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Ready for ACTION... Emma and family (+6) = 7 black swans

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Emma C, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sorry if I am just randomly posting this stuff for you ....I am not very good at finding stuff around here!
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  2. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Oh! Fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for putting those links here! I'm on it.
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  3. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Okay, been off here a few days....

    Did topless sun bathing last weekend, for a nice long time and ended up with a wicked upper respiratory infection (still coughing stuff up). Didn't get too much sun, just slightly pink that immediately turned to tan.

    Haven't had one of these this bad since I moved from one of those terrible "cookie cutter" neighborhoods where the houses are on top of one another (about 6 years ago)....I never put that together until learning from Jack and realizing environment has so much to do with it all! I'm wondering if it had anything to do with sun bathing or maybe the fact that while outside I was basking in 5 bars of 4g??? Maybe a combo. Or maybe some kind of weird detox????

    Also, haven't had oysters for a week :( but lots of seafood!

    In good news, I've read/listened to/watched a million more Jack interviews/blogs and something clicked last night!!! I was re-listening to the CT Q&A with Jeremy and something made sense!!!!!! Yay! But it was so vague, I can't even explain what it was. Something about Deuterium and how it keeps kids brains immature. It was more of a "feeling" that, I kinda sorta get something he said :)

    I so appreciate how Jack pushes us to "get it" at a higher level, because already I've noticed that I slid back into feeding the kids crap out of desperation to survive....but then last night, as things were clicking, I felt more resolve to ignore their nagging drama and take charge!

    Let's be clear. I haven't actually taken charge, just thought about it. But it's a step, so I thought I'd document it here.

    I'm wondering now...

    If our ancestors had it so right, probably based on being so connected to their intuition, is there anything to sleeping on the ground? I'd imagine that they were super grounded at night, because their whole body would be laying on the ground (vs day time where they were only walking). Does anything with magnetism change at night with the absence of the sun? This might be one of those eye-roll questions, but again, I really can't understand a word Jack is saying yet.

    Also, way back when, when we didn't wear clothes, I'm assuming that all humans lived on the equator, correct? Otherwise, they would freeze their ass off. So, did we all come from the equator? AND....how did people do CT then?????

    rambling thoughts by E


    Thanks guys!
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  4. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Some of the gang after their unprompted CT. They have been listening to me listen to Jack enough that they damed up with creek out back to create their own CT pool.

    "Hey Mama, we got 17 minutes in 54 degrees! Is that good?"

    yep :)

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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    awesome, awesome, awesome!!!
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  7. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Well, things are not falling in place like I would have liked. I have POURED over Jack's webinars, Q&As, blogs, etc. I've read suggested readings and done, what I think is, the "right" things...but I'm getting confusing signals.

    My digestion has regressed, no more poop party. This seemed to get worse when I started eating Epi Paleo (which has happened to me in the past too)
    I've had two more episodes of extreme nausea that keeps me up all hours. Also, still waking up at 3 am almost every night. SUCKS.
    My period was way over a week late which is very late for me (I'm usually a 28 day cycle) and I felt PMS-like for two plus weeks before hand. YUCK! ...for everyone involved ;)

    I've done two official CTs, where I filled the tub with 60 degree water and sat in it for 10 minutes. It was cold, but not nearly as hard as I had anticipated. I'm still also doing cold showers. The tub times, I went directly into the mid-day sun for about 10-20 minutes afterwards and felt great, but it always seems to be that after I do sunbathing I wind up feeling shitty, this makes me want to "hole up" the next day and cry.

    Allergies are the worst they have ever been....there has to be some connection, right???

    My kids are SO sneezy and itchy that I have to clean blood off the sheets EVERY morning from nightly nose bleeds.

    So, here I am confused and then I hear Jack say on the May Q&A, labs can just confuse the situation, just let your experience guide you and how you feel. Well, what if you feel all mixed up and have multiple people you're taking care of?????

    if it's chaos he says is so great, then we're f'ing on point.
  8. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Where are you getting your Paleo foods from? Regarding oysters, if you get one bad one in a bunch spit it out. One is all it takes to ruin your Bristol chart the next day.

    I used to love the sun all hours as a child and young adult. I was in pre-school since I was six months old in Tokyo where we spent most of the day outdoors playing. Even when I moved to the states I had good elementary teachers who gave us at least two hours a day outdoors for recess. I tanned very easily and quickly, rarely burned. Never used toxic sunscreens. Now I won't go out when it's sunny beyond sunrise and sunset, I burn and feel sick from it quickly. Some people here might have a thicker skin for nnUVB/C but I don't. With your fair skin and hair I assume you're sensitive too.

    I see UVC as nature's 5G, avoid at all costs. No one else here will give you this perspective.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I hear your pain Emma .......Have you had a consult with Jack? I can't remember.

    Is anyone in your family feeling better? Your DH?

    What are you eating? what gave you nausea?

    Have you ever done a carnivore diet? it is basically an elimination diet so you can pinpoint problem areas. Jack talked a bit about this on the Q&A.

    23&me test?
  10. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Thanks Caroline!

