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Photographic Food Journal

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by Jim, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Jim

    Jim New Member

    I haven't tried this but Robb Wolf did a podcast recently about a photographic food journal that allows you, your friends, or your physician to literally see what you’ve been eating. It's called PhotoCalorie. It looks like a great service. It will even estimate the nutrition in your food based on the picture.

    Is anyone using it? If so what do you think?

    Here is the link to Robb's podcast.


    Here is the link to PhotoCalorie.

  2. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    Its a great idea, but for me, it would trigger obsessive behaviour (I had an eating disorder many years ago). I take great joy in doing photos of my yummy meals... but to do so in order to keep track of my calories etc would just kill the fun for me. It would be a wonderful tool for people who want and need to track their meals though!
  3. Jim

    Jim New Member

    I know what you mean. I used to do FitDay and record everything but have pretty much stopped. This is pretty neat for folks interested in an easy way to keep track.
  4. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I used FitDay too but it really sparked my ED and I felt like I was trapped, once that happend I stopped. But I learnt quickly from it, I can now roughly estimate the ins and outs of all my meals- when I bother. :)

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