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Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 10, 2021.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The root of today’s quantum revolution in biology was John Stewart Bell’s 1964 theorem showing that quantum mechanics really permits instantaneous connections between far-apart locations. This is critical in photosynthesis and in mitochondrial respiration.

    With the stroke of a pen, the Northern Irish physicist John Stewart Bell demoted locality from a cherished principle to a testable hypothesis. Bell proved that quantum mechanics predicted stronger statistical correlations in the outcomes of certain far-apart measurements than any local theory possibly could. In the years since experiments have vindicated quantum mechanics again and again.

    Bell’s theorem upended one of our most deeply held intuitions about physics and prompted physicists to explore how quantum mechanics might enable tasks unimaginable in a classical world.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Modern science = scientism = Nelsonian knowledge

    The Riddle of Nelsonian Knowledge
    It behooves the holder of Nelsonian knowledge to know more about this embargoed knowledge than would be reasonably expected inside standard ignorance. The irony with Nelsonian knowledge is that it demands of its ‘ignorant party’ a detailed awareness of schema, its depth and a flawless monitoring, which is unparalleled in official knowledge.


    If our desire to avoid so-called ‘baseless pseudoscience’ is as casual as we imply;
    casual to such an extent so as to justify our complete disinterest in it as a species,
    then why is our knowledge of specifically what is forbidden-to-study, so damned accurate and thorough?

    If it is all worthless fodder, then why are its opponents so well organized, trained and armed?


    Such knowledge is called ‘contrived ignorance’ or Nelsonian knowledge and inference.2 And if as to prove the point, please note that Wikipedia fails to define this principle correctly (rendering it as ‘Willful blindness’). Nelsonian knowledge and contrived ignorance are active process (agency), and bear less in common with the passive state of willful blindness (apathy). Those are not the same thing.

    Even to the point of crafting its very language, Wikipedia employs Nelsonian knowledge, in the defining of the term Nelsonian knowledge itself.

    Nelsonian inference would be the treasure digs and trail in blue on the treasure map above, while the Nelsonian knowledge would be the treasure map itself. Such is the game played by our most talented ‘skeptics’. Their ability to conspicuously look only at evidence which will show them to be correct (what they call ‘reliable’ sources), betrays that they bear virtual knowledge of that which so threatens their very being (probative sources). A terror so deep, that they would willingly deceive themselves in the process of deceiving others (see The New Debunker: Pseudo-Skeptic Sleuth)

    Nelsonian Knowledge (Inference)
    /philosophy : pretense : knowledge obfuscation/ : A precise and exhaustive knowledge, about that which one claims is not worth examining. No expertise is so profound in its depth as that expertise prerequisite in establishing what not to know. Such Nelsonian knowledge takes three forms:

    1. a meticulous attentiveness to and absence of, that which one should ‘not know’,
    2. an inferential method of avoiding such knowledge, and finally as well,
    3. that misleading knowledge or activity which is used as a substitute in place of actual knowledge (organic untruth or disinformation).

    The former (#1) is taken to actually be known on the part of a poseur. It is dishonest for a man deliberately to shut his eyes to principles/intelligence which he would prefer not to know. If he does so, he is taken to have actual knowledge of the facts to which he shut his eyes. Such knowledge has been described as ‘Nelsonian knowledge’, meaning knowledge which is attributed to a person as a consequence of his ‘willful blindness’ or (as American legal analysts describe it) ‘contrived ignorance’.


    Nelsonian knowledge is that set of inferences at the bottom of The Map of Inference. Its expressions include abductive, panductive, revelatory and critical thinking forms of inference. In other words, ‘ways to not know’.

    Nelsonian Inferences – Ways to Not Know

    Nelsonian knowledge goes a step further than does mere willful blindness or apathy however, in that Nelsonian knowledge is 1. a meticulous absence of that which one should ‘not know’, 2. an inferential method of avoiding such knowledge, and finally as well, 3. that knowledge or activity which is used as a substitute in its place (organic untruth or disinformation). However, when the tactics of Nelsonian knowledge are deployed on a social scale, such an effort is known as cultivated ignorance. Remember that in all these contexts however, the word ignorance is a verb. Hence the saying of ethical skepticism


    Never pay heed to an argument which gets stronger with less information – as is the habit of fake skeptics.
    Even lies inform – the art of intelligence is winnowing truth from the schema of the lying.


