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Pre-Flight Preparations

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Simon Wright, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. HI Jack n all

    In your pre-flight routines what do people suggest?

    I have got a 6 hours overnight flight to Sydney....then i have 9 hours layover (i will leave airport and catch a cab to beach and chill down there for that time) and then 10 hours to Hawaii (yes on a wifi plane).

    My thought thus far are :

    1. Load up on seafood for the 5 days before the flight
    2. Take some salt on board with me and keep well hydrated and add salt to water
    3. Remove shoes and place foot on metal strut under the chair
    4. Wear blue blockers
    5. Wear long pants and long sleeve shirt (with top button buttoned)

    In an old post Jack I can remember you saying you used ubiquinol/CoQ10....do you still do this?

    Also would a quantet be beneficial in such circumstances? (I have two)

    Any other tips people have found to help? ....



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