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Quiting 5 months of testosterone replacement therapy. HELP!

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by chrisrw1989, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You said carnivorous.
    There is a hypothesis that humans or rather humanoids started growing their brains when they learned to break large bones leftover by large predators and eating bone marrow.

    The same or similar hypothesis that humans had the largest brains at the beginning of when they started learning agriculture.

    I think on some post @Jack Kruse is saying that on average, we are missing about 200grams of brains now.

    Going with this, carnivore diet for humans today would be
    bone broth
    heart, kidneys, pancreas, brains, liver, thyroid, other glandular tissue.
    Little muscle meat.

  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Sometimes even effectively 400g around pretty ladies.
    Mmmm. Try making home made bone broth, nothing beats it. I try to do this at least once a month.
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  3. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    About that missing 200 grams of brain tissue-- I think our precious brains are shriveling up from nasty chronic neuroinflammation caused by environmental toxicity like stress, blue light, nnEMF, glyphosate, nano aluminum, alcohol, etc.

    Children born today are handicapped right out of the gate of life.

    See Idiocracy the movie. Life imitates art.
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  4. chrisrw1989

    chrisrw1989 New Member

    Going with this, carnivore diet for humans today would be
    bone broth
    heart, kidneys, pancreas, brains, liver, thyroid, other glandular tissue.
    Little muscle meat.

    I agree, I eat for nutrient density most the time. i've recently added oysters, sardines, and other seafood.
    I eat a lot of high quality pasture raised eggs, grass fed/pasture raised butter, and the fattiest grassfed ribeyes with the darkest (orange/yellow) fat I can find.
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When you think about the fat portion of your diet, think of oleic acid content of what you eat.
    That part of food is about hydrogen content.
    Eventually we use that hydrogen and oxygen from the air we breathe to make lots of metabolic water.
    Combining/synthesizing hydrogen with oxygen is the combustion process.
    Hydrogen is the most efficient fuel, creates lots of energy.
    You can lit a medium city with streetlights from the energy one person is using.
    It is a mind-blowing amount of energy one person is using.
    At rest, one person is making 7437 liters of matrix water.
    7437/9=826.33 kg of hydrogen is burned over (easy) 24 hrs

    equivalent diesel fuel is 826*33817/11000=2539 kg
    a gallon of diesel fuel weighs 3.2245 kilograms
    2539/3.2245=787 gallons
    787*2=1574 miles would tank travel on energy that one person at rest uses daily

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  6. chrisrw1989

    chrisrw1989 New Member

    Very interesting!
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If true, it is more than interesting.
    It is a gamechanger.
    I am posting this for quite a while, hoping for @Jack Kruse to give a (solid) answer on it.
    In the coming webinar, I have asked a question on this topic.

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  8. chrisrw1989

    chrisrw1989 New Member

    I'm working my way through every video/webinar of Jack I can find as well as reading as much as possible.
  9. @JanSz - When listening to the recorded October's Quantum Biologic PowWow, I missed your question. Did it get skipped or are you planning to offer it up for this coming Sunday's calling Noveber 24th 2019?
    Looking Forward...
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Per my understanding, the lesser amounts of water we drink the better (for healthy people).
    So the issue of cost of (medically certified) DDW is an artificial at best.

    You can hear @Jack Kruse answer starting here:

    Dr Boros repeated his story here:



