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Picture of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kruse, at PaleoFX

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by ASHO, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. ASHO

    ASHO New Member


    "The attendees listened to the keynote speech by Dr. Jack Kruse (who, believe it or not, at one point threatened to light a stick of dynamite)…"

    Does anybody else think Jack looks 20 years younger in that picture?
  2. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    Wow, he does look better! Love your website BTW!
  3. Dan in Utah

    Dan in Utah New Member

    Yes, he does look younger, plus he has the telomeres to prove it.;)
  4. MonteD

    MonteD New Member

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Paleo Fx conference was epic........you all will be amazed by the conference. The paleo leadership did not like getting called out for the bullshit.
  6. claudia rowe

    claudia rowe New Member

    I'm sure I saw that guy on an Interpol poster last year.
  7. claudia rowe

    claudia rowe New Member

    I'm sure I saw that guy on an Interpol poster last year.

    Pretty cool, Doc.
  8. ASHO

    ASHO New Member

    More information about Paleo RX 2012:


    "Paleo FX was a terrific meeting. It’s not easy to stage such a large event. Kudos to Michelle and Keith Norris, Kevin Cottrell, and the 100 volunteers who worked so hard to make it a success. Jack Kruse in his keynote speech talked of “paying it forward,” and the volunteers and organizers certainly did that.

    Jack is a better speaker than writer, and I enjoyed the talk. He recounted a story of a woman he met as a surgical resident. She had an inoperable cancer; Jack closed the incision in the operating room, and she lived for another six months. She willed her wine collection to Jack, and each day before she died she took a single bottle from each case to the beach and wrote a letter to Jack explaining its provenance and what it meant to her. The package of letters came along with the wine after her death, and in a note she mentioned the story of the Old Man and the Starfish, and told Jack, “You are my starfish.” She advised him to withdraw from the rat race and enjoy life, as she had in her final six months. Jack didn’t pay much heed to that advice until 2006. Then, after reflection and perhaps some cold thermogenesis, he realized that he ought to “pay it forward” by working “transformational change.” At this point he pulled out what he said was a stick of dynamite and a lighter:

    He said that the dynamite could work transformational change on the University of Texas, and it was our obligation to go out in the world and work transformational change by converting others to Paleo.

    Luckily the fire marshal was not present, or PaleoFX might have come to a premature end."
  9. JeffieJoe

    JeffieJoe New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to see and hear more from PaleoFX. Was it announced where it will be held next year?

  10. David

    David Silver

    The PaleoFX12 site has numerous event photos


    DVD Sales Information Center

    We have been inundated with requests for DVDs of the sessions at PaleoFX12 and updates on ordering them.

    DVD and online multimedia information including the ability to pre-order DVD Sets are expected to be available and live on or around March 31, 2012. Please check back for further information in the next week.

    Here's a link to the PaleoFX12 event photos shot by our official PaleoFX12 Photographic Team.http://paleofx12.smugmug.com/Events

    The PaleoFX12 Team

  11. Awesome - Jack do you look like such a badboy when you go to medical conferences?
  12. -

    Ah, now I finally get it. Factor-X is DYNAMITE! ;)
  13. Adria

    Adria New Member


    Yes DrK sure looks younger, looking great !!
  14. ASHO

    ASHO New Member

    Here is a video highlight of PaleoFX12 from Abel Bascom (one of Dr. K's PaleoFX12 Top Ten Moments):

    "If you couldn’t make the trip to Austin for PaleoFX, here’s a little taste of all the fun we had.

    Hanging out with Mark Sisson, Dean Dwyer (see the end of the video, you silly Canadian), Dr. Jack Kruse, Dave Asprey, Jimmy Moore, Kevin Cottrell, Shirley, Keith Norris, and all the other masters of the paleo domain was an absolute blast. To all of you who made it possible, thank you and congratulations on pulling off such a killer event.

    Another note: thanks for all of the compliments on our silly CavemanThink shirts – we are super encouraged. Alyson and I will be printing them soon. If you want to enter to win a free shirt, hop on over to our new baby, CavemanThink.com and sign up.

    Alright, here’s the unofficial PaleoFX highlight reel…


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