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Product Ideas/Reviews/Sources for Implementing Cold Thermogenesis

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Colark, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    Not sure I understand what you mean. I have a 50+ year old tub that has the lever to drain/stop up the tub affixed to the water overflow at the upper portion of the tub. The lever sticks out from the tub maybe an inch? It's a 'switch up' to drain, or 'switch down' to stop up, and one of these plastic things covers it easily with plenty of room.
  2. Adriana

    Adriana New Member

    I can tell you that the $12.99 compact Centec thermometer from Harbor Freight is a dud. Temps seem to be about 10 degrees off. Darn!
  3. Ok, here is today's contraption. Over the door shoe holder. Cut a hole for my head. I mean to fill the pockets with frozen packs, then put a shirt or something over it to try and make it fit tight to my body. I would love to find someone to just come duct tape it to fit perfect.

    I'm nothing if not stylish!

    I'm thinking I can move around the house with this. I don't have the nerve to go outside and suffer the neighbors stares!


  4. Way to go! I love that you came up with this.

    Creative? For sure.

    Hilarious? Absolutely!
  5. sandy

    sandy New Member

    with mine, I have to pull the lever OUT to close the drain. So, in order to take a bath, it is sticking out(maybe 2 inches?) Of course, then I would have to take it off every time I took a bath- is the restickability good?
  6. ToddAVX

    ToddAVX New Member

    I've used a sweat belt that I got from Walmart 8 years ago for around 5 or 6 bucks to strap down the big igloo brand ice cube sheet to my stomach. Several sheets would work to get a complete mid section wrap around.

    Love the irony
  7. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Has anybody tried this? $129 minus 20% coupon good through 3/31


    No more tossing and turning in the heat of the night or from night sweats. Just place the Cool Gelmatâ„¢ on the mattress or under the sheets, and get ready for a comfortable night’s sleep. You’ll feel cooler almost immediately. Gelmat absorbs the heat from your body, and maintains a temperature of 5â€â€8 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature of the room. Stays cool for about an hour, then refreshes itself as you change positions through the night. Eco-friendlyâ€â€uses non-toxic gel and is safe for all family members. Soft cotton cover is antimicrobial. Approx. 35"x35".

  8. Kpcst

    Kpcst Silver

  9. primat

    primat Silver

    This is _exactly_ what I need! Shame Amazon won't allow shipping to Norway, and I can't find it in Europe... Anyone seen it in Europe at all?
  10. primat

    primat Silver

    Wow, your comment just gave my biggest cataplexy-seizures in a year :)
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I really like the CryoMAX cold packs I got from Walmart, in the pharmacy section.

    They stay cold a long time, about 4 hours. I went back and bought a couple more, though they run about $15.


  12. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I have four of these. Especially like the large size 12x12". Bought a couple mediums at CVS and ordered the large ones from Amazon. I like that they have covers and Velcro straps.
  13. ASHO

    ASHO New Member

  14. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    I dump a 20lb bag in the tub after it's filled with cold tap water. I found that if I added 2 cups of Epsom salts to the bath water as it is filling, the water stayed much colder and there were ice cubs left when I drained the tub after 55mins. Try the Epsom salts.

  15. I can't seem to get anywhere with anything but the ice cubes. The frozen blocks just don't seem to cool it the same for me.

    I don't do icing anymore. I've figured out a computer/office set up for the tub. Got a $8 big shelf to go across tub.

    I also don't do compression anymore. I think some of the "little" things Jack says help tend to help get you into it, but the net effect really isn't much different - so if you can do it without, go for it.

    Also for plugging tub blue painters tape around the top drain. The plastic thingy in the reccomends section SUCKS.
  16. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    +1 for the overflow cover. I've got one to give away.... :)

    And the Elasto-Gel brand cooling packs they sell on Amazon for various body parts - useless. They don't really get cold or stay cold.

    Thera-Pearl brand cooling packs are a little more useful but still not very cold for much more than 15 min or so.
  17. David

    David Silver

    Yeah, it just won't stick to the tub. I hang a wet hand towel over the thing, which tends to both hold it in place and meter the water flow into the drain. At least that keeps the water at max depth longer (up to an hour...)
  18. jbond56

    jbond56 New Member

    Wow, I love that thing. I had problems with it staying on at first. Now it stays on for about 10 baths. The trick is to keep it under hot water until it is very flexible then imediately attach it pressing each suction cup as hard as you can.
  19. Holly

    Holly New Member

    I also don't do compression anymore. I think some of the "little" things Jack says help tend to help get you into it, but the net effect really isn't much different - so if you can do it without, go for it.

    So there is no benefit to compression if we can tolerate CT without it? I have never used it, but have always wondered if there was some additional benefit I was missing out on by CT-ing without compression

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