    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  11. Joeri Goethuys

    Joeri Goethuys New Member

    This is a very complex problem. I also tested low on free test and had high estradiol levels. For years I tried to up my test using intermittent fasting, food, heavy lifting, sungazing, Wim Hof method, supplements... trust me when I say I did it all. Nothing worked, my test remained below the minimum. Now I have to inject sustanon 250mg every 15 days. I also wanted it would solve itself naturally but nothing worked...
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  13. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Have you tried high doses of pine pollen? It looks like kilograms of pine pollen harvested in Russia can be bought for much less than the price of pine pollen from western companies (below). And people say that hormones in foods, like the DHEA and testosterone in the pine pollen, don't get past the stomach acid when eaten or only in small amounts so it's inefficient and costs too much money to be a hormonal supplement, but it'd be possible to dissolve it in water and do an enema with it and I think the hormones would be usable then. In Ayurveda they call an enema basti and there's lots of informationa about how to use them to give nutrition to people who can't open their mouth or are too weak or unable for whatever reason to normally eat and digest food, and there are many formulations depending on the person's condition, like milk raw or simmered with spices, meat soup, herbal infusions and decoctions, combinations of those etc. Might be kind of a what am I doing moment, but the hormones in the pollen can have a small effect when eaten normally and don't have the side effects of steroids and so if they could be more efficient than when eaten normally -- you know, as opposed to the abnormal way of eating with your butt -- it could be a cost-effective probably-mostly-side-effect-free way to supplement and balance hormones (be careful with the dosage though because a very small dose could have an unexpectedly strong effect when taken as an enema). Cycling it might also be necessary but if it's cycled I think you could avoid problems from consistent use. I've never tried it or read about anyone doing specifically pine pollen enemas; I'm a little surprised I didn't find anything online of bodybuilders talking about it.


    Balashikha, Moscow region, Russia

    "I sell pollen of common pine, collected in the south of the country in the Rostov region. Not Chinese. The collection of 2019. We have been collecting for 10 years.

    The price is for 100 grams. When buying from 1 kg, the price is 10,000 rubles. per kg."

    Only product he sells. $140/kg




    IP Lomonosov Oleg Vitalievich
    Kostroma, Kostroma region, Russia
    Check the supplier
    +7 (962) 184-14-49

    "We offer to buy pine pollen. Collection of 2019. The Central region of Russia (Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, and Kirov regions).

    The price of pine pollen for 1 kg is 5490 rubles. + delivery.

    Declaration of conformity of the EEU N RU D-RU. VYA-01. V. 08777. The Declaration is valid until 23.01.1921

    Please write messages. It is not always possible to be in the network coverage area.

    Retail and discounts on the official website https://vitapteka.ru/sosnovaya-pylca"




    IP Andrey Romanov
    Cheboksary, Chuvashia Rep., Russia
    Check the supplier
    +7 (903) 359-28-90

    "Pine pollen - 5,490 rubles / kg.
    Pollen of Crimean pine - 8,000 rubles / kg.
    Pine pollen (pine pollen) - 8,000 rubles / kg.
    Pine pollen. The birch pollen
    100% pine Pollen-from 700 RUB / 50 gr.
    Crimean pine pollen from the manufacturer - 400 rubles / 50 gr.
    Common pine - 498 RUB / kg.
    Pine Bud
    Pine buds

    Show 20 more products..."


    5490 rub = $77
    8000 rub = $112




    SP Tsybenko Mikhail Alexandrovich
    Old Crimea, Crimea Rep., Russia
    Check the supplier
    +7 (978) 137-71-12

    "price: 8,000 rubles / kg."





    IP Dikiy Alexander Vasilyevich
    Simferopol, Crimea Rep., Russia
    Check the supplier
    +7 (978) 772-80-91
    Send message

    "price: from 5,000 rubles / kg.

    Pine pollen is harvested in ecologically clean areas of the Crimea. Quality. The harvest of 2019. In the presence of pollen of 1 type. Additional photos on request. Contact phone number: + 7(978)7728091 Alexander."





    SP Tsybenko Mikhail Alexandrovich
    Old Crimea, Crimea Rep., Russia
    Check the supplier
    +7 (978) 137-71-12
    Send message
    Seller's products

    price: 8,000 rubles / kg.

    "I offer pine pollen, harvesting 2020 in the ecologically clean forests of the Crimea! Own production!Payment by cash or Bank transfer, delivery by mail or transport companies to any region of Russia. Packing 25,50,100 or more grams."



    I searched on Google "пыльца сосны килограмм" which is Russian for "pine pollen kilogram", having a tab of Google Translate Web
    and Yandex Translate
    open, used Google translator for pages that don't give an error with it, and for pages that do give an error copied the text on the websites into the Yandex translator.

