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Pineal Calcification, Melatonin Production, Aging, Associated Health Consequences and Rejuvenation o

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Penny, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. What's interesting to me in this figure is the proton release in the intermembrane space. The description says: "Protons released in the intermembrane space are subsequently used by complex V (CV; ATP synthase) to phosphorylate ADP (imported by the adenylate carrier; Ant) to ATP, making use of the inorganic phosphate imported by the phosphate carrier (Pic). Build-up of the proton gradient (ΔμH+) in case of impairment of ATP synthase function exerts a negative feedback control on electron flow in the respirasome."
    So what do we know about electons, protons and photon stimulated excitation? When a molecule is excited by a photon, the electron spins up; let's say from ground-state to a "higher-state"; afterwards the molecule returns to orginal-state -> now what happens to the electron? -> it can often release its proton; just as the above description suggests. The question is -> does this improve the electron transport chain function?
  2. During Nourish Vermont 2107, Dr Jack Kruse articulated the Femtochemistry of rhodopsin. Did you ever wonder how he came up with it?
    Check out: Ultrafast Chemical and Physical Processes - 2005, Pages 219-270 - https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-044451662-6/50010-1
    A sequence of reactions in rhodopsin - Fentochemistry - Photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin - photoisomerization is one of key events. Bacteriorhodopsin is responsible for the transfer of a proton from the cytoplasm to the extracellular surface of the cell. The resulting proton gradient across the cell membrane triggers ATP synthesis.
    The absorption of a photon from the visible range (568 nm) initiates in bacteriorhodopsin a cyclic sequence of reactions that is completed on the millisecond time scale leading to the proton's moving from the cytoplasmic side to the extracellular surface, and generation of an electrochemical potential that is used by a bacterium to maintain its metabolism.

  3. A little on Femtochemistry


    This shows the intramolecular energy exchange between the C=C stretching mode and the HOOP (hydrogen out of plane) vibrations of bacteriorhodopsin excited transitions.
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  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

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  6. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Thanks for the book recommendation, Sue. Anyone who's been interested in this thread, Dennis Crouse's "Silica Water" book explains a lot of the questions there have been in the thread, and answers the confusion I didn't need to add if I'd read the book sooner instead of trying to start learning minimal chemistry with quick internet searches and kinda using that to play researcher to save $20.

    I'm still unapologetic about the marketing of filtered Chinese coal water for $50 a quart though.
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  7. From Jack's Blog - https://optimalklubs.com/relationship-redox-5-proton-gradients-are-foundational-to-your-life/

    "It is believed that the ketogenic diet bypasses – complex one – at the inner mitochondrial membrane and enter FADH2. I (Jack Kruse) used to believe this but I no longer do because of technology light. When you lose water conduction at the inner mitochondrial membrane (cytochrome c oxidase due to deuterium) you lose the ability of proper nanoscopic protein folding of cytochrome 1 (NAD+). This throws off the nanoscopic precision (size and shape) required for quantum tunneling and this cause increased ROS and metabolic syndrome."

    Question: Do you @Dennis Clark think -> could cold therapy (50-55 degree water immersion for 20 minutes) be sufficient to modify the nanoscopic precision (size and shape) in cytochrome 1 to "repair" it well enough to offset metabolic syndrome?

    I know so many "low carb - ers" whose fasting insulin is not to par.
  8. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Large print PDFs of some articles from Dennis Crouse's websites (that I made while wanting to be cheap and not buy the books), attached:

    Mercury Detox Using the Selenium Method by Dennis Crouse (this makes a comparison to Andy Cutler's ideas that I posted about earlier in this thread (related to chlorella))

    Arsenic Detox Using the Selenium Method by Dennis Crouse

    Targeted Lead Detox with Thiamine, Zinc, and Selenomethionine by Dennis Crouse

    Safety of Ingesting Zeolites by Dennis Crouse

    Multiple Sclerosis - Silica water for healing by Dennis Crouse
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  9. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Making Aluminum and Fluoride Free Drinking Water by Dennis Crouse

    Avoid Inhaling Neurotoxic Vapor from E-Cigarettes by Dennis Crouse

    Aluminum Myth Busting by Dennis Crouse

    Aluminum, Mercury, and Genetics as Causal Factors of ADHD by Dennis Crouse

    Seizures, Aluminum and Silica Water by Dennis Crouse
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  10. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Silica Water the Secret to Healthy Blue Zone Longevity in the Aluminum Age by Dennis Crouse

    Introduction to Silica Water by Dennis Crouse

    Autism Chapter from Silica Water by Dennis Crouse

    Appendix I Bottled Silica Waters - OSA ppm levels by Dennis Crouse

    Sixth Blue Zone - West Hechi, China by Dennis Crouse
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  11. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    APOE-e4 Gene - Nigeria by Dennis Crouse

    PQQ as an Oral Supplement to Prevent Dementia and Possibly Autism by Dennis Crouse

    Alzheimer's, Autism, Stroke book Chapter 1 sample by Dennis Crouse

    Prevent Alzheimer's, Autism, and Stroke by Dennis Crouse (online free chapters)
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  12. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub


    About the green juices -- could be a good idea for silica with greens that don't have much oxalates.

