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Places Humans were not supposed to live

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by cap, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. cap

    cap New Member

    What countries/parts of continents (because of where they are located) were humans never meant to live in?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Only one. Antartica. There is not one mtDNA of humans that shows this continent has a human correlate.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Animals with large mitochondrial capacity who are good couplers (equatorial mtDNA) can manage just fine on a high carb diet. Those animals who have a poor coupling efficiency (most human mtDNA Northern European) need more fat and fewer carbs to manage but the Rx is based on the UV/IR light their systems get. What determines the choice? Could it be the protons present in your environment be the answer to the question? The mitochondria you get from your maternal lineage and the over quantum yield of your environment. The mitochondria issue = haplotype you got from the maternal germline. Quantum yield = total solar exposure of eyes, skin, gut, lung to UV/IR light and magnetic flux which is also energy from the sun that is powered by part of the solar wind entering at the North pole and exiting at the south pole. It has little to do with much else. Dr. Doug Wallace and James Maxwell's message's is buried in this post. Are you getting it or still married to food guru bullshit?

    Recall that all modern birds come from theropod dinosaurs. These types of dinosaurs make it through the last extinction event because they had the excessive mitochondrial capacity that allowed them to survive in a low quantum yield environment. The reason they had the excess capacity is that flying and disconnecting from the Earth magnetic flux required a backup program to gain more free electrons and protons. So they use the sun and their feather and the excess mitochondria to make up the deficit. This means that the largest birds have a larger therapeutic safety window because they have a lot of mitochondria that need a ton of free electrons and protons to run their ATPase. Recall from modern biochemistry that beta-oxidation of fats provides the freest electrons and protons. This beta-oxidation of one mole of palmitate liberates 147 ATP while 1 mole of glucose only liberates 36 ATP. So if you were a large bird of prey that lived outside the tropics what would you do to maintain your electron flow in your mitochondria to live your life well? Well, the first thing is you'd be a glider to use the thermal current to decrease the energy you'd need to fly and then you develop a strategy to get easy sources to fat to let your excessive mitochondrial capacity the electrons it needs? How would you do it? Let other animals kill and eat the meat and you scavenger the carcass for bones. No other competition can penetrate the bones so if you can develop a way to break the cortex of the bone you could have a feast of fatty marrow while other animals do most of the work for you. This is what vultures who live outside the tropics do. Their life mimics their mitochondrial problem. Let me ask you something now: since you also have excessive mitochondrial capacity why don't you live as your mitochondria dictate you should? Watch the video's on the Lammergeier vulture's and learn something about their mitochondrial capacity. I've been trying to get you to understand how to live optimally and this bird is another lesson of that brick in the wall.

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Let us take the last lesson and add to it. You need to understand mitochondria at a deeper level. They are small cavities that take full advantage of the laws of electromagnetism and thermodynamics to become the ideal quantum sensor for waves and particles in our environment. The 4 laws were shrunk from 22 by Christian Heaviside .........FYI. Those other laws all dealt with magnetic monopoles. Dirac thought that was a mistake to get rid of the other laws just because a natural monopole was never found..........and I believe he was dead right. So the more charge a mitochondrion has, the more electric field lines exist to control charged particles.
    This is why the amount of DC current a cell has is correlated with health by way of melatonin levels because melatonin optimizes mitochondrial DNA to lower heteroplasmy rate and improve mitophagy/autophagy. It offers more control of electrons/protons/atoms in a tissue lattice (qubit control). This is why electric fields control protons in the matrix and in enzymatic reactions. When the cellular charge drops so does our control of protons. This is what we call inflammation in medicine. Inflammation is linked to a loss of information in a cell or tissue.

    It can be thought of molecular chaos or a lowering of the pH. A lowered pH leads to a lowered EZ in a cell. A lowered EZ means less light can be contained by the cell. Since electric fields allow electrons to move away from them you should begin to understand why we use oxygen to breathe. Oxygen is a strong reducing agent at the end of ECT so it draws the current of electrons of food to it. The voltage or the charge in the mitochondria just correlates to the number of electric fields in mitochondria. These fields are always working opposite ECT flow when the charges on the inner mitochondrial membrane are high. This is the scene when the inner mitochondrial membrane is oscillating at 100 Hz (and IMJ aligned) and fat burning and the fingerprint of the effect (TCA fine) is seen in the alignment of the cristae around a lipid droplet in mitochondria. Each cytochrome generates its own electric and magnetic fields. Those fields are related to the charges they hold or lose. So this means we can have instances in mitochondria where we see a reversal of electron flow from cytochrome 2 to one. This often happens in diabetes where no superoxide pulses are made. Cells are pseudohypoxic then and this reduces ROS and lowers ELF-UV light production.
    This alters the free radical signals that are possible. This is not an optimal finding but it tells the clinician there is a serious proton problem in the matrix. When ECT flow goes to two to one it slows the electron tunneling at cytochrome one because electrons are flowing to cytochrome 1 from both directions and they want to repel the charge. This destroys the ability for autophagy/mitophagy. That changes the force there and alters tunneling speeds and changes the amount of NAD+ and the amount of oxygen at the ATPase causing low NAD+ and pseudohypoxia. This favors glycolysis and PPP function over TCA and urea cycle function.