    I found the pine pollen ads copied above by searching "пыльца сосны" ("pine pollen") on Agroserver.ru and copying the resulting Cyrillic Agroserver.ru search results into the Yandex translator.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2020
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  14. chrisrw1989

    chrisrw1989 New Member

    it's been almost nine months since I have been off the test. I'm getting blood work done on July 20th. I've been doing pretty well so far using Jack's teachings, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's changed. I'll be back with my results!
  15. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Articles about scammers selling pine pollen, then two selling for prices more similar to western prices and then a lot more cheap kilos.

    Maybe some of (all of?) the cheap kilos are from China and/or cut with corn starch or something. These different ads for cheap kilos could be people from one or two companies posing as people who collected it themselves and are selling what they collected as a way for the company to market something from China and/or adulterated as from a more trusthworthy small producer.

    There are sellers of health foods/herbal medicines from Russia on Etsy, they make a variety of profiles using seemingly unrelated names making it look like unassociated people but after messaging them some asking about details of the products I'm pretty sure almost all of the profiles are from a health product distribution company (or maybe two or three competing companies like that) in a city in Siberia called Barnaul. They sell shilajit for ~$100/kg, I bought about $100 worth and it had all the characteristics of being adulterated with gum(s), I said I wanted a refund and I was told I'd need to provide laboratory tests proving the adulteration to get a refund, I wrote to some laboratories and the tests for each type of gum that might have been used would usually be about $100 each and there are several that could have been used so it's cost-prohibitive for me to provide proof of adulteration for a refund for a purchase of only $100, I could've filed a dispute claim with Etsy but then I'd have to provide proof of adulteration to someone working at Etsy who knows nothing about shilajit and there's barely any information online in English about characteristics of adulterated shilajit, and I figured Etsy would probably side with the seller since they sell lots of products and even if Etsy did side against the seller then the seller would probably just delete that account since it's probably one of many fake personas that company uses and the company would just make another account with the same products since there are already several accounts selling slightly different mixes of the same group of products for slightly different prices to make it look like it's not one inventory from one company. So lots of people on Etsy buy that shilajit and leave a 5 star review, "It's exactly as described, the best I've had", and it's all adulterated with gum(s), and if one person complains they say "Look at all our satisfied customers. You're the only one who says it's adulterated. Prove it with lab tests that cost more than 5 kilos of the product to get your refund for 1 kilo." And I've seen the same shilajit, same pictures and prices, on eBay, so the company markets on more sites than just Etsy, and they probably market on lots of Russian language sites that I haven't seen.

    So my point is that that same marketing strategy could be used for pine pollen by a company that gets it from China, maybe adulterates it, makes lots of profiles on agroserver.ru (post above) and olx.ua (below) posing as people who collect it themselves in Russia, and sells what they bought wholesale from China to excited schmucks who think they found a good deal from a trustworthy person just selling their little local harvest.

    It's also possible that some people do collect it themselves and sell maybe less than 5-10 kg a year as a seasonal side hustle and because of the companies buying wholesale and selling it posing as those people at low prices they can do because of their scale then the real small producers have to sell it for a similar low price per kilo too. So maybe if it's being sold for a little more than the cheapest per kilo price, making it still a little profitable to do at small scale, by someone who doesn't sell anything else, it could really be as described? Maybe the companies posing as small producers sometimes make a profile that only sells that one product at a slightly higher than cheapest market price to make it more believeable that it's just someone's side hustle they sell online each year.

    And about buying shilajit from Russia for a better price than western companies, that isn't adulterated, and ships internationally, the best I found is Etnomagazin.ru. It's a small family business and I think the owner really is honest about what they sell and where they get it from.
    Toward the end of this post:

    Shilajit's a good example of something that's expensive when sold by western companies but much less when bought from Russia. Some companies that market in English and sell on Amazon sell it for about $50-100/oz. It's commonly sold in Russia for about $3-5/oz. That's why I thought maybe pine pollen is a similar situation -- lots of pine trees in Siberia so maybe pine pollen is a common thing sold inexpensively there and western companies have wholesale Russian suppliers and the prices in the west are because of marketing to people who don't want to deal with the inconvenience of finding how to buy it from the suppliers the western companies that usually sell it as ~50-100 grams get it from. For shilajit, it's understandable people not wanting to deal with the inconvenience of finding a Russian supplier because of the risk of dishonest marketing and adulteration if you aren't buying hundreds of kilos so they know you'll be testing it, and it seems pine pollen is the same way, but if it's possible to get good unadulterated pine pollen for 1/10 to 1/20th of the price from Russia like it is with shilajit then I guess I'll be emailing in Russian and waiting for shipping from Siberia and probably get ripped off at least once but maybe find a good one. I've tried eating small amounts of pine pollen, using larger amounts wasn't affordable, decided it wasn't worth the price, but if I can find a good bulk price maybe larger amounts would have a more noticeable effect.