    I posted a while back about cavities that kept developing but didn't hurt, and asking about electromagnetic influences on Vitamin D affecting teeth and grounding with underground wiring, lots of complicated stuff. I think it was oxalate being deposited in my teeth, from drinking herbal teas made with combinations of "herbs"/ingredients that have oxalates, sometimes high amounts like chaga mushroom or spices, that I made way too strong by adding lots of the ingredients (variety, and weight of some) and simmering it a long time, drinking those usually every day, sometimes about a half gallon, for about four years, because of thinking if they've been used as foods like the spices and herb herbs or long-term daily medicines like the mushrooms, then it's safe to use large amounts consistently. I cycled some of them, but would still use others that would've had lots of oxalates.

    That was before I considered the carnivore diet ideas about plant defense chemicals being able to make net-negative side effects long-term if eaten in excess even if it's a food-like spice or herb or a long-term daily tonic/adaptogen, and about oxalates being stored when more are eaten in a day than can be excreted (which isn't much compared to some foods and "herbal"/medicinal plants), so I tried not drinking any herbal teas for the last six months or so. People who do carnivore diet for a while sometimes talk about "oxalate dumping", when lots of oxalates are mobilized and excreted within maybe a few days and there are irritating symptoms. There have been two times in about six months that I'm pretty sure I had the symptoms of the oxalate dumping, and each time after, what I thought were cavities (but confused about because no pain from them for several months) got noticeably smaller and less opaque, so I think it was that much oxalate overdose buildup.

    I was probably getting as much or more oxalates from those strong teas than green juices that aren't made with lots of spinach have. Different greens can have very different amounts of oxalates. There has been at least one case of someone having to get on dialysis from too much green juices because of thinking the more green vegetables the better and juicing making it easy to eat much more of the water-soluble oxalates.

    Elliot Overton

    Sally Norton

    The Green Smoothie Health Fad - This Road to Health Hell is Paved with Toxic Oxalate Crystals by William Shaw PhD

    Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Autism and the Oxalate Connection by Dr Kurt Woeller






    Amounts in foods

    (2nd part of this post)

    ===> https://regepi.bwh.harvard.edu/health/Oxalate/files

    ...1/2 cup cooked spinach 755 mg, 1/2 cup rhubarb 541 mg, 1/2 cup navy beans 76 mg, 1/2 cup beets 76 mg, baked potato with skin 97 mg, 1 cup cooked buckwheat 133 mg, 22 almonds 122 mg, 4 tsp cocoa powder 67 mg.

    "The normal level of urine oxalate excretion is less than 45 milligrams per day (mg/day). A higher level of urine oxalate may mean you are at risk of developing kidney stones. Risk of stone formation seems to increase even at levels above 25 mg/day, which is considered a normal level." (https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?contenttypeid=167&contentid=oxalate_urine)

    Either there are other things that can increase excretion rate, or instead of kidney stone formation the oxalates can be deposited other places first, even in large amounts persistently for years, to avoid kidney stones, and that could be why (I think) enough to look like cavities went to my teeth but I never had a kidney stone in about four years of lots of herbal teas and plant foods. Looking at the amounts in foods and spices and some of the medicinal plants I can find amounts for, I must've been eating hundreds of milligrams of oxalates a day for years. There were probably lots of other symptoms I didn't know could be from that, but no kidney stones.


    Dr. Jim Duke

    ===> https://phytochem.nal.usda.gov/phytochem/search/list

    "Oxalic acid" search

    "Oxalate" search

    "Oxalates" search

    (How to convert ppm to weight percentage
    The response by M.J.M. Duke here:

    http://www.pkdiet.com/pdf/oxalate lists.pdf
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  13. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    More of Dennis Crouse's blog posts, from the blog that has the Silicade recipe:

    Vaccines and Aluminum - The dangers of vaccines by Dennis Crouse 2016

    Alzheimer's organization Myth #4 - BUSTED ! by Dennis Crouse's wife Laurie 2017

    Appendix VI - Epidemiology Supporting Aluminum's Causal Role in Alzheimer's Disease (from Prevent Alzheimer's, Autism and Stroke) by Dennis Crouse 2018

    Bioavailability of Silica Supplements and Mineral Water - (OSA) orthosilicic acid by Dennis Crouse 2018

    Dr. Bredesen's 3 Types of Alzheimer's by Dennis Crouse 2018
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  14. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Parkinson's Disease - excerpt from Silica Water book by Dennis Crouse 2020

    Seven Supplements for Brain and cardiovascular health (from Prevent Alzheimer's, Stroke and Autism) by Dennis Crouse 2020

    Anecdotal Information Autism/Aspergers – Improvements seen after Drinking Silica Water by Dennis Crouse 2020

    Aluminum, Mercury, and Genetics as Causal Factors of ADHD (draft for the book titled "Increase Children's IQ and Adult Cognition with Targeted Detox") by Dennis Crouse 2020
  15. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Hi, John...Your questions challenges my analytical mind, as it does yours. Observing a bunch of N=1s falls short of the certainty we seek. Basically, you're asking a 'dose-response' question. I know of no research on it (i.e., haven't looked for it yet). CT will change how leptin and insulin function. I'm not sure how much CT for how much change. When Jack started out, he did CT for 1-6 or more hours at a time. Now THAT worked!

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  16. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Crouse new book.png

    PDFs from my previous posts:

    Aluminum, Mercury, and Genetics as Causal Factors of ADHD (draft for the book titled "Increase Children's IQ and Adult Cognition with Targeted Detox") by Dennis Crouse 2020

    Targeted Lead Detox with Thiamine, Zinc, and Selenomethionine by Dennis Crouse

    Arsenic Detox Using the Selenium Method by Dennis Crouse

    Mercury Detox Using the Selenium Method by Dennis Crouse

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