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Quest for Health

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by lookingforanswers, May 21, 2015.

  1. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    I know lots of people think SeaCure and l-glutamine are great, but you've been on them long enough that if you cut them out you will be able to tell if it's a loss or a benefit. Same with the Welchol...have you felt better taking it? It's not what people are saying or who is saying it....the whole dance is about what works for you.....experiment with more fat...less fat, more meat less meat...more fish, less fish....it feels like you are frozen in place and scared and that's a terrible feeling, but keep moving things around.
    As for who to listen to.....it's yourself...trust yourself more and feel your way to what supports you knowing that your environment isn't giving you all that you need right now....
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  2. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Firstly, allow me to apologize for the delayed response. i was out of town for a week. Luckily 4 of those days I was in the gulf of mexico. i would try just going down to a bare minimum. Maybe, keep the probiotics and the ox bile before your bigger meals and maybe some enzymes. I know Kruse recommended ubiquinol, , but I haven't read any of his stuff on it yet. With so many supplements you might have a hard time knowing what's working and what's not. Maybe you can try backing off slowly on the pureed food. Over time this is not good for GI tone. You might be worse off for a little after stopping the supplements. Try getting rid of one at a time. Be measured in your moves. Things like glutamine and DGL might work as temporary supplements, but not much of this is good long term. What are your digestive symptoms?
  3. lookingforanswers

    lookingforanswers New Member

    Thanks so much @Danny ! Lucky you being in the Gulf of Mexico!

    I have slowly been trying to cut back on supplements. I do worry about pureeing all of my food too, but it seems to be the only way I can really digest it right now.

    As far as GI symptoms, the list runs all over the place:

    • PAIN! - upper and lower stomach, left and right side - pretty much all over
    • nausea
    • infrequent heartburn - as long as I don't eat veggies I can keep this to a rare minimum
    • chronic constipation unless I take Dr. Schulze's INtestinal Formula #1 - I will alternate with occasional diarrhea depending on what I've eaten
    • I have major oxalate issues, which I'm told is totally from gut problems
    • I also have salicylate sensitivities and histamine issues - again, I'm tol dthis is from gut problems
    • Slow motility
    • Stones in stool - no one has any idea what these are! Sometimes I'm told they are oxalate stones, other times parasite eggs, other times gallstones - no one knows!
    Other issues are severe temperature problems - feeling hot and "on fire" when I should be cold and feeling cold when I should be hot. My neck is what usually burns up and you can literally feel heat coming off it if you put your hand about an inch or two away from it! I also get heart palpitations some, headaches, joint pain, weakness, fatigue, blurred vision, eye floaters, the list really just goes on and on.
  4. Danny

    Danny New Member

    It's tough to know where to begin. I often wonder if I am doing the right things or if it's working. Keep trying to slowly wean and eliminate your supplements. I had the opposite problem… diarrhea. I felt I had to calm and soothe my intestines. Eliminating wi-fi, sunning, seafood, and the leptin Rx definitely helped w/ that. Then I realized bananas, papayas, chamomile, marshmallow root, soothed my GI lining as well. My motility has slowed down and my stools look normal on the bristol stool chart, but now that the transit time has slowed down I am experiencing lots of gas. Not sure if probiotics are my next step.
  5. lookingforanswers

    lookingforanswers New Member

    So I finally got some test results back and it has been confirmed that I have a Mast Cell Activation Disorder. I guess I should have been thinking more along the lines of histamine all along considering some of my symptoms. Apparently I have too many active mast cells in my gut and that is why I react so terribly to pretty much all food!

    Problem is they are telling me to avoid all the things that are supposed to be good for me! Fish, seafood, sun - I have been finding that I'm getting mroe and more "sensitive" to the sun - my face flushes, swells and turns bright red just like happens with food. I really have no idea where to turn from here . . .

    My doctor is referring me to a specialist at Harvard Medical School - a 7-hour drive away and for what?! Just so I can be told there's nothing to be done!
  6. lookingforanswers

    lookingforanswers New Member

    DH did not get the job in Orlando. He has another interview this week, so we're just trying to stay positive and hope that something will work out. This poor man is working so hard since I lost my job just to support us and working even harder to try to find a job so we can make this move happen. I'm beginning to worry about his health. I know he's under so much stress and pressure right now.

    I guess I'm just asking for positive vibes that things will soon work out. We've been trying to make this happen for so long and I know I need to go, but with kids and a family to support we just can't up and go without a job! Our other option (though I have no idea how we'll afford it) is for me to go South over the winter while he stays here and takes care of the kids and continues to try to find a job. This breaks my heart as I don't want to leave my family - that certainly won't be good for my health and like I said I have no idea how we'll afford it :( I started looking into Mexico as it's so much cheaper than FL for short-term rentals.

    Does anyone know of any good areas in MX for winter rentals?
  7. zuzanac

    zuzanac New Member

    Did you ever find solution? I have similar problems.

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