    Articles about possible pine pollen scammers

    Scroll down to "How not to fall into the hands of scammers":

    Article focusing on this:




    "You can buy pine pollen from us, we offer 3 packings:
    100g - 2800 rub
    50g - 1500 rub
    25g - 800 rub"

    2800 rub = $39, $390/kg



    "Alpine pine pollen, 2000 rubles

    Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk city, Novokuznetsk, Central district
    Central district
    Show map

    Pine pollen ... The weight of one package is 100 grams."

    2000 rub = $28, $280/kg



    "Pine pollen 1 kg. (wholesale) 2020.

    1,800. 00 UAH

    Pine pollen 1 kg. (wholesale) — medicinal herbs wholesale, you can buy in our online store at low prices."

    1800 UAH = $66/kg



    Pine pollen from an ecologically clean protected area (Kherson region, tsyurupinsky district, Pody village).
    100 UAH - 50 grams
    Fresh harvest 2020 is being prepared for sale. Order.
    All photos are mine, taken personally. If you see my photos from other sellers, think about what they are selling (even if the photos in their ad were stolen).
    Dear customers, please turn on the logic when you see pollen on sale for 300 UAH per kg or wholesale sales of 10 kg (neither is possible).
    Delivery in Ukraine by New Mail."

    100 UAH = $4, so $8/100g, $80/kg



    "Pine pollen .
    4 500 UAH.
    Spring training in 2020."

    4500 UAH = $166. Doesn't say what weight for 4500 UAH. Probably 1 kg. Also has an ad up for pine flowers. Those are the only two he sells.



    "Pine pollen

    Pollen of the pine is of excellent quality
    Price 200 UAH per 100gram
    I will send it any way
    Even cash on delivery to the card"

    200 UAH = $8, $80/kg



    "Pine pollen 100 grams, pine pollen, pine sawdust, pine sawdust
    200 UAH.

    price per 100 grams
    quality 100%, COLLECTED by Yourself 960-Show number -
    2020 collection year

    Added: at 09: 57, June 11, 2020"

    200 UAH = $8, $80/kg



    "Pine pollen Pilok Sosnoviy 2020 Pine pollen
    50 UAH.

    Pine pollen, collected in 2020.
    I was going for myself with my own hands.
    High quality, clean, without impurities, triple elimination.

    Call-Valentina Alexandrovna + 380-Show number -
    20g - 50,00 UAH.
    50 g - 100,00 UAH.
    100g - 200,00 UAH.
    500g - 900,00 UAH.

    We send by New mail (other deliveries are subject to agreement), cash on Delivery is possible.
    Delivery is at the Buyer's expense.
    We guarantee the quality and care of the packaging."

    900 UAH = $33, $66/kg



    "The pine pollen. Pine pollen. Sawdust of pine
    150 UAH.

    I will sell pine pollen in 2020. Pine pollen will help to normalize the functions of our body during the preparation for surgery or after it, when we are exhausted....the price is 150 UAH per 100 gr. Call 995-Show number -"

    150 UAH = $6, $60/kg



    "Pine pollen
    150 UAH.

    WEBSITE: https://travy-sedniv.com.ua/

    Package weight-50 g, price-150 UAH.

    All our products are exclusively handmade. All processes - from raw material collection to packaging-are performed manually. We dry raw materials in natural conditions in a dark, ventilated room.

    We send it all over Ukraine-by New Mail, Ukrposhta.

