water to dilute the DDW with.
    Good luck!
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  10. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Thank you, KarenR. I don't know why the site wouldn't work for me. Operator error, I'm sure.
  11. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Some progress with the leg that has the blood clot: we had a party at work and I had multiple loads of crock pots and goodies and arrived at work when everyone who could help me unload was busy or absent. Long story, short, I made multiple trips up and down stairs, carrying loads and then had to walk the 6 minutes from my parking area. My leg hurt like crazy afterward, but I was able to do it and felt safe. (I only started walking down stairs about a week ago, due to the stiffness in my lower leg and ankle.) And two other people have started eating keto. There has been interest in my blueblockers, but no one wants to join me down the rabbit hole, yet.

    At the end of this month, I have a doctor's appointment and will schedule my physical and talk to him about getting specific tests. He's really good at figuring the justifications for various tests. With that and knowledge I am gaining from this forum, I should get plenty of good info.

    I just found Jack's response to Hairless Samson [https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...o-write-this-to-be-honest.18332/#post-200418] and am digging into Time #21 and then rereading Jack's response about ferritin and iron and blood clotting disorders. More deep waters.

    I have been watching and reading some of Doug Wallace's work and the mitochondria and disease connections. I have been having trouble locating how to find specifics about my haplotype, H1C3. People on the forum seem to be able to dig into their lineage with more aplomb than I. Just putting my haplotype into a search engine doesn't reveal much, or much that means something to me, anyway. How do people find this information? Do I start with H only or what preceded it?

    And yes, I seem to be all over the map, trying to figure the best approach to learning all of this. ;)

    Sleep has been better, even with my cold. I woke up just once last night and just rolled over and went back to sleep.

    CT is getting better. I usually do face dunks followed by a short warm and several minutes of cold shower. Unfortunately, I can't stand for more than a few minutes without my compression sock. Baby steps.
  12. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    The rest of the family now have blueblockers, though I have to remind them to wear them...

    Does anyone have knowledge about pros/cons of compression socks for DVT recovery?

    My husband proposed that my leg still hurts without the sock because the sock is a "crutch" and I should go without to get the leg to heal; kind of like wandering around without my glasses in hopes of improving my vision. But it hurts a lot after just a few minutes without the compression sock. My leg turns various shades of red, blue and purple and I would have to go back to being sedentary.

    I am hoping that I don't have permanent vein damage or that "permanent" damage can be healed by light, water and magnetism intervention. Any knowledge would be appreciated.

    On my third run-through of the Vermont talks, I am finally "getting" it or at least more bits.
  13. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Yesterday was AWESOME. We are about to have some major earthwork done on our land to correct water flow and start our first major step to being a permaculture farm. The work will destroy the area that was our garden and we didn't want to lose that good soil, so the whole family was outside from mid-morning through the early afternoon moving soil and potting perennials that we wanted to keep. I was, of course, barefoot. Because if my leg, I was in and out, but was out for at least 2.5 hours.

    I didn't burn! I was in a sports bra and shorts and have
    Fitzpatrick skin type II. I. Didn't. Burn! Nada! No red, no pain, nothing! and it felt so good. My son, who is resisting sunrise and seafood did burn a little. My husband did not, but he has olive skin and laughs at winter sun.

    So, the solar callous is real. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I can't wait to tell all those type I and II peeps at work. My n=1 is rocking along nicely, thanks to Jack Kruse and his Merry Mitochondriacs.
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  14. RebbalforLight

    RebbalforLight New Member

    Hormone fix? I'm post menopause (everything ended at 38) and I had these annoying thick hairs on my chinny chin chin. They have softened. :)

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