    Yes, I've done carnivore diet, paleo diet, GAPS, you name it....tried it. Been sick, digestive wise, since age 3. I naturally eat a *mostly paleo diet, but unless I add in some seasonal fruit/veggies I always have trouble. This is actually not new at all. If I follow any professional advice that recommends a set diet, I struggle. If I just listen to my body, I'm usually pretty good. However, I don't react to certain foods (I've done crazy elimination diets and have NO reactions to any food). Mine is more based upon my body just deciding it's going to not work for a bit, doesn't matter what I've eaten. That's one reason I felt like jumping for joy when I heard Jack say, "it's not the food", because that has always been my personal experience. That being said, I was hoping the Sun, Water, Magnetism thing would clear up my digestive issues, so I got frustrated when I felt like I was doing it right and then had another episode.

    We've been food snobs for a long time. Only eat grass-fed, organic, non-GMO, as much local as possible and even raise our own completely free range/organic meet birds, eggs and veggies. If you're looking for someone who eats clean, visit us. This is another reason why Jack makes so much sense to us, we still have some pretty major struggles and if it was the food, we should not.

    All around, we've seen our greatest improvements in the kids by shutting down all screens, no wifi, stopped using all electricity after dark (except red flash lights) and basically have the kids live outside. This is a struggle in school, but we're even considering pulling them out next year.

    I have a gut feeling that our farm has bad geopathic stress (if that's what you call it) but I'm not sure if I'm just looking for something to blame?! We're still not as healthy as we could be.

    I've reached out to Jack twice about consults, but have not had any. I think he's very busy right now with whatever is going on. One of my questions was what labs/23&me/etc I would need before hand, but I have not heard, so I have not ordered any.

    My DH feels better in the woods or way out in nature. He has some unexplained heart pain/palpitation when at home or around a city. It's hard to make a living in the middle of the woods, though ;)
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  11. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    This is very interesting. I have never really had an issue with the sun, although I was taught to avoid it at all cost growing up. I can get burned initially in the summer, but usually quickly bounce back and have always loved the sun! Once adjusted, I just keep getting tanner, but never super dark. I am certainly happiest in the sun. Not sure exactly who I get my haplotypes from, but both of my grandmothers turned basically black in summer with jet black hair and deep dark brown eyes.....not really what I look like, but seems like there are sun lovers in my history.

    Also, I don't know anything about Oysters! I ate no seafood growing up and only since learning from Jack have tried oysters. I'm not even sure what a bad one would be??? I've only gotten them at costco, not in a shell. I don't know what to do with a shell. Literally, I had never seen one before. I'm a midwesterner who was raised on corn and cows, no sun, no ocean, no seafood.

    I have heard Jack talk about UVC, but I was under the impression that the sun does not really provide this AND we need it. I have a hard time imagining that mid day sun would be bad for us, historically, this does not make sense. We have evolved with the sun, so I was thinking that maybe I was just not adjusted yet and possibly going through some kind of "detox" or readjustment period. But I have a lot to learn!

    Thanks for the reply!

  12. Anyone remember this?
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  13. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    Hi from the other side of the Blue Ridge ;-) I have heard Jack chuckle at Zac Bush's dirt water, Restore, but I have had several people with unsolvable GI problems use it with very good rapid resolution or near resolution of their issues.....see it as a crutch to get you over a hurdle rather than the solution.

    Oysters...buy a case from your local fish store and they are much cheaper than by the single. Get an oyster shucking knife, watch a youtube on how to shuck, and by the time you work your way through the case you will be a competent amateur.....after three cases you will be close to a pro.
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  14. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium


    I have tried Restore :) Didn't see much change. Maybe I didn't do it long enough? I know Zach Bush, friends with his family (it's a pretty small town around here! lol).

    I will try the oyster thing! Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I'm able to get them for $0.70 an oyster when I buy 50 count boxes.

    It's worth learning how to shuck. It also help focus you or else your stab your non-shucking hand. I love quick feedback,
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  16. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    LOL :)

    Okay, and how long do they keep? Have you ever had a "bad one"? How did you know?
  17. If you squeeze a live one, it will stay closed for a bit. A dead one wont react the same. Dont eat dead ones or any the seems off. How long they last depends alot on what they experienced brfore you got them but should last a week or more in the fridge. The shucked ones in jars are still alive but id rather shuck my own any day. Smashed up shells are awesome for compost and garden. Please be careful. I recommend leather welding gloves while learning to shuck at least on the holding hand.
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  18. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I've shucked over 6500 in the last 2 years.

    My wife insists on 9-12(depending on their size) of them for (every single) dinner. She'll only accept one other dish, a rotisserie Greek lamb leg, once a month or so.

    I keep them in a little garage fridge set around 46ยบ (they do emit methane gas over time). Oyster fart flavor ice from your main fridge ice maker may not be a hit in your house either...

    I've kept oysters from my 50 count bag over 1.5 weeks at the temperatures I've described.

    Over the 6500+ I've shucked I've discarded maybe 70 just because they seemed a little funky or weird in one way or another.

    Nobody in my home has developed any sickness from the oysters. Nobody in my home has been ill at all in th last 2 years with the exception of my son two days this week. His teacher also had a fevers I'm sure it's not oyster related.
  19. drezy

    drezy New Member


    I prefer stabbing my shucking knife directly into the skin of my left forefinger's knuckle to teach me to be more patient and focused. If archeologist ever exhume my bones I think I might confound them with oyster dna traces at least implanted into my left hand.
  20. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    If you end up with a shucking wound that requires surgical repair, you can come over to Harrisonbjrg and ask for the anesthesiologist with the funky glasses. IMG_20190523_115955_01.jpg

    We like to broil the oysters for just a coupke of minutes with a pinch of spice, a dash of olive oil and vinegar, and a thinthin slice of our home cured bacon.

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