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Rachel's Journey Toward Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rachel151, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    It's funny how when you feel mostly well but then you start writing down labs and medical history, all of a sudden you're wondering how you can possibly feel even halfway okay!

    I may have been dealt a shit genetic hand but I refuse to allow my environment to create any more chaos in my life or my family's lives.

    Hi, everyone! I'm 34 years old. I was born in Mississippi and raised in MS and Florida (3 years in FL when my dad was stationed there in the Navy). When I was 23, I moved to Richmond, Virginia, where I've live since then. I met my now husband and we moved into a fixer upper when I was 26. That damn house caused a lot of issues. We discovered black mold from a leaky flat roof addition and put band aids on it for a while.

    I had my first child, Jack, when I was 30. Pregnancy went well and not a single day of morning sickness. Natural birth. He was small. Stayed small. He had intolerances to dairy and soy and I breastfed him for 10.5 months. I finished up school and became a nurse practitioner when he was 5 months old. I felt awful after having him. I was tired and it was at that point that I started digging. I work in family practice and specifically under a doctor who is in functional medicine. I've figured out a lot by working with him. We even uncovered issues with Jack that we were able to reverse with a low allergen whole foods diet and some herbal antimicrobials.

    When I was 32, I had a miscarriage. This led me to dig deeper. After we discovered the mold issue and that my issues were stemming from this, along with a crappy diet and anxiety, we moved. I followed a low sugar diet. I wasn't tracking my periods and we got pregnant. Nearly a year after the miscarriage. I was terrified. I was on cholestyramine at the time to bind up the toxins. I had mild nausea for about 3-4 weeks that went away. We moved into the house we live in now and I now have a sweet baby girl who is 5 months old - Ellie.

    While pregnant with her, I meditated, exercised, followed Lily Nichol's book on pregnancy nutrition (tons of fat, seafood, moderate protein, lower carb, REAL FOODS), and I felt amazing. I only gained 25 lbs but again, had another baby with gut issues. She was having green, mucus filled stools and a face rash/eczema. I immediately took out the top 8 food allergens. She improved significantly. I have her on probiotics. I get her out in the sunshine. I JUST found out about EMFs, blue light, and the relationship with gut/eczema. I basically bathed her in that for the first 3-4 months fo her life. I'm working to get her out in the sun. I'm still breastfeeding. For the past 4.5 months, I've been gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, corn, peanut, tree nut, and egg free. She reacted poorly to nuts and eggs. I prioritize a lot of the foods from the EPCOT protocol already... she's still having a rash sometimes. It's so frustrating. I'd keep her in the sun but my job prohibits that to a degree. I know we have work to do with EMFs and blue lights around her.

    EMF and blue light exposure/toxins -
    Things I'm doing right -->
    I wear blue blockers religiously at night. I want a daytime pair to wear to work. I put my phone on airplane mode all the time. I've switched to audio baby monitor (see below).

    Things I'm working on -->
    I don't have an EMF meter yet. That's in the works.

    I work from 8-5 on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri so we have Wed off with the babes. My husband is a firefigther (don't even get me started - I know he's screwed) so he keeps Ellie home another day each week. I try to get the kiddos outside every day I don't work. We leave too early for sunrise currently.

    Currently, we're living in a rural town on 10 acres. We have a garden, chickens, and only four neighbors visible to us. Everyone has 10 acres except for 2 houses behind us. There are power lines about 0.5 mile or less away from our house and I believe they may be the big ones...

    We have well water that's double filtered with no fluoride.

    I don't think we have any smart meters. I need to investigate this.

    Almost all of our bulbs are LED so I'm getting to work on that and to remove all dimmer switches. I had no idea that my video baby monitor was basically frying my baby's brain so I only use the audio monitor now.

    My goal is to make our home as safe as possible. I hope that we don't need to move. That'll be a really hard sell for P, he loves our home.

    GOALS: healthy family, healthy home environment, reduce EMFs, reduce blue lights, increase seafood consumption, increase sunshine, face CT for me

    **I am having a really hard time not being afraid. The more I know, the more I'm living in fear that everything is hurting my children.. and me.

    I was stupid postpartum (just saying..) and I got an IUD placed out of sheer laziness. I'm getting it removed in the next few weeks. I feel tired and my hair is coming out in fistfulls despite eating a super clean diet, doing some light CT on my face, and getting sunshine daily (sometimes only during lunch).

