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Raffael’s Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Raffael Zissu, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am very glad that I found this forum. More than 2 years ago, I read on mercola.com that high energy blue light has negative effects on health. Shortly after, I purchased a yellow CFL bulb and a pair of blue light blocking glasses from lowbluelights.com.
    At the beginning, I wore the glasses every day a few hours before my bedtime - only when at home. Not noticing any difference with my sleep quality or my other Parkinson’s disease symptoms, I eventually stopped using them.
    Until recently, I used the yellow CFL bulb in my bathroom, in combination with two regular LED light bulbs as my wife was complaining about the low brightness of the yellow CFL bulb by itself.
    Last December, I came across Dr. Kruse for the first time. It was in a webcast from the EMF Health Summit. When I heard about the sunrise routine, it piqued my interest. Then in January, I came across some research done by Professors Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and Henri Joyeux that concluded that PD is due to a dysfunction of the sleep-wake system (see here https://fonds-josefa.org/en/parkinson). This brought me back to jackkruse.com, where I researched the subject further.The information I found there made complete sense to me, so I decided to dive in by educating myself about the prescriptions and recommendations.

    Now I am again wearing my blue light blocking glasses daily when at home using electronic devices or when exposed to artificial lighting. I ordered two more pairs of blue/green light blocking glasses, one that blocks up to 450 nm and one that blocks up to 550 nm. These will be more suitable for when away from home and block a wider spectrum. As of last week, I am only using the yellow CFL bulb in my bathroom at night. During the day, there’s sunlight coming in through the window. I am working on changing all LED light bulbs in my house to better ones. I am also considering adding IR lighting, but I am not sure what to buy and if I need eye protection. At night, I started using candles whenever possible. After my wife comes home from work, around 7 or 8 pm, that isn’t possible for the time being. After sunset, I close the curtains to reduce artificial lighting from outside.
    I will shortly either change the settings to reduce blue light on my iPad and iPhone or order blue light filters. I stopped watching TV, but my wife still watches it after coming home from work. I reduced the use of my iPhone.

    As of last Sunday, I have been going outdoors 4 times per day for 30-60 minutes - as long as it has not been raining too heavily. At sunrise, around 10 am, around 2 pm, and shortly before sunset. Bare forearms and lower limbs whenever possible. Hatless, wheather permitting. Briefly grounding with hands occasionally. Sun-gazing 5 minutes each at sunrise and sunset. I will increase this duration over time.

    As of last Sunday, I made breakfast my largest meal. However, whenever I ate 50-60 g of protein for breakfast, I didn’t have any ON period from my second dose of medication, which took around 12 pm. With around 40 g of protein for breakfast, my second medication dose yielded an ON period of about 30 minutes. Usually, my second ON period lasts up to 90 minutes. I am hoping that this will improve in the future, with my body making more dopamine and everything else it needs for proper functioning.
    I have been eating more seafood every day and have eaten about ten fresh oysters in the first 3 days of week. I am planning to consume more oysters going forward. I have stopped snacking almost 12 months ago. I stopped eating grains since the beginning of the year. My diet can be categorized as low carbohydrate.
    The water I drink is regular tap water filtered through a Brita pitcher. I am looking into getting a better water filter.

