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Preparing for a move -Record Management Questions

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Martha Ray, May 1, 2022.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    We are fixing up our property considering putting it on the market and moving south and west for a number of reasons. Not sure if move to a new location and home will be better or worse. I need a list of ideas to consider...so many things to take care of. Plus the market here allows for homes to usually sell in 1 day to 1 week and also same where we are moving. Housing shortage. That puts pressure on being prepared to move quickly.. Lots of considerations.

    Today I am trying to evaluate 15+ filing bins full (12 years worth) of Research, Notes. Medical Records,Test results and Articles on Health. Most of my papers are Word Documents I have on my desktop computer as well but I've been unable to find a lot of them when I search for them. Not easy to file 'Health' as the body is complex and connected. I mostly file things under condition's but in several boxes I just have them unsorted and unfilled and I keep printing too many things daily. I have used Microsoft One Note some but since I usually prefer hard copies I usually just print on paper. My husband wants me to trash them all as he does not believe they are helpful. That grieves me and regret all the paper, time formatting and ink I spent making them. I hate them to go to waste but they say most people file things away and never or very rarely ever look at them again. Painful for me to let go of them. I have also been concerned the plastic containers which I have them in are not even healthy. What Was I thinking? They smell 'VOC' like and may have even perpetrated my papers! Copy/ Ink Jet Print paper may not be healthy either. I think I might be able out gas papers in the sun... but just don't know what is best for thousands of papers. I have a four drawer cabinet in a shed behind our home, a 2 drawer lateral file in my husbands office and a two drawer cabinet in my office but they are also full. Perhaps I can throw away enough to house the more important papers if only i could decide which ones to keep and which ones to toss.

    Wondering how others here and how Dr. Kruse files or handles or stores any hard copies of all his research papers?

    For reading I am a paper person do not like reading computer screens. But most likely it is time to prioritize and let go... I met a 'clutter' consultant years ago in a parking lot who had his company ads printed all over his vehicle and I ask him about his work. He gave me his card and he told me that many people need help letting go of stuff. He said if the person evaluating their own things, household items, papers, stuff touches them, holds them they throw away very little and they keep way more that them should. Of course he suggested his service but said even an objective friend can by physically holding the item and asking, 'Can you let go of this?' is much more productive. I am not a hoarder but I am attached to my papers. I am proud of my editing and note taking and perhaps that is a 'payoff' for me. But I am tired of the clutter and of my office smelling like plastic and that chemical like 'new book' smell of paper and ink. Must be toxic, right?

    Re My Medical Records ...I had a phone consult with Dr. Osborn last month and when I ask about some past results they told me they would be of NO value unless they were within 6 months and then they outlined $5,000+ dollars worth of tests needful for the data to really get to the root of my health issues. Plus they said all the tests need to be done at one time or within weeks, not months, to correctly evaluate and Dx to help me. I do understand but I was and am still overwhelmed and I still have sticker shock. I told them I'd have to save up for that for some time. I do keep a running spread sheet which includes most of many past my blood test results... not sure that is of value but it gives me an idea of my ranges over time. In the past few years I've not been able to afford much testing and I have no MD or DO practitioner who knows how to code things through Medicare to get them covered. Medicare is covering less and less...so much for socialized medicine.

    I remember herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze taking his patients hoards of medical records
    (which they had brought to their appointment with him) and dumping them in the trash can then and there! He had his own protocols to heal them. And I understand and I most likely need that service he provided as well.

    Dis-organization and clutter are known to be unhealthy. I feel addicted to my research even though I am not really that great at it and I don't have a good retrievable filing or storage system for when I want to find something. And as much as I study...my rate of forgetting often exceedes my rate of learning. I'm sure I'd be much healthier if I'd apply a fraction of what I know.

    Wish like Dr. Kruse teaches that I had already determined the things that are of high% value, implemented them and had let the ideas written on the many other papers I've collected over time go .... now I am pressed to decide quickly.

    In spite of change and challenges ahead I am hopeful my husband and I will be healthier moving as we have both suffered physically from living in our current environment and our same home 24 years.

    Does anyone else have a similar issue. Any suggestions?

  2. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    I also need to know EMF concerns for 'town patio' homes we are going to look at End Unit of 26 homes (13 duplex town home units) in a semi rural area
    Population Density for the city is : 262.27 people per sq. mile for the zip code but the house is on the far outskirts barely within the city limits. Really closer to a bordering town with 211.05 people per sq mile. I know little about population density and little to none about how to determine Tech penetration . for Quantum yield (Further south and west) This is as far south and west as my husband is willing to move.

    I only found this town home today at 10am and it has been on the market 3 days. More offers may come in today. They do already have one other offer and we will see the home tomorrow at 1pm and make an offer tomorrow and they will review the offers at 4PM. So we are under the gun. Stressful but going to trust God that if it is meant to be it will work and if not meant to be we will accept that as well.

    After we close on a property we will put our house on the market and hopefully things will go smoothly with that as well.

    A gamble to see if we are healthier in that home. Our home was built in 1986 and this town home in 2003.
    Our current home Towers and Antennas within a 3 mile radius:
    62 towers closest .7 Verizon and 422 antennas within a 3.0 mile We back up to a softball field parking and a Community college.

    Townhome Towers and Antennas within a 3.0 mile radius:

    9 towers (closest one Registered at 2.0, Unregistered .8 and 71 antennas 1.7 Augusta Medical Center -associated with Augusta hospital is which 2.6 miles and 6 minunets away.

    No time to research towerss either our current home or this Townhome. Smart meters? Power lines? HOA info etc....do not know what we might offer because of this pressure and no time to research.
  3. Martha, you need meters to see for yourself. If EMF is important to you, don't buy a house that you aren't sure of. Don't let the agents get you in a frenzy. Even in the worst seller's market, it is still your money and you have to live with your decision. The agents will move on to someone else. If you don't get this one, another will come along. Use this time to really compare sold/pending/for sale properties very close to where you want to be, so when one comes up you really like, you can confidently pull the trigger because YOU have decided it is going to work for you. Agents are a tool you can use, but have different incentives and motivations than the buyers and sellers. If you have cash from your last place, you will have an advantage as interest rates climb. Good luck!
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Don't let the agents get you in a frenzy.

    This looks to me like a good time to get some GBTC.

    One of the possibilities, (my way):
    Keep enough funds to allow you pay your bills for the next 5 - 7 years.
    Buy half and half GBTC and SPY with the rest of your funds.

    Stay for a year in El Salvador, see how you feel (in the best place there is).
    Do not buy in El Salvador any properties (during that first year).
    After a year, stay there or go somewhere else.

    @ND Hauf
    Keep this post in mind:
    My Health + My Wealth + My Civil Liberties + My Property Rights = My Freedom Journal | Page 38 | Jack Kruse Optimal Health Forum

    [QU OTE="ND Hauf, post: 312706, member: 25376"]Monetary Change

    As I research monetary changes through history it appears the ones who were rewarded the most are the ones who walked the critical path with an open mind. To some extent guarded as to not be so open your brain falls out. First principles of what assets, what money, what zip code, what is a good investment, and how does it all play into my N = 1.

    Try to assess and think of the unthinkable....

    Lay out the critical path then try to layer in a timeline based on outcomes of each fork in the path.

    Once it's all laid out, I can embrace the change with eyes wide open....[/QUOTE]

    Last edited: May 3, 2022
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  5. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

  6. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    Damn PAPER Clutter.
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