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Primary Water

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Steven Sokinas, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Steven Sokinas

    Steven Sokinas New Member

    Hi all...

    Have you guys ever heard of primary water?

    Apparently, our planet produces water within the earth as being first and not what we were told in school.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. Glenn A

    Glenn A New Member

    Definitely heard of Primary Water Steven! After reading some on the thread "Should I be drinking plain RO water...." which discussed spring water, I realized that "spring water" was assumed to all be alike and that nobody was mentioning Primary Water springs, so I searched here and found you have the first post mentioning this in the Title and could not easily find any other mention of it on the Forum. Very interesting, as Primary water as is often available in a "spring" is not from the normally discussed hydrologic cycle.

    It should be of great interest on this forum that if one is using Primary Water, they are avoiding the intake of both deuterium and tritium, as they have water that has been put together within the Earth very simply, just as our bodies create water from the Krebs cycle. Primary Water is virtually an inexhaustible resource, as the Earth is still composing it as it has been for millions of years.

    Actually, "Spring" water companies such as Sparkletts, Arrowhead, and various other Nestle subsidiaries have known of Primary Water for decades. They don't publicize their technology, but they use well drillers that know and use techniques like oil well drillers use, minus the horizontal aspect to drill where there is a deep fracture within the crust (and amazingly, usually in granite). With the proper techniques, pioneered by the likes of Stephen Reese in the USA but used world-wide, there is usually a high chance of getting a very productive, often artesian Primary Water well.

    I first happened on such use of this type of water in the 1960's by Arrowhead Water Co. which would fill up tank trucks in Waterman Canyon, San Bernardino, California. They were taking advantage of a fissure that had already for decades been providing steam at a resort known as Arrowhead Springs which advertised it's "steam caves" available to the public. A hotel was built on that spot in 1868, but Spanish explorers knew about the spring location over 200 years ago, recorded in 1820 by Spanish missionaries.


    All that was needed at that location to get a good strong flow of water from deep in the earth was to drill down a bit to develop a larger hole into the aquifer that always existed in the fracture.

    In the 2000's a water company did the same thing on the Morongo Indian Reservation near Cabazon, CA and has been producing spring water for the Los Angeles area to the present date.


    What is hillarious is the political nature of this story. The Paper is complaining about the withdrawal of water from this well as it "prevents the use of the water for the Coachella Valley". Now the Coachella Valley is where Palm Spring, Indian Wells, and Desert Hot Springs exists, and which has it's own huge aquifer which already supports a huge population, including over 100 golf courses! Like the need a little more water!

    I have a friend in Lakeside, CA in San Diego County. She has a 760 foot well and happens to be just blocks from a Sparklets water plant that is pulling from a 1000 foot well, obviously drilled to get Primary Water. How do these water companies know where to drill?

    Yes, they use the services such as those you mentioned in your link. The powers that be don't want the public to know there is unlimited water. They want people to live in fear and the Cabal can always create water "shortages" as long as people don't know about Primary Water. Right now desertification is a start on that. Stop the rains, ruin the Earth surface with annual crops, and you get deserts and a continual depletion of aquifers. But just remember, if you have the knowledge, you aren't bothered at all. There is water available all over the Earth, often in desert areas with very low precipitation. The hydrologists don't even recognize this water. They have their heads buried in the proverbial sand thinking there is a "water cycle" that leaves animals dependent on what returns to earth from rain and exists as "ground water". No way.

    But there are Primary Water wells being drilled all over the Earth now. Here's more links:

    This guy was still a master at getting Primary Water in his 80's and had drilled many places, usually with great success:


    If you want a complete recount of how a Primary Water well is prospected and developed, here is one:


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