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Possible Gall Bladder Attack?!

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by nicebeanst@yahoo.com, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Reposting from another forum:

    "I have been eating post leptin RX for abt 3 weeks, did Leptin Reset from late Jan to beginning April. I am comfortably eating a BAB around 6am, and then early dinner tween 4-6 pm. Fairly high fat from CO, fatty GF animal protein, some seafood, eggs, very little veggies, dark choc bark (I make a blend of 90-100% with CO). Been eating Paleo almost 3 yrs. Started krill and vit D, 3g and 10K iu. abt a month ago.

    Cold baths to mid abdomen for sev weeks, ice packs in various spots (including abdomen) as well.

    Yesterday I had abdominal pain that was so bad I couldn't stand up straight, but laying down didn't really help. I had eaten my usual amount for dinner, but I felt really FULL. Stuffed. I tasted dinner that I had made for other family members who were eating later, (a few bites of sausage, which I have eaten before) and in minutes I felt like I was going to explode. I took a cold bath, put ice packs on belly, to no avail. Felt pregnant, like I couldn't take a deep breath. Looked pregnant, belly very distended. And when I forced a deep breath, it was even worse. Had to get out of tub after ~30 min, reclining on my back was not good. In bed on my left side gave some relief. Oh and burping like a pig. Really loud, just over and over. These "spells" have happened on and off over the past few years, pre-Paleo and after Paleo.

    THE BURPING: started in September. I started powerlifting in then, had never really worn a lifting belt, and I remember asking the coach if wearing it would make me burp. He laughed and said he never heard of that. So since Sept, I burp every day, all damn day long. Re-tasting my food. Gross.

    I suppose I thought it was just an annoyance. Did not think to see GI dr, or think it could be my gallbladder. My mother had hers out when she was 40 (my age now) I now have an appt on May3rd to see doc, wondering what can I do in the meantime, what tests can/should I ask for, and for others with similar experiences?

    TODAY: belly only a little distended, no pain, burping a lot, as per usual."

    DH and I have been together 3 yrs. To his recall, I have had this happen about 4 times since we've been together. It lasts about 3-5 hrs, always in evening. First time I remember it happening I was about 30, had just returned to college, thought it was from greasy eggplant parm I had eaten. (wasn't paleo then)

    I didn't have fever last night, or pale stools.

    Thanks for the heads up on liver function tests, ealachan. Will do. I think I will read the leaky gut Rx, I just made some beef broth on the weekend, it can't hurt to have some now.

    Addendum: I do drink coffee (3 cups) with cream. I can ditch that if it will help. Also, I competed in a powerlifting meet over the weekend, and while I did ate paleo, it was all restaurant food which is quite rare for me, I rarely consume industrial foods anymore. Dined out for sat nite dinner, sun morn breakfast and lunch. Would *that* have anything to do with this happening on Tuesday eve?
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