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Reactions to Non-Organic Food?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Eve, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Eve

    Eve New Member

    Does anyone else with "leaky gut" have reactions to non-organic food? For example, I can't do butter. I've tried organic and the reaction is mild (e.g., some thirst, fatigue, sometimes mild cramping). But when I tried regular, non-organic butter (ingredients: cream -- so no additives), the reaction is three times as bad (e.g., very thirsty whole day, headache, fatigue, feel hungover for that day and most of next day).

    I'm starting to wonder if these symptoms are really "leaky gut" or something else.......
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    if its only dairy - it could be the casein

    if its all non-organic foods (Assuming real food not processed foods), it could be pesticides, it could be the hormones, and antibiotics, could be Genetically Modified....
  3. Eve

    Eve New Member

    It happens with all non-organic food, not just dairy, so I think it's more than issue with casein. If I eat organic almond butter I have no reaction or symptoms, but if I try regular almond butter I have a reaction.

    I understand there are toxins in non-organic food, usually a minute amount (e.g., in just a pat of non-organic butter, but I thought the body somehow accounts for this and filters it. I don't understand why my reaction to non-organic food is so extreme.
  4. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    Your experience is very interesting to me. I am having issues with all kinds of foods (symptoms much like you describe), and my list of foods I tolerate seems to be getter shorter (just lost beef and chicken). But now I'm wondering if it was because they were "store" bought (ran out of my side of beef and can't get another just yet - same with chickens). That would make things a little easier.

    I wonder if you are sensitive (and here's where I don't know whether to say allergy, or something else) to one of the pesticides, and whatever other additives are commonly used? I may experiment with this myself, but first I have to wait for my chicken reaction to resolve (often takes several days for me).

  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Store bought chicken is poison to me. I tried some chicken soup I made for hubs from store bought chicken last winter, twice, as i could not believe it was that what made me so sick. But it was. The second time I got sick too. Herpes, sick feeling overall.. I never touch such stuff anymore. Tells me there must be something terribly wrong with it. I had not eaten chicken many years previous to that experiment because I ate raw foods and never chicken. I have tried my parents home grown chicken though, short after the store bough chicken soup episode to test, and from them I did not got any issues! So I know for sure it is something they get fed or hormones or stuff. I try to always by organic. Or better, wild grown foods.
  6. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Again I shake my head and ask why (mine) as well as everyone's here immune system or whatever pathway to deal with such foods (not even processed McDonalds) sucks so bad that we can't deal with a minor infraction. I mean sure it's nice to get an 'immediate feedback' so as to help motivate to not eat these foods (headache, drunken stupor and slurred speech etc) ... But I was really assuming my gut or immune system or whatever could be strong enough to handle just a bit every once in a while. I guess I do not grasp the concept of TIME for healing etc. O well...

    I want to eat WAY more raw (especially with meat too). I don't want to eat raw meat if it's not as organic/grass-fed and/or wild caught though. Any time I do eat raw (usually it's going to be seafood since that is easiest and most 'trustful' I feel much better. When I get my own place again I will switch to 100% raw. For now I will eat as raw as I can get based on what is available at the moment.

    Haha....I know that by default things will get better during the summer and peak in September and coincidentally that is when I'll get to be more raw...lol. I will try not to give too much credit for raw as I was doing with heavy seafood consumption last Fall. Because I did see some downfalls despite major seafood intake. I have to be more sensitive to my needs and realize that some adjunct strategies are necessary to sustain better/as close to optimal health for myself. I can't make the mistake that diet alone can carry me if I have some ongoing epi-genetic factors going on (from birth) that is either harder and/or not possible(?) to turn on or off the good/bad genes. So yes, I shall not be ignorant to myself any longer.

    Ok good luck y'all with good quality f00ds. :p

    p.s. I am giving up coffee for Lent....OIIIIIII! lol Wish me luck on that one. haha (And I'm not even really religious). lol
  7. diane

    diane Gold

    The way I look at it (which may or may not be correct) is that the cleaner your diet and the more sensitive you are to how you feel, the more you feel when something affects you. Years and years of eating stuff just accumulates the bad feelings. I never felt the impact of wheat or grains before, other than the cumulative impact, but now since I don't eat them, when I do, I feel it right away.

    Guess I'm not looking to change my immune response to be able to eat these things as I'm not sure that some foods will function properly in the body (that's just my opinion). I'm looking to change my gut so that my hormones and systems run smoothly. :)
  8. Some people seem to be more sensitive than others with foods. My guess is that it may not necessarily be the actual food item itself but the pesticides, other foods that the item was processed with or around (almond butter may have been processed in a peanut facility), etc. Also may be an indication of methylation issues that some of us are learning about.
  9. jamsrich

    jamsrich New Member

    Once the knowledge about non-organic food is gained in terms of its cultivation and processes, it is very important to understand the harrowing side effects of eating such food for life long. Let us look at the key factors destroying human health.

    Pesticides & Herbicides , Fertilizers
    , Genetical Modification , Additives , Radiation , Boosters to animals and other food
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Is "harrowing" a pun?

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