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Quelsen AKA Jonathan D Goins - two e's no o's

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by quelsen, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    i used to be able to get in the kitchen and make pie, but nowadays i dont even remember what pie is
  2. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    define sensitive, today i shivered a lot.
  3. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    i dont think i have the cash to continue BHRT... grrrr but do i need to ??? i am almost 100 pounds lighter than last year
  4. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Funny, I was thinking that same exact thing. . .is the BHRT really helping. Not sure.

    On another note, you are doing so FANTASTIC! It has been awhile since I read your thread. 6 months ago it seemed like you had totally stalled out. What did you do to start losing again?


  5. I keep pondering this direction as well. I see people "trying X" only to start a cascade of other things that go wrong.
  6. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    i could say that it was the round of HCG, and it may be, however that round stoped july 21 so something else is also happening.
  7. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    So exciting! I thought I read something about you doing a metal detox? Did you do that? Wondering if maybe that had something to do with it. Also, have you been on BHRT a long time or is that a new thing?
  8. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    BHRT almost a year.

    Metal Detox was done couple months back. I use the sulphur now when the spirit moves me
  9. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    So then your weight loss probably isn't a result of the BHRT (unless you maybe started applying it differently?). Do you think the metal detox has anything to do with it? Do you feel different now than before the detox?
  10. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    had not actually thought about it as feeling better. detox was rough emotionally. lots of anger came out.
  11. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I think I'm going to try the metal detox. Doesn't hurt. You are such an inspiration. :eek:)
  12. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    i used DSMA, Signature Chelate, NAC, MSM
  13. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    New Labs.....

    new value....... 12 month old value


    Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential

    .....Gran# (2.0-7.8 x10^3/uL) : ***.....5.1

    .....Gran% (37.0-92.0%) : ***.....67.7

    .....HCT (37.0-51.0%) : 41.1.....47.2

    .....HGB (12.0-18.0g/dL) : 13.9.....15.2

    .....LYMPH# (06.-4.1 x10^3/uL) : 1.3.....1.9

    .....LYMPH% (10.0-58.5 %) : 29.7.....25.8

    .....MCH (26.0-32.0 pg) : 30.8.....30.2

    .....MCHC (31.0-36.0g/dL) : 33.8.....32.2

    .....MCV (80.0-97.0 fL) : 90.9.....93.8

    .....MID# (0.0-1.8 x10^3/uL) : ***.....0.5

    .....MID% (0.1-24.0%) : ***.....6.5

    .....MPV (0-100 fl) : 9.3.....10

    .....PLT (140-440 x10^3/uL) : 234.....247

    .....RBC (4.2-6.30) : 4.52.....5.03

    .....RDW (11.5-14.5%) : ***.....13.5 (Replaced by below)

    .....RDW-CV (11.0-16.0%) : 13.6.....***

    .....RDW-SD (37.0-54.0 fL) : 47.8.....***

    .....WBC(4.1-10.9 x10^3/uL) : 4.4.....7.5

    Metabolic Panel (14), Comprehensive

    .....Anion Gap (Ratio) : 12.....6

    .....BUN (7-20 mg/dL) : 18.....22

    .....Calcium (8.4-10.2mg/dL) : 9.6.....9.3

    .....Carbon Dioxide (97.0-110.0 mmol/L) 106.0

    .....Creatime - IDMS (0.60-1.30 mg/dL) : 0.94.....0.88

    .....e GFR ( African American ) (>60 m/m/1.73m2) : >60.....116

    .....Glucose (65-99 mg/dL) : 90.....96

    .....Osmolality ( Calc) : 370.....384.4

    .....Potasium (3.30-5.40 mmol/L) : 4.00.....4.26

    .....Sodium (132.0-145.0 mmol/L) : 136.....138.4


    Hepatic Function Panel

    .....Albumin (3.5-5.0 g/dL) : 4.6.....3.7

    .....ALK.Phos (27-133 IU/L) : 44.....50

    .....ALT (SGPT) (5-60 IU/L) : 20.....47

    .....AST (SGOT) (10-42 IU/L) : 19.....30

    .....Total Bilirubin (0.00-1.5 mg/dL) : 0.8.....1.1

    .....Total Protien (6.4-8.3 g/dL) : 7.2.....6.9

    .....Direct Bilirubin (0.0-0.2 mg/dL) : 0.2.....0.2

    .....Globulin (??g/dL) : 2.6.....3.2

    .....A/G Ratio (CALC) 1.8.....1.2

    .....IBIL (?? mg/dL) : 0.6.....0.9

    C-Reactive Protein (CRP), High Sensitivity (Cardiac Risk Assessment) ("color: #008000;">.....VLDL (
  14. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    This is a few months later and I don't know your BHRT status. I wonder if sometimes an intervention is useful over a short period of time until the body recovers it's own pathways. If you are male and under a certain age and have needed BHRT for a certain time but feel you no longer need it, it could be an intuitive sense to at least experiment how you feel without it. I know you can look at your labs to verify. But if your gut is telling you something, I guess that's when it could be useful to use labs to see if it matches up with your gut feeling. So you used BHRT for a time and maybe you don't need them right now. And maybe using them would be something in the future. But for now, which is what you want to focus on it's very possible that you actually don't need them.

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