    Not-Knowledge and Cultivated Ignorance

    When Nelsonian knowledge becomes a goal of a cult, institution, academia or society as a whole, such activities and the resulting sets of ‘wisdom’ constitute a wholly new entity called cultivated ignorance. This form of ignorance does not constitute any kind of nescience – the accidental ignorance which is a result of inexperience or being a novel player. Rather, cultivated ignorance is a form of pluralistic ignorance which is crafted purposefully as a means of establishing control of a population. A means of influence and oppression which avoids the appearances of conspiracy theory; through tactics of false or semi-true slogans, the six mechanisms of the professional lie, fake science principles, compartmentalization, disinformation, partial information, counter-intelligence, social skeptic patrols and media control. As I mentioned above, ignorance is a verb in this context. It is cultivated when the population is trained to avoid those avenues through which they might receive contrary information to that which is being promoted by the Cabal in the first place. First mastered by Abrahamic religions, the torch of managing cultivated ignorance has been passed to academic nihilists, oligarchs and their global-socialist governance partners.

    Cultivated Ignorance
    /philosophy : counterintelligence : Nelsonian knowledge/ :

    If one is to deceive, yet also fathoms the innate spiritual decline incumbent with such activity – then one must abstract a portion of the truth, such that it serves and cultivates ignorance – a dismissal of the necessity to seek what is unknown.

    The purposeful spread and promotion or enforcement of Nelsonian knowledge and inference. Official knowledge or Omega Hypothesis which is employed to displace/squelch both embargoed knowledge and the entities who research such topics. Often the product of a combination of pluralistic ignorance and the Lindy Effect, its purpose is to socially minimize the number of true experts within a given field of study. This in order to ensure that an embargoed topic is never seriously researched by more members of the body of science than Michael Shermer’s ‘dismissible margin’ of researchers. By acting as the Malcolm Gladwell connectors, and under the moniker of ‘skeptics’, Social Skeptics can then leverage the popular mutual ignorance of the members and begin to spin misconceptions as to what expert scientists think. Moreover, then cultivate these falsehoods among scientists and the media at large. True experts who dissent are then intimidated and must remain quiet so as not to seem anathema, nor risk possibly being declared fringe by the patrolling Cabal of fake skeptics.

    Cultivated ignorance is the effort on the part of social skepticism, to promote invalid forms of inference – forms of inference which only serve to obfuscate and block knowledge, not derive it. Its heart and soul resides in the practice of employing Nelsonian knowledge.

    This is only part of the reason why we as mankind, are clueless as to critical issues of our being. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are there mysteries of which everyone is aware, yet no one seems to want to urgently solve, or even solve at all? Not-knowledge is a peer to knowledge. And if not-knowledge is based upon risky stacks of linear induction, is employed as a political weapon, or is based upon Nelsonian inference/ignorance, then it is our job to challenge not-knowledge as well.

    Those who adorn them self in inferential clothing woven from the cloth of ignorance should not act all indignant when someone points out that they are naked.

    Nelsonian knowledge. As an ethical skeptic, never allow yourself nor anyone in your organization, to work under such a principle. Ignorance causes suffering.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is just so neat when mice and humans have something in common even though one is nocturnal and one is diurnal: brown adipose tissue (in mice) is responsive to light--more light leads to greater activation (i.e., higher metabolic rate in fat). What degree will light exposure would elicit an effect in human fat tissue. The melanopsin papers tell us artificial light is really bad for humans. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32040503
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Hydrogen is not a source of energy. Hydrogen is a carrier of energy, better thought of it as a battery that life uses in mitochondria. Energy is defined by quantum field theory. Hydrogen & electricity are a store of energy buried in a quantum field awaiting conversion by cells. The conversion of energy is linked to E=mc^2 relationship. In quantum field theory (QFT), quantum fields aren't generated by matter. Instead, what we interpret as "matter" is itself a quantum field of energy that can be used. How you extract the energy from this field is what life has evolved to do.