    I currently don’t work, due to my condition. I live on the 3rd floor of a 3-family house where it is probably challenging to do effective EMF mitigation. I believe that all houses on my block have smart meters and there’s not much space between buildings.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. I have been spending about three hours outdoors every day. Now that the weather is not that cold anymore, I am mostly wearing a tank top and bermuda shorts during my daily walks. All LED light bulbs have been removed from my home and replaced with 110V halogen incandescent bulbs. The combination of a.m. sunlight exposure and the consumption of shrimp exoskeletons should help to build my solar callus, reducing my risk of sunburn when the sunlight will be stronger.
    I also have been eating about half a dozen oysters (mostly raw) daily, along with other seafood. I found a local oyster farm that sells directly to consumers! Sometimes, I eat raw fish. I increased my consumption of organ meats (e.g. liver, kidney, tongue, and gizzards) as well as of bone broth. Since there are currently no locally grown fruits in season, I refrain from eating fruit until I can find some locally harvested. There are a few local CSA programs which are potential sources for organically grown fruits and vegetables.
    The New Jersey harvest season spans from May/June to November. As far as I understand, if I followed a strict seasonal diet, that would mean that I should not eat anything but animal products from December to April/May, i.e. a period of 5-6 months. Is that something I should consider doing, despite my condition?
    In a few weeks, I will say good bye to my Wi-Fi and rely exclusively on a hard-wired Internet connection going forward. Unfortunately, there will still be second hand Wi-Fi exposure from my neighbors and all the other nnEMF.
    I have been avoiding ALAN, using candles instead. I mostly don’t use any electronic devices after sunset. Whenever I am not home and exposed to artificial lighting, I am wearing my blue blockers and covering most of my skin. My bedtime is now 9:00-9:30 almost every day. Since my last journal entry, my sleep pattern has changed. Whereas I used to be able to sleep continually throughout the night, waking up about every hour and then usually falling asleep again, now I normally sleep 3-4 hours without waking up and then I oftentimes don’t fall asleep again. Sometimes I am bothered by heat trapped in my mattress. Now and then, I get fidgety and feel the need to change the position of my legs.
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  4. Two weeks ago, I significantly increased my grounding time to about one hour per day. I walk barefoot on grass in the park next to my home or just stand there. I also started using CBD oil and it helps me get better sleep. Now it’s easier for me falling asleep again after waking up.
    With respect to food, I joined a boxed share CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program to get fresh local and seasonal produce. I am looking forward to getting started. :)
    Regarding my water consumption, I have been drinking Icelandic Glacial Spring Water, Evian, and Mountain Valley Spring Water. Starting in May, I will get home delivery of large glass bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water that I will use with a ceramic water dispenser.
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  5. My sleep quality deteriorated and I have trouble falling asleep again after waking up. The CBD oil does not help anymore. Today I started dunking my face into cold water. The longest time I could stay without breathing was about 20 seconds. There is room for improvement...:) Soon I will be adding full body immersion in water with ice to the CT protocol.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Raffael ......I love all your baby steps to help yourself ......keep going!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement Caroline! :)
  8. I recently started full body immersion CT in my bathtub. So far I have 8 sessions under my belt. I keep my legs bent and my torso as immersed as possible, so a substantial part of my legs is not under water. I didn’t put any ice on my chest for now.
    I started out with 2 sessions of 15 minutes each with the water temperature at about 69o F. The temperature for subsequent sessions was about 64o F. For the fourth session, I increased the time to 30 minutes and found that to be too intense, as I stayed cold for too long after the end of the CT session. At night, I also experienced more difficulty to move and was weaker than usual. Therefore, for my last few sessions, I decreased the duration to 20 minutes and kept the temperature at approximately 64o F. As my body is cold adapting, I am shivering less when in the tub. Since I started the cold tub therapy, I occasionally slept a little better. Unfortunately, it’s inconsistent.

    Yesterday I picked up my first CSA delivery. The produce is as fresh as it gets and tastes great. When eating it, I imagine all the good local energy it contains. :) It completely changed my relationship to the food I eat. Unfortunately, the boxed share I ordered is too small so that not all produce I eat is local and seasonal yet. I am working on improving this situation.

    Regarding EMF mitigation, I received the RF, EF, and MF meters I recently ordered. Now I will work with an EMF consultant to set up a wired Internet system. I have been using my iPad with an Ethernet cable connection whenever my wife didn’t need our WiFi for work. The first RF measurements I made, show that even with both our WiFi router and mobile phones off, there is still high/extreme RF radiation present in my home. It appears that there is some major mitigation to be done. Unfortunately, some of this RF radiation is beyond my control. In the long term, a healthier solution is probably to move.