    This is what we see in aging and disease generation. Since the positively charged protons are spit out of the cytochrome mouths and the ATPase from the matrix you can begin to see why positive charges point away from the electric fields in mitochondria and why electric fields point towards electrons. What happens when all the protons are not alike? This changes things.

    When the matrix is working with H+, it explains why electric field lines go out of positive particles like protons and into electrons. Negative charges cancel out positive ones, but this cancellation of charge has no effect on the mass they leave behind. The mass imbalance is massive. Charges are quantized in nature.

    Since electrons have 1/1836 the mass of protons this creates an energy imbalance and it is why protons are always associated with inflammation. The more mass the worse the inflammation one should expect. Inflammation is a proton disorder.

    Contrast this with magnetic field lines. They are always zero when considering an object or subatomic particle. This is the basis of the second law of electromagnetism. Magnetic fields lines need charge or light in motion to exist. This is why the moving ATPase generates them. When magnetic fields do exist, their closeness or density is related to the fields strength. This is why when things condense, magnetic field force or flux grows. Most things condense when cooled but this is not true of water when it is heated in the smallest spaces of the respiratory proteins. Heating expands water because water is an ideal heat chromophore. IR light appears able to increase magnetic flux in mitochondria because the ATPase spins faster when there is an associated cold environment to cause uncoupling in the matrix to increases the magnetic flux inside of us. I have a sense the same thing occurs deep inside of Earth and this is why the Earth has massive deep stores of water inside of the mantle and crust. This also affects proton fractions on land masses and in the water cycle.

    This is why ice is less magnetic than heated water. The direction of the motion determines the direction of the magnetic field lines and hence the magnetic field. Cytochromes are like loops and the ECT is like a charged wire passing through the loops. This is why the 3rd law shows that the more charge on the ECT the larger or stronger the magnetic field in mitochondria become. This is why ketosis can be helpful in disease reversals when solar light and magnetic flux is being assimilated simultaneously by cells. If the sun is absent ketosis can harm a cell.

    Being vegan is akin to simulating calorie restriction science. It is also why carbohydrates seem to hurt us when we subtract out or bury UV/IR light of the sun. Without the excitation of these two free sources of energy/info, carbohydrates provide a lower voltage and current on the inner mitochondrial membranes. This is why 1 mole of carbs make 36 ATP and why 1 mole of palmitate makes 147 ATP. The charge of particles flowing through the cytochromes changes the rotation of the magnetic field. Their reversal of flow does not.

    But magnetic fields all exert forces on moving charged particles so this is why the ATPase exerts a force on ECT. The magnetic field also affects oxygen distal to the ATPase because it is paramagnetic. It also exerts a force on Ca2+ and Mg2+ for the same reason. Magnetic flux lines generated by the ATPase are interesting because of how the cristae are aligned in a mitochondria. Mitochondria are quite small and flat. They have a 2D topology and this is important in physics. When the ATPase is closer to other ATPase they will have magnetic fields that increase magnetic pull toward one another. The folded cristae mean that fields opposite ATPase will repel one another even though ECT flow is in a giant loop. The loop is not a circle and this induces a varying magnetic force field to really control the flow and spin of protons inside the matrix.

    These magnetic forces might be critical to the generation of a transient magnetic monopole in the matrix because opposite magnetic poles attract. This would create a geometry deep inside the matrix away from the cristae where this effect could occur based upon Maxwell's laws and provisions in the second law that Maxwell spoke about in a letter to a friend. The charge through the loops is the key to understanding the size and strength of the magnetic field. Changing electric fields induce magnetic fields. And it is also true that changing magnetic fields can induce electric fields.

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  5. cap

    cap New Member

    Still have much learn before I fully grasp the responses. But what about places with little Sun like Seattle or Norway...?? Of course if humans WERE to live there they would need much more DHA
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now scientists have found them and they occurred because of topologic changes I just got sent this paper I missed. Nice.......April 2016 webinar just got more juice. It appears in the neutron scattering experiments monopoles exist as emergent states of matter, i.e. they emerge from special arrangements of dipoles and are completely different from the constituents of the material.https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/aktuell/pm/pm-archiv/2009/pm-tennant-morris-monopole_en.html
  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    ^^^Again Poles prove useful. Hang in there...
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