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Raising Emus

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by April, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. April

    April New Member

    My husband is going to try raising emus for food. I know Jack doesn’t like most fowl as food, but I have never heard him discuss emus. Emu oil is supposed to be one of the foods high in K2. Does anyone know if the emus would still have good K2 content if raised outside of Australia? We live in FL. Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience in this area?
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  2. Emus have giant talons that can eviscerate a predator. I went on a field trip with my daughter's class a long time ago to an emu farm. The farmer said emus are mean and dangerous. He fed them every day but carried a weapon for protection. He didn't seem like a fraidy cat. You can't turn your back on them. They are also large, which makes them harder to butcher and freeze. Cost is also high as they are kind of a novelty. Space could also be a concern. It is also sold as a low fat alternative to red meat. I love fat and would have to be starving to eat a regular chicken breast. Still, I could be wrong and in your context, the perfect fit.
    I know Dr Kruse is no fan of chicken but I believe there is a big dif between a meat bird bred and selected to be raised on grain, for maximum yield, in industrial confinement, which will be ready for slaughter in 6-7 weeks and a heritage breed, raised in an optimum environment, fed decentralized feed(food grown locally, insects and scraps) raised with the goal of optimal nutritional density. I am new to raising meat birds but now have about 50 pekin and Ruen ducks and red freedom ranger chickens. I am eggspecting 50 Bresse chickens in June. They are supposed to have meat marbled like kobe beef. The chickens and ducks are great for the kids and if you lose one, there are many more. Good size to share, barter with or sell. My birds eat every bit of food scraps we produce in our kitchen(excect for chicken bones which the pigs eat or are composted), turn it into great manure and then scatter it over straw for the compost heap.
    Lambs or pigs might also be something to consider. I bought some ewe lambs years ago when we were on 5 acres. Freezer was always full, grass was mowed, pasture improved and they gave so much joy. I'm looking for more sheep now.
    Good luck and please don't let my warnings change your mind if it is something you are keen on. I think raising animals is a great gift to your children. IMG_0504.JPG
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