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Playa Del Carmen Megathread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by OptimalSkr, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    come visit. :)
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  2. MegaMan

    MegaMan Gold

    I only get in the water once or twice a week at the moment, and for a few hours each. Are you still doing the all-day-every-day plan? How long until you expect to be sufficiently healed and can do with maintenance dose only?
    I don't think I've been negative on the yucatan. Yes radiation is high here but no higher than anywhere else in the world I've been. 4g towers and 5GHz Wifi routers are just ubiquitous everywhere now.

    Radiation is low in Puerto Morelos from "Desire" resort to the North, as I said. Only 3g there. Same goes for the outskirts of PdC, where I've been staying (the gated communities such as Jardines de Mayakoba). Today I'm in the jungle outside Tulum and radiation is relatively low here too.
    Yes might take you up on that soon! :) Still giving Tulum another shot as I'd rather be on the main land if island living can be avoided. But I'm open to it.
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  3. MegaMan

    MegaMan Gold

    I read on one of these threads here that cristal is deuterium depleted water, is that the one you mean?
  4. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i don't have any desire to "maintain".. the more water the younger i get......i'm in the movie "Cocoon".... i think i can improve until i peak at age 67...then i will hang on like quantum wiley coyote on the cliff with the claw marks :)... ... why would anyone want to just "maintain"?... maybe this is why so few get better, even in the yucatan..... their goals are way too limited.... maybe being an ex, reformed, endurance ironman , ocd type triathlete has worked to my advantage. :)
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  5. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    let me repeat..i am healthier today than in highschool or college. sitting in calm,84 degree water was the key.... time in water is the x axis.... health/youth/hormones is the y axis. google: the movie :Cocoon....... 1984.... that's me... don ameche..... he had to leave earth.....i just have to sit in the yucatan water. :)
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  6. Thank you for sharing @shah78 -> It must be delightful !

    ("sitting in calm,84 degree water was the key") ->
    If I'd tried doing that, I would most likely require a brain transplant. All I know is 50 years of 12+ hours 6 days a week of working as hard has I can; living within and doing without. I've had to budget just to get enough to be at the "Silver" level membership on @Jack Kruse forum. No complaints.

    I'm very happy for you !
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    @John Schumacher
    I am selfish.
    Please do what you doing. Do not change.
    I was waiting long years to come across guy like you.
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  8. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i have no idea what you mean. would enjoy knowing.
  9. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    living in mexico is half as expensive as living in usa. :)
  10. Dido mate !
    Very few critical thinkers.
    I've also looked for "a long" time (50 years) really isn't that long
    I appreciate your friendship <- Thank you
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  11. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    the summer and its uv14 is the quantum special sauce... the water is calmer and 4-5 degrees warmer. i got 100 solid beach days in, in a row during summer 2019. 10 times the healing power of winter. hands down.....
  12. Beautiful !
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