    Significant Medical History -
    Mother - prediabetes, anxiety and depression (no meds), lichen planus, IBS

    Grandmother - atrial fibrillation, prediabetes, hyperlipidemia, IBS, giant cell arteritis, macular degeneration (smoked while pregnant with my mom)

    Mom and Dad were 20 years old when they got pregnant with me, mom casually smoked but stopped during pregnancy, she likely had a relatively healthy diet because my grandmother cooked 3 meals/day

    My history -
    Breastfed x 3 months
    Tons of antibiotics as a child
    3 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage - in between Jack and Ellie, 2 living children (Jack - 3.5, Ellie - 5 months)
    Recurrent ear and sinus infections as a child
    Menarche at age 11 with severe dysmenorrhea
    Acne, treated with Accutane in middle school, which caused depressed mood
    Body odor (cleared with dietary changes)
    GERD/gastritis (cleared with dietary changes)
    Anxiety (treated with adaptogens)
    IBS - alternating (don't tolerate grains, dairy, beans, or sugar)
    Mold toxicity (8 years in moldy home from 2011-2018)
    Birth control pills x 15 years
    Concussion with loss of consciousness x 2 in high school

    Surgeries/procedures -
    Bone marrow aspiration as a child (confusing story, my mom is fuzzy on the details, remembers me having fevers, they thought I had leukemia when I was 4 but the tests all came back normal)
    PE tubes as a child
    Wisdom teeth at 16
    Bunionectomy at 20
    Endoscopy at 25 (gastritis)

    **I am definitely due for lots of labs and recheck of things!

    Labs -
    July 2019 Labs - 2 months postpartum
    Fasting glucose - 81
    BUN/creatinine ratio - 17
    Sed rate - 28
    TG - 45, HDL - 65, LDL - 101
    Cortisol - 10.4
    Reverse T3 - 14.7, TSH - 0.8
    Vitamin D - 52
    A1C - 5.4
    Urine - + ketones, small bilirubin

    April 2019 Labs - 9 months pregnant
    Homocysteine - 4.3
    A1C - 5.5
    BUN/creatinine ratio - 21

    July 2018 Labs
    Leptin - 15
    VEGF - :love:1
    C4A - 2083
    TGFB - 12264
    Celiac antibodies, Rheumatoid factor, thyroid antibodies - negative

    Last hsCRP (3 years ago) - 1.9

    NutrEval Summer 2018
    Decreased vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid
    + markers for bacterial and fungal dysbiosis
    Omega 6:3 ratio - 4
    Decreased glutathione

    GI Effects Summer 2017
    Elevated fecal secretory IgA
    Decreased SCFAs (short chain fatty acids)
    Increased beta glucuronidase
    Decreased n-butyrate
    No growth of lactobacillus on culture

    Other tests
    + HLA-DR - 1-5 Low MSH
    + HLA-DR 13-6-52A Mold susceptible
    COMT +/-
    TNF-alpha -/-
    MTHFR A1298C +/-
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
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  2. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    I had the most anxiety-inducing day. Could it be because I work in an EMF hell hole? Is it because I feel trapped and overwhelmed with all of the things I need to adjust and change in my life? All of the above?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Baby steps Rachel ....... Rome wasn't built in a day! Make a list of things you need/want to do ...and then tick them of as they get done.

    It is super important to take care of yourself and then you can take care of your family.

    I am concerned about your baby monitor.

    Birth control pills for 15 years......now?

    What simple changes can you make at your workplace? Are you on a computer a lot? if so - you need blue blockers at work.

    Don't worry so much about labs ....Dr. K. tells us that the best Doctor is the one in our head ...so trust your instincts.
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Do you have all electronics out of your bedrooms?

    How is your sleep? libido?
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

  6. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    I stopped birth control pills about 5 years ago but it’s worried me that I have all this leftover havoc. I stupidly got an IUD a few months ago after having Ellie so I’m getting that out. I’m breastfeeding so if I don’t have a period, I’ll use a diaphragm and track cervical mucus/temp. Best I ever felt was the 9 months before getting pregnant with E with no hormones at all!

    Are you still worried about the old school audio only monitor? I’ve read that’s much preferable. Maybe not ideal?

    I’m a nurse practitioner = on computer ALL DAY LONG! Planning to get some daytime BBs from RAoptics.

    Yes, I actually have a list of things I want to change. The hardest part is not living on phone or computer even more because I want information.

    What do I do for Ellie when I’m working? If she can’t be in sunlight one day, do I just prioritize a ton of seafood? She’ll get the DHA from my breast milk.
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  7. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    Sleep is amazing. I remember my dreams almost nightly. I sleep soundly for about 8 hours. Up before my alarm at 530 most days.

    Libido is meh. I enjoy it but don’t always initiate it. It’s not like my 20’s - let’s say that! Haha.

    Working to get electronics out. We have cell phones on airplane mode, audio baby monitor, and fan. I want a battery powered alarm clock. Do I need to remove my dohm noise fan as well? I am addicted to that thing!
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  8. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    I just checked and we do NOT have a smart meter. Old analog number. Woo hoo!
  9. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    Morning sun with the kiddos... it was quite overcast and cool but everyone enjoyed it. Even our chickens!!
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    gorgeous pic ...thanks for sharing

    Fantastic about your sleep!

