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PMS and/or PMDD

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by Ashley, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new(er) here. Biggest thing Dr. Jack mentioned to focus on for now with my specific symptoms is getting as much sun as possible - and I've been getting at least 1 hour a day, most days closer to 3/4 as my schedule allows (a bit more here on my start recently).

    My current state of PMS made me remember how bad it can be. The week or two leading up to my period is the worst ever. Every month it's like I only get half of to be a functioning human. Those 1-2 weeks prior to my period I want to eat the universe, and I become a vulnerable and lazy "woe is me" personality. Although I generally struggle with overall apathy, I'm not necessarily "woe is me" in my essence. Ovulation is pretty rad though - I'm at my best on the 13-15th or so days of my cycle, I feel confident, in a flowy stable state, and overall just great. I understand testosterone is high during this time, and those first two weeks I start leaning out, feeling better/relieved. I have a vague understanding of progesterone, estrogen, test, etc during our cycles so I can see some of the correlations. I also had amenorrhea from about 2011-2012/13 when I was anorexic just as a background.

    Is there any way around feeling sub-human those 1-2 weeks leading to our periods? Is this really something (most) women have to just accept and live with? It's very frustrating to me to feel like during my fertile years I get to experience half feeling good and the other half feeling dreadful. And then comes menopause....
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  2. shiran

    shiran Curious

    Hi Ashley welcome.
    that's definitely not something a woman should accept living with.
    Seeing the sunrise and exposing the eyes and skin to AM sunlight is very important. The AM sunlight is from sunrise till 10 depends were you live in the world. Focus on that time of the day
    Blocking blue light with sunset is allso important

    Good luck
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  3. Ashley

    Ashley New Member

    Thanks shiran! :) I've been getting the AM sunlight and have an appointment with my optometrist and will be getting prescription blue blockers, and also am rearranging the light situation in my home. I guess I'm just curious if there are any additional changes I can make for PMS specifically if anyone has any suggestions. I understand all of this will take quite some time to see very noticeable changes, but I'm very open to making extra changes to avoid this being a continual problem. :)
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  4. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Hey Ashley

    I totally get your symptoms. I've been the exact same way since my second child (she's nearly three). It got progressively worse up until about two months ago when we moved to Spain.

    I tried lots of herbs - I still take a 'Superbitch' Tea and I also swear by DIM - it made my periods lighter and got rid of the rage.

    I also upped my carbs and that totally helps. I don't care what anyone says, carbs fucking help.

    I still get a cycle where after ovulation I feel less LET'S FUCKING GET ALLLLLL THE STUFF DONE but it's definitely better.

    Hang in there, play around with different things but for me,

    SUN/DAYLIGHT as much as possible on as much skin as possible...

    All helped!
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Endometrium is another surface so anyone who listened to the Dec 2017 Q & A can solve for X. What happens to ladies whose endometriums are deuterium bombs: bleeding and painful periods........they are looking for a place to hide and transfer the deuterium because their stem cells are filled to the max.

    What implications does this have for a young couple getting married?

    What should they do?


    Anyone who listened last night should know why now.
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  6. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    This explains why I had bad periods before going keto-paleo. I learned what it was like to not have cramps, and I thought, were women always having these easy periods with no cramps? Dumbfounded.

    @Ashley how long have you had this? Have you been on birth control? I know people don't like to talk about it, but I've never been able to use it. I've tried all the kinds. It makes me a sad, horrible person.

    I only started getting PMDD after I was 30 but recently I realized it was a couple months after getting a Mirena IUD. I found some research that the active ingredient in high amounts can tank your hormones. You can be ovulating and not have the hormones to support a pregnancy. That's scary. Your description of only getting half a month as a real person hit home! I suffered through it and used various Rx's for the symptoms, including Prozac, which I immediately dumped because it turned me into a zombie. That's when I started researching.

    PMDD is more common in women with any kind of depression, SAD, or a history of trauma/PTSD. Both Prozac and dutasteride have been shown to reduce symptoms of PMS and PMDD by working on an enzyme involved with Progesterone metabolism. And they've also found a gene that makes you susceptible. It's a hormone/receptor issue and you're NOT crazy.

    Where I diverged from conventional medical wisdom is I started taking Vitex, an herb known to help PMS symptoms. It made a huge difference. Doctors will tell you that you need to stop ovulation to stop the problem, so go on birth control hormones, or take headache pills and anxiety medicine. But Vitex works by promoting ovulation and raising progesterone. So, the exact opposite of the typical treatment, and it works. Because it worked, it gave me a clue and I changed my approach.

    Vitex is a dopamine agonist and affects your pituitary hormones. Dopamine and hormones are what we are trying to fix with the Leptin Rx and CT! I decided I to go off it and everything else. No fake hormones, no Vitex, no drugs. I'm re-committing to morning sun (as much as you can get) and cold air. I'm in the beginning of the CT protocol. And the fact that women with PMDD are more likely to have winter depression speaks volumes to me. I also went off caffeine because it's one of the negative factors for PMS. I used Adaptogenic herbs in the past and they were great for my mood swiags.

    That's where I am now, so I can't tell you yet how much of a difference it's made yet, but I already feel like a new person. I have a calmer energy and clearer head. I'm going to give my cycle a few months to regulate itself.

    Been reading Kelly Brogan's "A Mind of Your Own," and it's cementing my decisions. She is a psychiatrist who doesn't use drugs anymore, and she wrote a book geared towards women with depression, blowing open all the myths about drugs and mental illness. She says that depression is an opportunity to look into your life, figure out what's wrong, and change it. She supports a Paleo lifestyle and she wants all her patients off of hormonal birth control. I'm doing the JK protocols because they're more fundamental, but her book made me feel like I wasn't alone in the world, and that counts for a lot. If you need any encouragement during your low days, maybe pick up a copy.

    So, whatever happens, I feel you!
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Depression is a deuterium laced CSF and brain. TCMS can cure it because of the magnetic moment of deuterium. It is like dialysis of the brain fluids which are all ultrafiltrates of blood plasma. How long before the psychiatrists wake up to the bio-physics they are ignorant of?
    How many of us stop short of success on purpose? How many of us sabotage our own happiness because choices, failure, while miserable, is a fear we're familiar with? Why do we REALLY surrender? Is it because we are hopeless or because it's possible to do. Ask yourself that. With tech, we're waltzing with the wrecking ball cause this isn't feelinglike our home planet anymore. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2017/...ice-to-help-veterans-battling-depression.html
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  8. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    What is TCMS.
  9. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    So is the magnetic stimulation pulling out the deuterium or putting back into circulation to get disposed of? Is there an effect on the BBB like with ultrasound?
  10. boylejake

    boylejake New Member

    I know that almost 20% of all women have endometriosis. I can tell you that many shy away from going to the gynecologist and treating vaginal diseases, and if left untreated, it is even fraught with infertility. I recently found a website about endometriosis symptoms, where I read about so many symptoms of various women's diseases. It is also very important to have a routine checkup with a gynecologist at least once a year. And in general, take care of your health and take it very seriously.

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