    The past two weekends I went to the beach. Last weekend, I discovered the only legal New Jersey nude beach. I seized the opportunity to do nude sunbathing for the first time in my adult life. It was windy and with all the sand flying, it felt like being in a desert sand storm. The beach in question was not very crowded, but after talking to a regular there I learned that it gets very busy, particularly in July and August.

    Every day is a mental and physical struggle for me. Sometimes I flirt with the idea of asking my neurologist to prescribe me additional medication, but resist the temptation due to the undesirable side effects. I wish I were more independent so that I could make faster health gains. I can’t wait for better days, a breakthrough. I would love to experience if a stay on the Yucatán Peninsula or similar environment would alleviate or reverse my symptoms. Going there with my wife for a short period that doesn’t interfere with her work is probably feasible. However, that’s unlikely to help much. Unfortunately for now I am unable to go by myself. For now I will just keep moving on.
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  9. I have been doing CT in my bathtub every other day. Now I can do 45 minutes without problem, though toward the end of my sessions I always shiver. Due to limitations of ice supply and current tap water temperature, I haven't been able to bring the final water temperature below 62 deg. F. I noticed that CT sessions only help me sleep if I do them close to my bedtime. So going forward, that's when I will do my CT. On CT nights I can sleep 4-5 hours with little or no interruptions. After that, I mostly don't sleep.
    I finally completely eliminated WiFi in my home and disconnected the DECT phone system I was using. Nevertheless, the max. RF reading I obtained in my home is still a whopping 12,000 mW/m^2. The average range is now between 4 and 22 mW/m^2. Before eliminating the WiFi and cordless phone, the highest readings were 1,080,000 mW/m^2 (directly at the antenna of cordless phone base) and 124,000 mW/m^2 (directly at the WiFi router). Obviously the measurements decreased with distance, but were still significantly affecting my living environment.
    Some of the RF radiation is due to neighbors' WiFi and the 150 smart meters that are on my block. I am interested to find out what average range and max. RF radiation levels other forum members residing in New Jersey have in their homes. In that respect, I would appreciate receiving feedback from @Christine_L, @JanSz, @Billybats and others if possible. When giving RF radiation levels, please specify if you have any shielding in place.
    Because of this high RF level in our home, my wife and I are considering moving to another location in NJ where nnEMFs are not so extreme - if such a place exists. In about 3 years, we can consider moving out of NJ.
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  10. I will reply back at home, bc I do not know how to do conversion to the mW/m^2 you are using above without looking at my meter. But near me it is a lot lower because we have dense trees around us, a cemetery and houses to block the signal from a few cell towers about 1-2 miles away. I am sure there are *OK* places in NJ. Newark is VERY high density and very toxic. I think Qualcomm is also there (potential 5G testing ground).
    http://zipatlas.com/us/nj/city-comparison/population-density.htm Newark is #17 for Pop Density but the true number of people is over 250k with 11k people per square mile. You want to find somewhere with a way lower population and density per square mile. That way you can be choosey with not only cell towers and power lines but also with neighbors nearby.

