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Please hack me..

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by ashryn, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Hi all,
    pick really wanted to manage this by myself, but I have to admit to feeling lost. Any hackage anyone can offer would be most appreciated..

    I have read this whole forum to see if i can work things out, but mine are in metric, so there's no easy comparison.. I have posted the ranges, most things look ok, but I know there are things you can tell with labs that I won't find on websites or in doctors offices..

    testosterone: 2.7 nmol/L (0.3-1.7)
    DHEA: 11.5 umol/L (1.65-9.15
    Dr says this is most likely PCOS, which I suspected anyway, however given the recent totm symptom improvement, it may be sorting itself out?
    Question: I have been supplementing 150mg DHEA for 3 weeks. Would dropping it down to 100mg/day help? (And is this level of DHEA a bad thing anyway?)
    oestradiol: 279 pmol/L (luteal range 161-774)

    AM Cortisol:305nmol/L (171-536)
    (insulin like growth factor)IGF-1: 31 nmol/L (14-37)
    cholesterol: 6.4mmol/L (<5.5)
    triglyceride: 1mmol/L (<1.8)
    HDL:1.6mmol/L (1.1-3.5)
    LDL: 4.3mmol/L (:love:.5)
    ApoB: 1.39 g/L (0.6-1.2)
    ​hs-CRP: 2.37mg/L (<5)

    ketones: trace
    glucose: nil
    protein: nil
    blood: nil
    leukocytes: 10 x10^6/L (<10)
    Erythrocytes: <1 x10^6/L (:love:)
    epithelials: 5 x10^6/L
    casts: not seen

    thyroid function
    TSH: 1.63 mU/L (0.5-5.0)
    free T4: 20 pmol/L (11-21)
    free T3: 3.8 pmol/L (3.1-6.0)
    TPO Ab: 6.5 IU/ml (:love:4)
    TG.Ab: <10 IU/ml (<115)
    rT3: 478 pmol/L (140-540)

    Liver function
    AST: 24 U/L (10-35)
    ALT: 30 U/L (5-30)
    ALP: 47 U/L (20-105)
    GGT: 16 U/L (5-35)
    Total bilirubin: 13 umol/L (3-15)
    Protein: 62 g/L (64-81)
    Albumin: 36 g/L (35-46)
    Globulin: 26g/L (23-39)
    Question: ae these numbers ok, or should I be working to get them a bit closer to middle of the range? I take milk thistle daily.

    Kidney Function
    Urea: 3.3 mmol/L (2.5-7.0)
    creatinine: 64 umol/L (45-85)
    eGFR: >90 (>60) units are mL/min/1.73m2
    Sodium: 138 mmol/L (135-145)
    potassium: 4.5 mmol/L (3.5-5.5)
    chloride: 102 mmol/L (95-110)
    bicarbonate: 25 mmol/L (20-32)

    % 5.3 (4-6)
    Estimated av glucose 5.8mmol/L
    notes: 6.0-7.0 % 42-53mmol/mol = satisfactory glycemic control

    Insulin fasting 5mU/L (<20)
    Homocystiene: 7.7 umol/L (5-15)
    glucose fasting: 4.6 mmol/L (3.5-5.4)

    Iron Studies
    Iron: 41 umol/L (5-30)
    transferrin: 25umol/L (25-45)
    saturation: 82% (10-45)
    ferritin: 93ug/L (30-200)
    comments: similar pattern to early haemochromotosis. Repeat fasting studies are recommended for confirmation of results.

    Calcium Studies
    calcium: 2.40mmol/L (2.15-2.55)
    albumin: 36g/L (35-46)

    Vitamin D: 148nmol/L (51-150)

    Haemoglobin: 148g/L (115-165)
    red cell count: 4.5 x10^12/L (3.8-5.8)
    haematocrit: 0.43 (0.36-0.47)
    MCV: 97fL (80-100)
    MCH: 33pg (27-32)
    MCHC: 344g/L (310-360)
    RDW: 14.7 (10-15)
    Platelets: 266 (150-400)
    white cell count: 11.6 (4-11)
    neutrophils: 7.2 (2-7.5)
    lymphocytes: 3.4 (1.2-4.0)
    monocytes: 0.6 (0.2-1.0)
    eosinophils: 0.4 (0.0-0.5)
    basophils: <0.1 (0.0-0.1)
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Ashryn, I'm no expert - but it looks like a key area for you is thyroid. I would keep pushing DHEA and Vitamin D as well. Did you get your progesterone tested?
  3. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

  4. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Ditto on the HScrp ... its pretty high.