    Also available are herbal teas and fees, more than 120 items of herbs, roots, fruits.
    Details on https://travy-sedniv.com.ua/

    The assortment includes the following items: chicory grass, mountain ash, Cuff, mountain Arnica, pine SAP, black poplar buds, chicory root, juniper fruit, birch buds, stevia, erect Lapchatka, walnut voloshsky partitions, fennel, Celandine, Eucalyptus, Half-Pala, Pyatipal, Lyubistok root, bison, Sagebrush, bagulnik, raspberry Leaves, Stalnik, tri-color violet, Field yarutka, aniseed Lofant, Angelica, love spell, Rosehip root, cancer necks, Saxifrage Thistle, Icelandic Moss, white Lapchatka, Wheatgrass Root, Leuzea safflower, blueberry shoots, Oregano, Dill seeds, Elderberry fruits, Sabelnik, Heather, blue cornflower, Oat grass, Cranberry leaf, Pine buds, primrose, Alfalfa grass, Catnip, Buckthorn bark, Kirkazon and more."

    150 UAH = $6/50 g, $120/kg



    "Pilok Sosnoviy Sosni pine pollen medicinal Pine 2020
    100 UAH.

    I sell the freshest pine pollen collected by myself in an ecologically clean place in may 2020. Clean, without impurities. I was going for myself.
    50 grams - 100 UAH.
    I'm sending it by New mail. I'll pack it well, and it will arrive in one piece. I can arrange olx delivery at Your request.
    Pine pollen has unique properties. It contains more than two hundred substances that have a beneficial effect on the body."

    100 UAH = $4, $80/kg



    "Pine pollen Pine sawdust pine Environmentally friendly immunity
    100 UAH.

    Fresh pine pollen collected in 2020 from an ecologically clean protected area (Kherson region, tsyurupinsky district, Pody village).
    I was going for myself.
    50 grams - 100 UAH.
    All photos are mine, taken personally. If you see my photos from other sellers, think about what they are selling (even if the photos in their ad were stolen).
    Dear customers, please turn on the logic when you see pollen on sale for 300 UAH per kg or wholesale sales of 10 kg (neither is possible).
    Delivery in Ukraine by New Mail.
    Olx-delivery via the buy button."




    "Pine pollen

    Pine pollen
    Collected by me in an ecological place
    I will send it without prepayment
    I'll put it in my own package
    Price 200 UAH per 100 grams"




    "Pine pollen 100 grams
    160 UAH / gram
    wholesale price
    1 500 UAH/kg
    +380 show phone number

    Pine pollen
    100 grams - 160 UAH
    1 kg - 1500 UAH

    1500 UAH = $55/kg
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2020
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  16. LillianVaughanws

    LillianVaughanws New Member

    People should seek treatment for structure, support, and encouragement while their hormones and various brain receptors return to normal levels to help prevent relapse. Treatment also provides skills for relapse prevention, stress management, and addiction training.

    There are many inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers that can safely guide users through abstinence. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also an effective treatment for those who overcome steroid addiction, as it targets the main causes of steroid use, such as body image problems and depression. If the underlying problem is not treated, a relapse of steroid use is more likely. Contact a specialized treatment provider to learn more about steroid withdrawal and your treatment options.
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  17. TimPaige

    TimPaige New Member

    It would be exciting to hear the opinion of knowledgeable people. I need to start doing my health, but I do not know where to start since I cannot go to see a doctor yet because I have just arrived in this country, and so far, I do not have insurance. My sister advised me to start by taking various dietary supplements from the site https://rats.army /since she often orders there herself and is satisfied with the quality of their service. Perhaps you can advise me something on this topic, and I will be very grateful to you for any advice on this matter. Thank you in advance
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2021
  18. GraceMcDonald

    GraceMcDonald New Member

    There is a lot of information about this on the Internet.
  19. JonathanHodges

    JonathanHodges New Member

    There is a lot of different nonsense and unreliable information on the Internet. You already have side effects from testosterone therapy. You need to see a doctor and urgently.
    Some time ago, I suffered from erectile dysfunction. I was very ashamed to go to the doctor and self-medicating. I was only getting worse.
    Then my wife made me turn to Men's Clinic in Toronto for help. The only thing I regret is that I did not apply to this clinic earlier.
    You also need to stop self-medicating and see a doctor.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2021

  20. I would highly recommend avoiding most supplements without testing or a Doctor, especially the untested, not for human consumption, injectable crap from rats.army.
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