    If you are in a high rise apartment, find one with maybe 1 or 2 levels only and far into suburbs/western NJ. Though I remember @Jack Kruse saying he tested out in Vernon NJ and did not like it but I do not know the exact reason. If you go south, the military bases in that area would not be safe either. NJ is "toxic" overall due to the population density issues, water toxicity (you should only drink bottled water), contaminate waste leaching into soil https://project.wnyc.org/toxic-nj/ & https://www.nj.com/news/2017/04/the_most_toxic_sites_in_each_new_jersey_county.html , military bases, 5g testing, etc. It is a hot bed for thyroid disease and autism.
  11. @Raffael Zissu did you test the RF at the Gunderson Nude beach? There is another nude community/camping ground in the woods up near Stokes State Park/ High Point (I think) - just google "nude community nj" and you will find it.
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  12. @Christine_L I did not test RF radiation at Gunnison Beach yet, but will do so next time I go.
    I am currently living in a 3-family home, but plan to move to a single family home soon. As a matter of fact, my wife and I started house hunting last weekend. We already viewed an open house in Cedar Grove that has significantly lower RF levels (average range from 2 to 7 mW/m^2). This gives me hope that I can find a better environment in NJ.
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  13. Cedar Grove is still pretty populated. Considering your health you might want to move somewhere with even less pop density. I'm not sure how good NJ will be in the long run for anyone!
  14. I had to take a one month break from ice baths because I sprained my left knee. While I am not sure, the injury probably occurred when I fell while getting out of my bed. Now I am back in the game and am getting better sleep again on days I do CT. To improve my hydration, I recently increased my daily water intake up to about one gallon on weekdays. On weekends, I have to drink less as I am usually away from home for longer periods and I have poor bladder control.
    To enhance my light environment when indoors, I recently started opening all the windows in my living room during the day. In the mornings, between 8:30 and 11:00 am, I usually take my shirt off and sit near an open window for at least 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the magnetic field at that window is a little high, probably due to medium tension power lines and transformers in the street. I measured the MF to be 43 nT.
    Regarding the home search in a less densely populated area, I have made good progress. I found a home in a NJ town with about 300 people per square mile. The RF radiation levels there are significantly lower compared to where I currently live. I am planning to have the new home assessed by an EMF professional to find out what EMF remediation can be done to optimize EMF levels. There is a big yard, so I will be able to spend considerable amount of time outdoors. Maybe I will even be able to grow my own vegetables. I will probably be able to move there in November. Living in the new home will certainly contribute to my healing journey.
  15. So we found a new home, located in a more rural area of New Jersey. I intend to hire an EMF consultant to assess the EMF and find out what improvements could be made. When I mentioned this to my wife, she reacted negatively. She said things like "But you measured the EMF already ", "you have been listening too much to Dr. Kruse", "isn’t the EMF level low enough?", "where is it going to end?", "this is too much for me?", "there no scientific evidence it will help you", "there are so many things that are bad for you", etc.
    I think that I did a poor job with conveying convincing arguments in support of mitochondriac wisdom. It looks like there going to be many more discussions about this topic going forward.
  16. Elliot Feldman

    Elliot Feldman New Member

    Hi Raffael,
    you might look into buying from an Amish farmer. They deliver to several places in NJ. Here's a list of where they deliver. https://www.farmmatch.com/grassfedcarroll/locations. You'd have to join, there's a minimal fee. No oysters but grass fed everything plus organic vegetables. Can you tell me where you got those oysters? I'm in Belleville, next to Newark. Thanks, good luck with everything
  17. @Elliot Feldman

    Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for the info. I get my oysters from https://www.capemaysalts.com/.
    I am a member of https://millersbiodiversityfarm.grazecart.com.
  18. @John Schumacher

    Thanks for your input Grandpa John. I have a Beurer IL50 infrared light device (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IVPMZKE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) with a spectral output that ranges from 500 nm to 2,500 nm, that I used by itself on my abdomen 2 years ago for about 2 months, 15 minutes daily. I didn’t notice any symptom relief. Last winter and spring, I also used it together with Sperti lamps (Fiji Sun and vitamin D), several times a week - sometimes daily- without noticing any symptom alleviation.
    Since last spring, I have been getting plenty of sunshine onto my body without a shirt on, 2-3 times a day in the mornings and afternoons. My sleep has improved as a result, but I already fear the forthcoming fall and winter seasons when my sleep quality will deteriorate again.
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  19. As you know, the devices you have do not produce the photon intensity (quantum yield) requirements to meet your needs. There are full body light products which cost $40K. Treatment would require two to three 20 minute sessions per day.
    With your Parkinson's, you will also require specific cranial light therapy.

    From nutraceutical perspective, have you considered:
    Looking Forward...
    Grandpa John

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