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Playa Del Carmen Megathread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by OptimalSkr, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. mbhemming

    mbhemming Gold

    @Gina R The place I stayed at that was 80$ was from Dec 1st to Dec 23. After that it went up to like 250$/night. The time of the members event is the most expensive time. It was a two bedroom.

    You can go on AirBnB and look at the prices.

    If you want to DM me, I can get you in contact with the landlord. I also know someone else in the building who rents two rooms in her unit. She was charging 30$US per night for a room. I would imagine that price goes up a lot by Dec 24th. It seems like a good rule of thumb is to take the usual December cost and multiply it by 2.5 to get the cost between Xmas and new years.

    I recall even hostels were going for 50$/night at that time of year.
  2. mbhemming

    mbhemming Gold

    @Gina R

    Another option would be to stay on the other side of the highway and rent a bicycle.
  3. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Thanks for the info and input. I'm likely going to be looking to share a house/place with some of the other members, hopefully close by. Need to make it lowest cost as possible but still safe!
  4. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    I know about the ocean being a faraday cage, but also the ocean has a very high level of Deuterium, so how does this work? Apologies if this is absolutely ground-level lack of knowledge .. just making my through all of this information ..
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  5. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    Wouldn't it be better to gradually condition yourself to handle more sun without sunscreen, over time? I just avoid the middle of the day and make the most of sunrise to 11-ish, and then 3-ish to sunset, if I can. Amazing that a lot of the general population is still passionately talking about protection from the sun .. sun-phobic to the point of craziness, in the name of beauty and maintaining unwrinkled skin, etc. Health = beautiful skin .. so circadian rhythm and biochemistry functionality is really all that matters .. I realise I'm talking to those who already know this.
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  6. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Good question, hadn't thought of that before. Indeed the ocean is high in deuterium, but I think that we have a skin that won't absorb deuterium or water in general. On the contrary, when we sweat, we are actually depleting small amounts deuterium. It would not make sense if we had deuterium depleting mechanisms while at the same time absorbing deuterium whenever we stood in the ocean collecting shellfish or whatever.
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  7. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    zinc oxide for nose and cheeks only!!!! white people keep coming here and burning their faces on first day. no bueno. every one of them. :)
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  8. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Please stop overthinking this!!!!! get in the water. get in the water. get in the water. leverage the photelectric effect. the properly functioning mitochondria will protect you.
  9. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i stopped thinking the moment i got here. :) i let the mitochondria do my thinking. i just" feel what they're telling me. :) and i realize you can't understand this until you get here......and get into the water. :) blah, blah ,b;ah.
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  10. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    I don't seem to get burnt in the sun generally .. so far .. with the exception of a little around the ankles recently, where the sun had just angled in a little more intensely, and I felt the burn when showering later. So I researched natural sunscreens so I wouldn't be stopped in my sungazing routine the next day (that only filtered a little light) and came up with this .. you can tell me if it sounds like BS, but it said that sesame oil has an SPF of 8, and olive oil has been shown to protect the skin from tumours if applied before going in the sun. I tried the sesame oil, not sure if it would contribute to cooking me .. but it was great. I'm in the sun with no sunglasses, no hat, as little clothing as circumstances allow, grounded .. my skin is fine, so far so good. Family members have had sun-spots/skin cancers burned off, and they are commercial sunscreen wearers. I've mostly never used anything .. my skin is fine .. go figure.

    I wanted to ask here on the forum if you gradually develop an ability to look more closely at the sun, or look longer at or around it as time goes on. Or, I was thinking that the skin of the eyelid is so thin that the sunlight would permeate a closed eye just as well?
  11. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    you are right .. be more intuitively led .. I do get curious sometimes though, and if I don't get a fast answer, I'm likely to forget it and just do it ..
  12. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    yes, I'm a pain in the _ _ _
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  13. GringoPerdido

    GringoPerdido New Member

    This has been a great trip so far.

    Definitely come with an unlocked cel phone and get a chip. 200 pesos for unlimited calling and 2gigs of data for like 30 days. 200 for activation.

    Ask for your food “sin sal” to avoid the fluoridated salt.

    Driving here is easy if you’re used to 3rd world countries. Roads are easy.

    I brought a tub of grass fed whey to get early am protein.

    Delicious ceviche is available everywhere. I loaded up on homemade yogurt before the trip to build probiotics in my stomach.
  14. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Thanks for the tips @RobInDC !
  15. DrGeo

    DrGeo New Member

    What is the name of the suggested all-inclusive?
  16. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    @DrGeo The Royal which I think is now owned by Hilton
  17. mbhemming

    mbhemming Gold

    I was just watching this music video. I started to notice the drone flybys looked familiar. Then I noticed the second drone flyby was right by the beach access right by The Royal. Then you can tell by the beach furniture that it's actually filmed right at The Royal!

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  18. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    I might be interested in a house share in PDC for January after 1/4

    Also, might be a stupid question, which (brand) unlocked phone would be advisable for Mexico? I have been using iPhones for the last 7+ years, went through 3 of them actually (4,5 and now 6) they are all locked (Verizon).
    I inquired about travel plans with Verizon but those are quite costly. Thanks!
  19. GringoPerdido

    GringoPerdido New Member

    A few updates.

    Playa Del Carmen has been my favorite from the places I’ve visited (Cancun, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and Bacalar). Bacalar is a second and more rural.

    Favorite place for a meal and drink: El Boticario - favorite drink is el veneno, great ceviche and raw fish tacos.

    Best Ceviche Places: El Oasis and El Pirata.

    Lower budget place for drinks and tostadas: Los Hijos Del Mar.

    Favorite low price hotel: Casa La Galería - Has a great rooftop patio/pool for sunrise, sunset, and mid day sun bathing.

    Favorite coffee shop: Choux Choux

    You can get a SIM card for you phone at any chain convenience store. 400 pesos gets activation, installation, 17 days free calling to MX/US and 2gigs of data. They install it and sometimes it takes a few minutes to complete.

    I briefly had a bit of Montezumas revenge and used Enterosgel which worked in 2 doses.

    Cancun car rental is problematic. They try to up sell crazy insurance. I used thrifty and brought a letter from my credit card benefits program about insurance.

    If you plan on using taxicabs here, join the Mexpats Playa or Expats in Playa FB groups and they provide lists of cabs that are fair.

    Hope this helps!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  20. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    What is the humidity like?

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