    And just looking at your T3, RT3 I could see it's gotta be a real issue. go here and plug in your values. You'll see the ratio is 7.9 when it should be >20. Too much RT3 and you cannot lose weight. Period. Welcome to the club.
  5. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Argh! Thanks guys... Bt what do I do about it? Do you thing high inflammation is just something that will reduce over time on epiP, or do I need to somehow attack it?
    at least it explains why the no losing weight..
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Ashryn, I have a similar inflammation problem. It has been steadily decreasing since I've been following Jack's website. But I suspect the real key, for me, will be the EMF Rx.
  7. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    In a word ... CT.
  8. Same here w/the inflammation. I went from 3.5 down to 2 following Jack;s principals and keep working at it hoping for more decrease. I suspect this peri-menopause thing is playing a game w/me but I'm also of the belief that the EMF will be a big player as well here soon!
  9. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    Ashryn - get into full on ice baths, or ocean swims (can't remember how close you are to the sea?)....as often as you can possibly manage over the winter. Seeing as winter is on the horizon, we can even set up a Sthn hemisphere CT motivational thread or something if you like. I'm willing to crack the whip like Jack. Wouldn't if I wasn't convinced of the benefits. ;)
  10. Here are a few things I see (now that I have a moment to look at them):
    1. Thyroid dysfunction, although no current signs of Hashimotos (keep testing), but may be caused by something else since the TSH is OK
    2. AM Cortisol is low (brain disease) - sun in morning, Leptin Rx, no light at night, CT, EMF (bad for everything!)
    3. Glucose too high
    4. IGF appears to be good (in top of range)
    5. Iron saturation - whoa! That seems super high although ferritin is OK but serum iron seems a little high. Do you have hemachromotosis?
    6. Vit D is good!

    You probably knew some of what I just said but I thought I would throw what I saw in the comments anyway! If you put it all together does it mean anything to you? Sounds like a consultation to me (before the big hibernation)!
  11. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I went from 0.3 to 0.2 while having BC. That is hard to explain.
  12. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I remember reading that when you have high ferritin, usually you have a higher hs-CRP.
  13. Wow, that's really good! My intuition is telling me this is somehow more directed at heart disease and maybe my high blood pressure. I got that down to normal ranges a year ago and went off meds. It's still normal but in the higher range of normal. I'm wondering with all this EMF talk if that is contributing to this issue???

    Sorry Ashryn don't want to hack your thread!
  14. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Sorry Ashryn! Patty, my husband had the same - high blood pressure but his hsCRP was 0.6. Maybe the baseline is individual?
  15. Thanks Destiny for the info....not sure what that means. Maybe something else is at play here.
  16. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I think the trend is important ... going down not up.
  17. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Thanks Patty,
    the thyroid thing is shocking to me because I never considered it might be an issue, though it seems to explain the inability to lose weight past a certain point. I had a look to see what I could do to improve the ratio, and I am already doing all the things.. (Apart from meds, which I want to avoid if I can) i have a feeling that if I had tested 6 months ago we'd have seen something much uglier, because my sleep is good, and energy a million times better..
    I will double my milk thistle dose, make sure I eat b 12 foods, and figure a way to get some iodine into me, and CT the thyroid.. Test again in 6 months and see what happens... Does this sound sensible enough? Or is thyroid a thing that can't fix itself?

    About the AM cortisol.. What should it be? I thought it was ok. It might be something to do with having the test 5 hours after waking that day, so it was almost PM cortisol as far as my body is concerned (wake at 5am watch the sun rise) test was supposed to be at 8 am but they kept us waiting 2 hours.

    i don't understand the glucose score either.. I had fasted for 19 hours (unintentionally) prior to the test, and I eat no sugar, and less than 10g carbs per day. How could it be too high? What am I making sugar out of? This is all so confusing!

    There is some haemochromotosis in my family, but I have never had a diagnosis. I give blood a couple of times per year which might have kept it in check, but I haven't for about 12 months. I thought to recheck again after a few months and see if there is an improving trend..

    Do you think it is worth testing again in 3 months instead? I don't really know how long these things take to change either.

    Thanks so much for helping :)
  18. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Hee hee hack away at the hack! Maybe I'll learn something too :)

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