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Raynaud Thread

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by villjamur_stevenson, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread anyone had for Raynaud's disease/Raynaud's Syndrome.

    When i started CT back in February, the first few sessions I had numbness in my toes and fingers.

    I was worried it might be Raynaud's, but then when i stopped putting my hands and toes in the cold tub, it went away.

    However, early this Fall, i started noticing a return of those symptoms. Also, just drinking a large glass of ice water would trigger it in my right hand.

    At this point, I'm going to start wearing warm gloves when I'm outside - also I'm going to attempt to try this technique:

  2. When I CT, I keep my hands and feet out of the water. I did fine last month with my hands out of water and not getting cold. Then in the past two weeks I've had to put gloves on or my nails turn blue. I don't get the white Reynauds finger tips but I never did. I just used to get white toes.

    Are you going to do this technique while you are CTing?
  3. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    this is timely..I did some colder temp. CT this month and both times two of my fingers got very white and numb...since I was swimming I'm going to have to find some diving gloves or something....it would certainly be worthwhile to try the technique mentioned to "retrain" our fingers
  4. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    Yes, but I'm not exactly sure how to work it right yet. The biggest thing for me right now, is I don't normally get any symptoms when I do the baths or the showers - my biggest triggers seem to be being outside in the colder weather for extended period of time, or drinking a large glass of ice water on an empty stomach. So I tried the drink thing with my hands in warm water. logistically, taking a cold shower with a warm dish of water is going to be tricky.
  5. I'm thinking a warm bowl of water with a CT bath. However, I wonder if the effects of the cold are lessened when you heat up your hands.
  6. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    It will have an effect, but I imagine it will be minor or even negligible.

    I plan on doing this during CT for the next month, then I'll try it without and see what happens.

    I also ordered a bunch of hand warmers so when I'm outside for hours, I can use those.
  7. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Curious to see where this thread goes. I have a sister-in-law whose fingers turn blue-grey (really dark!), when the temp is below 60. She says it can be miserable.
  8. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    I recently took a cool shower, hadn't showered for months, just pool and hose, and was startled by one finger going quickly white. I have had a patchy style of Raynauds all along and it passes quickly. This was more dramatic and I got to thinking that maybe it's a feature not a bug. Since my blood might be thinner due to the increase in epi-paleo O3's, maybe it's a protective adaptation.
  9. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    I too have Raynauds but for me it is my toes that are my biggets problem, so I have to try to keep them out of the tub when I start CT next week. A while ago I asked Jack if I could CT when I have Raynauds and here is what he replied:

    "Well I think if you wear the socks and gloves and keep your hands and toes out you might not have any issues at all but you could test it out in your sink first. I would strongly consider getting an idea of what your Essential fatty acids are in your cell membranes because with Raynaud's people have some of the worse ratio's I have seen. This is why they have Raynaud's, along with a very permeable gut."

    Perhaps after some time eating epi-paleo our symptoms will become fewer.... I hope
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  10. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    What has me puzzled is that I've been doing CT since February and not really had this be much of an issue. Just initially I had a few numb fingers and toes, but i went away for most of the summer once i started doing more and more CT (colder and longer).

    So for it to now appear seems odd - the only difference is: 1. I'm being exposed to more colder air (45-65's F) because of the shift in weather. 2. The shift in light cycles/getting darker.

    My eating pattern hasn't changed. nothing I can identify except light cycles and air exposure rather than just water.

    Oh well, we'll see where this goes.
  11. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    I'm starting to suspect a third possibility - calories. I have been eating less as we go from summer to fall. On friday I ate a lot of food and all day saturday my metabolism was rev'd up - and I did not have one numb finger, cold toe, etc. Even at ice rink and outside in 30F
  12. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    In addition to the Army protocol, I found this abstract:

    Last night I made my own MGS04 hand cream. I used 2 parts MGS04, 1 part boiling water, 1 part cocoa butter (pure solid).

    I had to vigoroulsy shake it while cooling down, and it solidified really nicely. I greased up my hands and wrists before going to sleep. I really don't know what this means, but I woke up in the middle of the night full of energy and had a difficult time getting to sleep. My hands also felt much better, ever since the first raynaud's flare in early october, they have been a little sore and stiff.

    we'll see how it goes tonight again, i'm hoping I'm just Mg deficient.
  13. What exactly is MGS04?
  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Mag sulfate
  15. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    yeah, just epson salts.
  16. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    This is the Army protocol:

  17. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    i found this gem - I plan on reading it over and comparing it to the dhea kruse blog.


    Just a hypothesis at this point, but it had some good review material in it.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Oysters are the best fix........six oysters have more magnesium in them than any other food on the planet.
  19. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Nutrition data shows six medium oysters contain 5% of the mRDA for magnesium. That doesn't seem like that much to me. Am I wrong? What am I missing?
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    % Mg over shear volume of nutrient.

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