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Raylynn's new healthy life

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Raylynn, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    My MIL is a fat free everything person. The food at my inlaws just makes me shudder. Diet cranberry juice with splenda, fat free deli turkey, fat free processed cheese, fat free yogurt and sour cream, and artificial coffee flavored fat free creamers...ugh I wish they would eat food!

    She acts like i am going to kill her son with bacon and eggs and coconut oil and constantly reminds my husband that heart disease and high cholesterol are in their family...she drives me nuts. For the longest time we subjected ourselves to what they eat when we went there but stopped about 4 years ago. I got sick of detoxing my kids every time they went for a visit...lol!

    Hope your hair washing went well and good luck staying off your feet :)
  2. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Hey cantweight, if you didn't live in Virginia, I'd say you are related to me! Sounds just like my MIL! She has had 4 bypasses, just like her DS, my DH, and is constantly on us about our diet. I also just want to tell her to eat real food!! When we eat there, I make my DS eat some fat before we go so he won't eat a bunch of processed carbs cause he stays hungry. She is a really great MIL, other than her diet. But, like I tell my DS, everyone can have an opinion, and ours differ on diet. He understands and eats well at home and school. He rarely gets sick, even when kids in his class are sick. Everybody to their own.
    So proud I got my hair washed, dried, and styled by myself yesterday. I have long hair so don't wash everyday. Feeling much stronger again today. The extra sleep is really helping. I am still getting tired about 7:30, but I just go get ready for bed and am lying down by 8:30. I hope I am more in tune with my body and treating it well.
    Had another BAB, and rested, then got up for some internet time. I get my cast off Friday, and am so excited to shave my leg!! I know the girls will understand, even if guys get grossed out. I just don't feel like I am taking care of myself when I can't shave. Okay, enough about that!
    Still having muscle cramps from hopping about, and am trying to just use meds first thing in AM, and at bedtime. Using ice in between. I was so physically out of shape before surgery since I had 7 months of no activity before. Feel like an idiot that I get so tired hopping around. Kids hop around on one leg all the time, right? When did I get old?? My hair is not grey, well maybe under the color. I know I will be stronger soon, just very impatient.
    Still taking my supplements daily. (Another thing MIL commented about when she was here.) L-glutamine in AM, Magnesium in PM, along with the others that Dr. K recommends. Hope my bones heal fast and ligaments knit well.
    Gotta go rest!:D
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We feel so much better when our hair is clean and styled!! Keep up the good work!

