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Playa Del Carmen Megathread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by OptimalSkr, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    shah78, how long did it take for you to begin recovering in the crater? Did your health problems get worse before they got better?
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  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    My first trip to the Yucatan was December of 2016. It took me about five days to get into a rhythm. I really farted around those first 5 days. But then I had 19 straight beauties until the weather turned to Winter.felt terrific but not cured. Winter stopped The Cure..... I returned in July of 2017 and healed almost immediately. UV 14 has a way of doing that :) I knew what to do this time and I didn't fart around for the 5 days.
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  3. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I experienced no healing crisis. It was always uphill
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  4. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Thank you, Shah. Your messages bring so much hope to us all.
  5. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Was at Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres and while it was wonderful, I didn’t feel as great of an effect as with the cenotes. My friend (who also was with me in Isla) mentioned the effects being unlike any other body of water. We both felt calm and amazing after all our cenote trips. There are rocks at Eden and Azul that you can just sit on for hours. Did anyone else also notice that the water at Eden “sizzles”? Interesting effervescence...
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  6. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Since most on this thread are in the water for long periods of time too- I was curious if anyone else experiences this or what it means?

    When I spend hours in the water my hands and feet don’t prune. Doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold. It doesn’t matter if it’s bath, pool or ocean. Does anybody else notice this? Does it mean anything?
  7. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    where are these cenotes?
  8. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    They are about - half hour drive south of Playa Del Carmen- right next to each other. Crystalino is also right there but I have not hit that one yet. They are all off the federal Carretera 307.

    I also really love Dos Ojos- super cold (maybe bc it’s 480m deep), crystal clear, but expensive relative to the other cenotes.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    of course, if a friend deceives you etc.they are history. Sometimes friends are very well meaning but everyone has their own prejudices and biases......
  10. In Voluntate Dei

    In Voluntate Dei New Member

  11. In Voluntate Dei

    In Voluntate Dei New Member

    I am a new member, actually my daughter in the picture. I have been reading your posts and isla mujers sounds like a great place to consider. I wonder if you can recommend a simple place to stay, close to beach. My 24 yr. old daughter is very fatigued and has worsen since we moved from Fresno, CA to Northern Idaho. She started losing weight when first moved here and in the last 2 yrs. we moved to a house close to a tower. Actually behind our home.Since this move she can no longer work or live a normal life.
    Last winter was brutal for her and she could hardly walk. So I need to relocate by winter. I appreciate any suggestions, from any members.
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  12. @In Voluntate Dei

    This is the question we are kind of speculating on here. We know it should work but generally people's different context can produce a different result than others. Probably heard Jack talk about Mitochondria - well, they are at the heart of it.

    If you have the ability to fully move, and long term, with financial freedom.... then Jack always always says: "The stretch between Playa DC and Tulum".... that is, Puerto Venturas and south, all around the areas close to the Cenotes: Eden and Sac Atun and there's many more.

    But it might not be the best spot for you or your daughter - so you may want to rent somewhere for a few weeks at a time, AirBnB or something and float around and see where you both sleep good.

    Find somewhere with low EMF, that is really key.

    Using these Cenotes daily with Sun is what I'm planning to do come November/ December, for as long as I can or until I feel alright.

    But, although I'm going in better health this time, with more knowledge and preparation, I do anticipate a bit of an obstacle course before I start to feel "miraculously cured".

    These are things you should take note of, as well as listening to the Q&As from 2018 and 2019, lots of members call in from Mexico and discuss how they are doing/ feeling... it would be a huge benefit to get in touch with them. You can PM me if you need to also, but I'm not there yet.
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  13. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Would like to edit this- just went to Azul and they have put a giant power line right next to it. Got a headache immediately- avoid.
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  14. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    THERE IS NO SPECULATION ON MY PART>PLEASE DON"T TALK FOR ME> IF SHE SITS IN THE WATER ON ISLA MUJERES LONG ENOUGH THIS WOMAN"S DAUGHTER WILL BE REVIVED!!!! ii have cured 8 allopathic diseases on this Island.@ age 63. this 24 year old woman can even do betterr.
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  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i'm sorry, if I am losing my patience here. (high quantum yield :) ).. but the enthusiasm for being here is so pathetically "luke warm", that it borders on sabotage. where are the success stories? there are so few. people are not serious enough about fixing themselves. talking yes. fixing, no. it's not like it takes alot of effort. but you have to keep your "eyes on the prize". =a cure, not a vacation.
  16. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    296 posts.. where are the success stories? Deanna..........and...........?
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think if we are really going to heal ourselves we need blinkers/blinders on. We need to be totally fixated on ME and what I want out of MY life.

    No one can do it for us .....not even Jack kruse. Jack has given us so much ....but we have to do the hard lifting.
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  18. In Voluntate Dei

    In Voluntate Dei New Member

    Could you give me info on where you stayed? I am looking to visit there with my daughter in September/October and I dont mind the pizza and cannolis. It seems to me that the Isla mujers is a quieter place. I need to be close, walking distance to beach. My daughter is very fatiqued and I cannot move around too much with her. Cenotes is definitely out of the question for now.Thanks a bunch!
  19. In Voluntate Dei

    In Voluntate Dei New Member

    Can you be more specific on location of this jungle? would so much appreciate it!
  20. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Feel you bro. The same here that's why I miss the Poland and you all
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