    Your baby monitor is still electric? and still close to your baby?
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    can you take ur kids clothes off?

    who looks after your baby when you are working?
  12. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    Jack is in preschool and Ellie goes to church daycare.

    I can definitely strip them down but what to do when it gets cold? I live in Virginia.

    So I have a video monitor and audio monitor. I’m only using audio monitor now and it’s across the room - about 10 feet away. During the day, I’ve just been keeping her door open and not using anything. I could do this at night as well. Also read about D link Ethernet monitor.
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  13. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    I just recently had some additional labs done.

    I retook my VCS test and failed again so I am still suffering with a biotoxin illness from that damned moldy house we lived in for 8 years.

    I am MARCONS positive, and it cultured out for staph and Citrobacter. I have a nasal spray I'm getting to help clear this but I'll start it after I've been on the cholestyramine again for a month.

    Other labs were good. Homocysteine was good at 7. Vitamin D was a little low at 52.

    My plan:
    Continue to work on redox potential
    Epi-Paleo diet as much as possible, work to eat more seasonal and local foods
    Cholestyramine - November
    EDTA with colloidal silver nasal spray and cholestyramine - December

    I have been dunking my face in cool water most evenings and I've found that I need ice now. It's weird. I'm a cold intolerant person but I seriously look forward to the dunks. My face seems to warm up.

    I've been getting us all outside as much as I can but it's getting colder. I'm fine freezing my butt off but I don't think the kids would appreciate it.
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    In my experience ....kids love the cold and always wanted to take their clothes off.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    don't underestimate them.
  16. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    Good point. I recall being young and swimming in frigid water or being in a t shirt without a coat... I’ll let the 4 year old do whatever.

    Y’all... I must be doing SOMETHING right. A couple days ago, my almost 4 year old said, “Mommy, can we go sit on the blanket in the sun?” And then, when we were out, he asked if he could take all of his clothes off. Yes, baby, you can! That’s why we moved the country - thank goodness. I nearly wept with joy :)
  17. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    I got my IUD taken out yesterday. It was a dumb decision on my part. I’m ordering a diaphragm. Haha. The midwife said they’d have to order because “they don’t keep those in stock.”

    Also, just finished watching Nourish Vermont 2017 and it brought me to tears a few times. I think it resonated with me. I need to get Paul to watch it. It’s better than the 2016 video in my opinion. So much info. I have 15 million questions now.
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I see Moms and Dads every day telling their kids not to go into the ocean - it is too cold. It is 19c for crying out loud!

    It drives me crazy when moms won't let their kids play in puddles .....kids love puddles!
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  19. Rachel151

    Rachel151 Gold

    I am a very stepwise person... Sometimes, this site feels like a shotgun blast and I don't even know where to begin.

    I watched Vermont 2016 and 2017. Fascinating. Life changing.

    My plan is to start from the very beginning and read all of the blogs. Is this crazy? How many years will this take?! Hahaha. I found a study guide at one point but I can't remember where I saw those. The New member section, perhaps?

    What is the best way to wade through all of this information? I want to TRULY understand the inner workings of my body, magnetism, physics, quantum biology, etc.. This morning in the shower, I found myself reciting something about "shrinking the respiratory proteins" but even I'm still a little lost on what that means. Ha! If I can increase my dopamine and help my frontal lobe, then I can think more clearly and understand the answers that are right in front of me. I am my BEST doctor (errr, nurse practitioner, as it were).
  20. Improvement is a journey. You will learn what you need for you & your family will come to you in the right time. Deep breath

    May I suggest reading Dr. Jack Kruse's book "The Epi-Paleo Rx". It will give you an understanding as to how he understands human life emergence.
    Consider quantifying your health history, do you have specific pathologies which require immediate attention? (include your family as well)
    If there are none, proceed with education, implementing improvements along the way.

    A helpful tool (different from a MD family health) is a quantum health history for example:

    Where have you lived, for how long,
    • Latitude, city, state, zipcode – at each location
    What is (including what was) the environment(s) you’ve lived in:
    • Are you sleeping (at home) or working (at the office) in an nnEMF toxic soup? Have you had these environment(s) tested?
    Is there mold in your “home”, apartment, or wherever you spend time?
    • Have you been “exposed” to viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins?
    What are (including what were) your “health practices”
    • Nutrition – what goes in your mouth
    • Exercise – when, where, what type and how much?
    • Recovery – what is the quality of your sleep?
    What are (including what were) your “health attitudes”
    • Do you practice daily gratitude while looking at every sunrise?
    • Do you fill yourself with beautiful dopamine during noon time UVA/UVB onto as much skin exposure as possible – every day?
    • As the sunsets, do your give thanks for another opportunity to share life with others?
    Enjoy your journey,
    Grandpa John
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