    It is something how stuck to their diet people can be - even when it is not working and they are terribly unhealthy. If people saw how much butter I eat they would be shocked.....actually - I am shocked. :)
  4. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Having great day today. lots of energy, no pain, getting a lot accomplished. Had a good bkfast, and good lunch, and will have pork chops for dinner.
    Had cast and stitches removed last Friday. Had a really tough time with that. Lots of pain, and they put me back in a cast since my doctor wasn't there, and his partner said to. Was hoping for a boot, but stuck again. Had to take a pain pill that night and was very lethargic the next day. Hadn't had a narcotic in 10 days, but couldn't stand the pain. Just needed that one, and I am pain free again. I guess narcotics serve a purpose, but I sure do hate to take them. I don't know how people get addicted to them. Anyway, Back on the mend and hope to be cast free in 10 more days.
    On to the important things, how do I get to my hair appointment tomorrow? Very important, right ladies?? I never miss one, and I make them 3 months in advance, or can't get an appointment. My husband won't let me drive with a cast on my right foot, and he is not sure he can get home to take me. I told him I would drive the truck regardless of what he said, but I'm not sure I can get to it or get in it without help. Guess I'll see tomorrow.
    Hope to go grocery shopping tonight with DH, and get some fresh okra. Saw the recipe on MDA for grilled okra, and can't wait to try it. DH and I both love it, but I don't see recipes using it without frying.
    Will have to either cook more food to have leftovers, or buy some things I can easily cook so I can have a good lunch this week.
    See ya!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good luck with your hair app't!
  6. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Have had a rough time the last couple of weeks. Got cast off and now have a removable boot. Easier in some ways, but tough in other ways.
    About my diet: Had to take some narcotics for pain relief for a few days. Hate that stuff, as I have said before. Makes me drowsy and lethargic. Now I am better, so I am eating better and sleeping better. I realized that I was still not getting enough fat, so I started drinking some bullion and coconut oil midmorning to help me through the day. Amazing that I am not very hungry for dinner. Still hungry at lunch, but not so much for dinner! I am eating a BAB, then salad and meat and sometimes fruit for lunch, then meat, vege or 2 for dinner.
    My sleep has gotten so much better. I am able to sleep on my side without discomfort now. Just like Dr. Kruse has said, sleep makes a huge difference in how we feel. I have more energy, and a better mood when I get enough sleep. I know it helps with healing also. My scars are looking better every day.
    I hope to start rehab on Friday, if my heel sore has healed completely.
    I am also going to start rubbing my scars with coconut oil. Hope to help scars heal quickly.
    Good day everyone!
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Glad things are turning around for you! Do you have a magnetico? ....I suppose it would do wonders for healing?
  8. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Don't have a magnetico. But I have started the coconut oil and the scabs and dead skin are coming off now. One scar not quite closed completely. Will continue and see if it helps in the next week.
    Got to drive today for the first time. I feel liberated! Went to physical therapy. Not too hard on me yet, but have exercises to do twice daily. Go back Tuesday of next week. She has me doing side to side ligament stretches, and I can feel that tight ligament now. Been wanting it tight for 8 months, and boy is it!! Still a lot of fluid in foot and she massaged to move it out. She showed me what to do so I will be doing that also twice a day. Therapist really made me feel good when she said, wow you are ahead of schedule to start rehab. I told her the doctor said my heel was healed in 2 weeks. That is good for bone healing. I think it was due to my preop diet and supplementing with vitamin C and D. Those have shown to aid in bone growth and wound healing. My pressure sore is getting better each day.
    Food wise, I started drinking coconut oil everyday before lunch, but must have started with too much since it really got my stomach moving and I will have to lay off a couple of days. It really cut my hunger pains down, and I was not eating as much for lunch and not much at all for dinner. I will restart that Monday, but with a lower amount to begin with.
    Funny story about my DS: He does not want my DH to cook him eggs in the AM because he is not hungry for lunch! But, after he gets home from basketball practice in the after noon, he is starving. I make him eat some protein as a snack before dinner gets ready. I tell him if he eats eggs for breakfast, he won't be so hungry after practice either. He is only 13 and still learning, but he listens to me and tries to eat well. He is the only kid I know that doesn't drink soft drinks. Other parents ask me why he only drinks milk or water, and I tell them he doesn't need the caffeine. He orders water at restaurants and is happy with that. Training from the beginning helps.
    Gotta put my foot up.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am so glad to hear how well you are doing ...and it sounds like you are a great Mom! Drinking CO sounds like a great idea - I am going to do that.....

    Can you get your son to C/T? especially after basketball practice and a game.....it would be a game changer for him!
  10. sienaflin