    WHY IS 43% of the sun’s light red?
    Watch this video carefully at the 3:56 minute pt and realize what he says about H+ in the sun. When H+ gas is ionized it becomes an electric plasma & it makes RED LIGHT. H+ is the most common element in the sun, so this is why the key things in biology are built around red light. Hydrogen atomic spectrum is that reason. The H+ in the sun is special. It's a proton stripped of its electron and it is light hydrogen. This light massively changes the capabilities of water on Earth.

    The red light emitted from ionized Hydrogen is capable of stimulating, healing, regenerating, and protecting tissues that have either been injured, are degenerating, or else are at risk of dying. Our tissues are defined by ideas based on Quantum field theory.

    The inception of QFT is usually dated 1927 with Dirac's famous paper on “The quantum theory of the emission and absorption of radiation” (Dirac 1927). Here Dirac coined the name quantum electrodynamics (QED) which is the part of QFT that has been developed first. The paradox of the Lamb Shift in hydrogen was not predicted by the Dirac equation, which posited that the excited and ground states of hydrogen should have the same energy. Lamb found they did not. This opened the door to quantum field theory that got science closer to understanding what life is. We still not have progressed past this idea in 2022.

    Quantum field theory (QFT) is a theoretical framework that combines classical field theory, special relativity, and quantum mechanics. QFT is used in particle physics to construct physical models of subatomic particles and in condensed matter physics to construct models of quasiparticles. Water irradiated by red light becomes a quasiparticle described by QFT. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation means that a quantum field cannot sit still. Instead, it froths and boils, a bubbling soup of particles and anti-particles, constantly created and destroyed. This soup is the recipe in cells and tissues.

    When energy (an EMF) is absorbed from the field/environment, particles of matter will begin to oscillate between two configurations, the ground state, and an excited state. In particular, all particles in water coupled to the same wavelength of the fluctuations will oscillate in phase with the EM field of Earth and begin to exhibit quantum coherent behavior in all the water on Earth. This organizing principle is how the Schumann resonance made water on Earth quantum coherent before any life was present on Earth. This is why every living thing has an alpha wave of 7.83 Hz on their EEGs. How is this possible? Understanding the Lamb shift of hydrogen and what it does was key to making sense of why the Schumann resonance made life possible on Earth because the Schumann EMF plus water was the QFT blueprint 4.6 billion years ago for mitochondria. It took life 3.95 billion years to get the creation of mitochondria right to match what water and the Schumann resonance showed at Earth's surface.

    The fluctuations in the electric and magnetic fields associated with the QED vacuum perturb the electric potential due to the atomic nucleus hydrogen. This perturbation causes a fluctuation in the position of the electron, which explains the smallest energy shift. This effect was first measured in 1947 in the Lamb–Retherford experiment on the hydrogen microwave spectrum and this measurement provided the stimulus for renormalization theory to handle mathematical divergences. This "shift" lead to the genesis of quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics. The Lamb Shift was the harbinger of modern quantum electrodynamics developed by Julian Schwinger, Richard Feynman, Ernst Stueckelberg, Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, and Freeman Dyson.

