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Powerful Detox program Jack would recommend?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Constant_Growth, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Constant_Growth

    Constant_Growth New Member

    hey guys,

    i posted this over at bulletproof too, just trying to get as many ideas as possible on which way to proceed.

    Here's the original post:

    i'm looking to learn much more about, and begin implementing a plan and protocol for improving detoxification, helping my seemingly struggling liver out a little, and hopefully finding some symptomatic improvement, as things are quite difficult right now just existing...

    Quick background on health:

    32 yr old male

    above average oxidative stress levels due to difficult circumstances in childhood

    Always had some fatigue issues didn't know why

    always had some anxiety and depression issues didn't know why

    last test confirmed blasto hominis gut parasite

    last test confirmed over growth of Streptococcus bacteria

    above average pyrrole count confirmed via test

    in process of figuring out my methylation status with a Walsh trained Dr

    main symptoms are; really heavy and constant brain fog to the point of feeling cut off from reality a lot of the time, obsessive negative thinking and worrying, lower energy than normal even, extremely poor stress tolerance, "depression"

    Basically it seems that the gut infection and dysbiosis are creating a lot of toxic load in my system, and apart from getting rid of the infection and balancing the gut flora, it would be sympomatically helpful for me to use supplementation to help me remove these toxins and hopefully feel a little better while I deal with the more long term issues

    My ideas for the protocol so far are:

    Start going to the sauna/spa/cold showers 3-4 times per week

    increase vitamin C dosage to help decrease symptoms from toxic load

    start taking glutathione supplements everyday

    start taking 1-3 toxin binders like charcoal and clay every day

    learn more about mycotoxins and ensure minimal intake via diet

    A few questions about this for those that may be able to and want to help:

    #1 - Which charcoal brand is trusted and works from either personal experience or more than just amazon "reviews"

    #2 - Same question for bentonite clay, i have this one right now (haven't used it for obvious reasons):


    But i'm concerned about the proposition 65 warning WTF - product includes chemicals that have been shown to create birth defects, etc

    #3 - from those of you who've used Bulletproof glutathione, what's your results been like?

    Thanks muchly! [​IMG]

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Don't survive, thrive. Do life soaring. Our cells read and react to our environment; it shapes us and we are shaped by it.
    The six best healers in the world that I know are the six best detoxes I know because they optimize liver function:
    1. Sunlight
    2. Un-fluoridated water
    3. Magnetism/grounding to Earth/CT protocol
    4. seafood
    5. Self Confidence
    6. Friends who connect with you in life and not just on line.
    That is all...........Carry On.
    Here is the key that most of the critics miss..........the order of the recipe is critical to the success. Your perception will be thrown off if you do it other ways. I can think of many recent members who went of the rails this way. The last 4 series pointed this point this out but few understand the implications. Neil BB and I have been offline talking about getting this recipe out early to new people. It limits creation of frustration and energy vampires. Your BUN/creat ratio and ketosis must be started before DHA loading. The blogs have been clear that the exclusion zone inside of cells manifests due to proteins within becoming hydrophilic first. People understanding of the recipe construction have not been correct. How do you do you make things hydrophilic? You slowly add in electrons. The way to add them is step 4 above. The closer you are to the equator means you have more push from your current (DC) and then you may not need as much........unless there is something peculiar about your environment, job, eyes, skin.


    Any problem can be solved using the materials in your mind.........they key is begin to think about your problems to solve them yourself.
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