    sienaflin New Member

    I love reading blogs especially for those medical purposes.
  11. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Caroline, thanks for the reply, and I never thought about CT for my son. I am only thinking about myself. I will discuss with him and see if he is up to the challenge. Thanks for the suggestion, it is a great one!
    My foot is healing really well now. Wounds are pealing, and looking better every day. Again, I contribute that to the supplements and healthy diet. I still have one wound that is draining, but the amount is getting smaller each day. I also wonder if the drainage is due to the swelling in my foot. The swelling is also going down each day. My therapist started with massage, and I do it the same way twice a day. After one week of therapy, I can see my ankle bone on the inside, and the veins on top of my foot. I am working up to 50% weight bearing the next 7 days. Makes it easier to walk since I can balance now. Still don't know when I can return to work as I don't see doc for 2 more weeks. Since I a on my feet all day, I will have to be fully ready for that before returning.
    I am not sleeping well due to hot flashes. They started this summer, and waking up 4-5 times a night does not work well for my body. It is vital that my body gets 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. If not, I am tired and crave sugar. I slept last night from 10 to 5 and I fell 100% better today. I have more energy, my mood is much lighter, and I can focus easily. People do not realize how much sleep means to our bodies and cells. A friend visit visited me yesterday and said she was so tired. She is very active and exercises daily. I asked her if she was getting enough sleep and she said no. I encouraged her to go to bed early a few days and see if that makes a difference. I hope she does. I will search and see what natural things I can do for the hot flashes.
    In the meantime, hopefully I will sleep again tonight.
  12. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Raylynn, I imagine your son is practicing basketball indoors. No sun for energy, insulated from the ground by wood floors and basketball shoes... You might have him go outside after practice for some sunshine. I bet he is ravenous, he has been working hard with no access to energy except what is stored in his body.
  13. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Nonchalant: they practice outdoors about twice a week. The other days, he doesn't get home til almost dark. He does go out side on weekends. He fishes bass tournaments with his father a lot, or does yard work. He also plays baseball and is outside a lot with that. Interesting thought bout the energy he uses. Never thought of it that way. Thanks for the comment!
  14. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    I will see surgeon on Thursday. Hope he will let me walk without boot now. I am at 75% weight bearing and hope to be 100% starting Thursday. The boot is higher than my tennis shoe and makes my back hurt. It is uncomfortable to walk. My therapist thinks it is causing plantar fasciitis also. So by the time 4PM gets here, I can't walk anymore and have to sit with my foot up. Good times!
    My incisions look ok. Both still have scabs and drain a little if scab comes off. I am still rubbing with coconut oil twice daily and massaging ligament. Still sore after exercising. But I am also increasing my stretching weekly, so that could account for the soreness.
    My son has his first basketball game today. I will go and hope I can make it up 3 floors of stairs to the gym. I will certainly take my time and not rush. My in-laws are picking me up so I can just ride home with my husband after game.
    Food wise, I had my coconut oil today and hope that will keep me from getting hungry since we will be eating late tonight.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Maybe send your son off to school with some coconut manna and dark chocolate and a couple of macadamia nuts for a snack after practice? It sounds like he expends so much energy he will need grounding and the photoelectric effect to recharge his batteries ....and lots and lots of fat......and spring water....

    He sounds like such a great kid! Just imagine what he can accomplish if he ties all this together......superstar in the making! well, he already sounds like a superstar on so many levels......and thanks to great parents......
  16. Raylynn

    Raylynn New Member

    Caroline, thanks for the comment. I will continue to work on my DS diet and hope that I can influence him to follow paleo. Yes, he is a great kid and I hope that he will remember all that I try to teach him.
    I am not doing so well diet and sleep wise. I am waking up at least twice a night with hot flashes. Going to my doc on Tuesday and hope to get some progesterone.
    My diet is suffering because I am not at home for lunch and many nights. I am at therapy or other errands at lunch, and I try to wait til I get home to eat, but not always possible. We are at basketball games several nights a week, and like last night, I didn't bother to eat since we didn't get home til 8 PM.
    I am still off work as the doctor won't even discuss me going back to work until I see him November 21st. I am full weight bearing now, but only with a shoe and brace about 3 hours a day. Lots of pain with this, as the brace keeps my ankle straight. My therapist says to go slow and only increase the amount of time every few days that I wear a shoe. Of course, I want to move faster, but I realize that will not help. I also worry about my job, as they are only required to hold it for 3 months. I don't think they will fill it, but there is always the possibility. I am a worrier, so I am trying to leave it up to God.
    Gotta go walk some more.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi raylynne .....sounds like you are getting there. Have you thought of having a BPC for lunch? Take some MCT oil with you. What about keeping some jerky on hand when you are out and about? Or some hard boiled eggs at the ready in the fridge? Or in a cooler in the car?

    Or pop into a grocery store and get some shrimp.....

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