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The change in refraction due to light is a quantum field effect. You do not need math to understand it. A Black Swan must learn how to hold Nature's physical ideas in their mind without any reference to its mathematical form to fully grasp its meaning.
    Understanding how the quantum fields in water are changed by the quantum field in sunlight is another of Nature's recipes that need to be embraced without math. Sunlight changes the hydrogen bonding angles in water to create some physical changes in water that life takes great advantage of. That advantage creates a favorable flow of energy (low entropy state) to allow life to exist and persist as its own quantum field disturbance.
    Water is necessary both for the evolution of life and its continuance. It possesses particular properties that cannot be found in other materials and that are required for life-giving processes. These properties are brought about by the hydrogen-bonded environment particularly evident in liquid water. Each liquid water molecule is involved in about four hydrogen bonds (tetrahedrons) with strengths considerably less than covalent bonds but considerably greater than the natural thermal energy. These hydrogen bonds are roughly tetrahedrally arranged such that when strongly formed the local clustering expands, decreasing the density. Such low-density structuring naturally occurs at low and supercooled temperatures and gives rise to many physical and chemical properties that evidence the particular uniqueness of liquid water. If aqueous hydrogen bonds were actually somewhat stronger then water would behave similarly to glass, whereas if they were weaker then water would be a gas and only exist as a liquid at sub-zero temperatures. How light forces shape-shifting in hydrogen bonds is the basis of the queerness of the existence of life.
    For science types, there is another way to describe life. The refractive index of humans is variable.........because life stage is based on water. 80% of the weight of a child is water. Only 55% of a 70-year-old is water. As we age we lose water. Our mitochondria are in charge of water creation in us.
    This is why the refractive index of humans is variable by design. Never forget, that the refractive index of a material is a property of its electronic structure. If the addition of charge changes the electronic structure, then the refractive index changes. Sunlight is a quantum field that changes the electronic structure of water.
    The Refractive index is a measure of how light propagates through a material. The higher the refractive index the slower the light travels in tissue, which causes a correspondingly increased change in the direction of the light within the material.
    Atoms are the building blocks of matter. Many atoms combine (bond) with each other to form molecules. Bulk matter is an aggregation of millions of molecules. The atom consists of a positively charged nucleus, negatively charged electrons, and neutral particles called neutrons.
    Since the nucleus and electrons are charged, they interact with electromagnetic fields. This interaction can be measured when suitable instruments are employed to measure them. The presence of charges is responsible for the optical properties of substances.
    When a beam of visible light is incident on a material, it excites (raises the energy) the electrons of the material (one may wonder why visible light not excite the nucleus. The answer is that the energy of visible light is not enough to raise the energy of nuclei, but only of electrons). The incident beam has some frequency (f) associated with it. When it strikes the electrons, they absorb the energy and start oscillating at the same frequency as that of the incident light. Since electrons are charged particles themselves, their oscillations give rise to secondary electromagnetic waves, which move away from the electron in all directions. These electromagnetic waves have a wavelength in the visible spectrum. Thus, the electron also starts behaving as a source of light.
    Since the material consists of millions of atoms with millions of electrons, the net effect is that a superposition of all the waves occurs, the outcome of which is a resultant wave with a slower phase velocity (v) than the incident wave (c).
    Water's chemical structure is H2O. Sunlight changes its electronic and chemical structure to H3O2 which contains a large net negative charge because it excludes the positively charged protons in water. That is the stage life begins upon.

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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Given what I said above, is ketosis capable of healing people at all?

    What does ketosis do metabolically? Ketosis provides a pathway to make more water from food substrates. Can defective mitochondria make more water no matter the food's substrates put in?


    So you need to fix the engine problem to create the water to regain health.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your light environment is MUCH more important than the food you eat! Remember, however, that the food you eat is still a story about light. Why? All food webs link back to sunlight via photosynthesis = food is an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight. Your brain uses circadian signals to control growth and metabolism in cells. This is light temp, pressure, food, and modern non-native EMFs. All of it. The environment dictates how food barcodes are utilized in mitochondria. Engine performance defines food importance and not vice versa.


    Your mitochondria work based on the EMF in your environment. Your choices of food are not the key determining factor in your outcome because Nature made foods fixed to the latitude where you live via photosynthesis. Most people find this hard to accept until they have a situation arise that food can't reverse or explain. Many eat what people call ancestral healthy diets, yet many of their observed issues have not been resolved. Consider the linkage of artificial light with T2D and breast cancer. Dr. Wahl's disease also is tied to excessive blue light/nnEMF but she continues to sell the idea that food can solve a light problem. The links are real but centralized medicine and patients ignore them. You really need to realize that if the food does not match the light environment you create it creates biological problems. It is the missing link in centralized health systems.

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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The overall conclusion of the Black Swan mitochondriacs investigation of life is that water’s hydrogen bond strength is poised centrally within a narrow window of its suitability for life because of how Earth's atmosphere scultps the atomic spectra of the sun to create terrestrial visible light spectra to interact with water on our planet.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Water is homogenous. Water in your blood has 150 parts of deuterium. Water made in mitochondria doesn't because the spectrum of light that gets to mitochondria is close to 100% red light from the sun. The atomic spectra of hydrogen creates red light. Did you know water made in mitochondria has little to no deuterium and absorbs red light more efficiently to charge separate water to create a battery.

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