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Pete's optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by brookway17, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Hi, my name is Pete. All my problems started with a tick bite. Which turned into a chronic Lyme infection.which according to our pathetic healthcare system does not exist. The Lyme triggered a very rare neurological autoimmune condition called clippers. You never Heard of it, most neurologist haven't heard Of it. My immune system is attacking my lower brainstem which controls motor functions in the body. At my worst I was on a walker because of the severe balance problems. I had severe double Vision, you could not understand a word I said, I could not write and I even had difficulty typing. The neurologist put me on intravenous steroids, 1 g per day for five days. This did help me miraculously. But it took me six months to finally taper off of the steroids. I wanted to get off so I can give my Immune System a chance To clear the Lyme infection. I went on a very strict organic diet similar to Paleo. I was able to go without steroids for about nine months but my symptoms were getting worse. I finally had to go back on intravenous steroids this time one gram per day for three days. But once again a very long slow taper. The good news is that I got rid of the Lyme disease, I haven't had any symptoms in the last five years. However the clippers still causing me problems. I am currently on hundred milligrams/D of Imuran& plaqunil. I have tried a lot of stuff in the alternatives space to no avail. One of the big problems with Imuran is that it is reported to cause Squamous cell cancer, due to UVA causing DNA damage. There for I have been avoiding the sun. I do not know how this study was carried out but if you Google Imuran,Squamous cell cancer you get a lot of hits. I am in the process of trying to switch drugs so I can once again go out in the sun.
    On the exercise side I do yoga every day and high intensity strength training four times a week and I am just starting to do H IIT.

    Age: 64 Sex: M Joined JackKruse.com: Feb 2017

    Location: bucks county PA

    Dx: Lyme, CLIPPERS

    Surgeries: 7/2017 5 cm bladder stone removal

    Current Rx: Imuran, plaqunil,LDN, prednisone ;currently at 20 mg per day trying to get down to 5 mg per day per Day,testosterone cream

    Current Therapies / Protocols:
    Wear blue blockers religiously

    Grounding at night for the last three years
    I'm trying to use Curcumin to replace the prednisone
    3/day for 6 mo- still needed to go back on steroids.
    Taking LDN (4.5mg/day)for six months now, nothing yet

    I have started to incorporate the Leptin Rx although I'm not sure I have a Leptin problem(BUN/ creatine ratio 16)
    I watch the sunrise every morning with bare feet on my concrete front porch in my pajamas. It is pretty cold at sunrise in Philadelphia!
    I also walk my dog every day for a mile without my glasses or much clothing on.UPDATE- I lost 5 pounds, I really can't afford to lose anymore weight.5'9" 145#- I lost all of my body fat when I started the Paleo diet with intermittent fasting(eating only between 11 AM and 7 PM) if anything my caloric intake it has increased.
    Trying to improve my redox

    Health WINS: nothing yet I'll only been at for two weeks

    Health Goals: get off immuno suppressant drugs, improved balance, coordination, vision, speech.
    Regain short term memory(Steroids destroyed mine)

    Other health information

    Blood pressure 110/70
    Pulse 60/min
    No other health problems
    Having blood work soon
    Family health history
    Father's Side everyone died of colon cancer
    Mother had bladder cancer, had her bladder removed and lived for many more years.
    my mother's mother lived to be 98

    Paleo w/intermittent fasting for the last several years
    Just drink water. Buying reverse Osmosissystem
    Wine infrequently
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  2. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

  3. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    The only high glycemic carbs I eat is qinoua. I use it to soak up the Bacon fat from the frying pan.
    I also eat Bone broth and cultured vegetables, to help heal my gut from the years of antibiotics I was on for Lyme.
    I have followed a very strict diet for the last several years.
  4. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Sorry it's taken me so long to update my Journal, I have been extremely busy hacking my environment to be compliant with Dr. Kruse's protocols.

    I removed all the fluorescent fixtures in my basement and replace those with recessed halogen. I always protect myself from blue light. I look like a weirdo when I go to the gym, I wear blue blocking clip ons over my glasses and long sleeve rashgard with a high neck and sweatpants and a cap. I also put mineral-based sunscreen on my hands and feet. I am only six months into a two-year membership at my gym. I haven't found any gyms in the area that are not lit with blue lights. I spend a lot of time outside, especially this time of year, busy doing lots of yard work. I try to do yoga on my patio whenever the weather cooperates.

    On the EMF front I have reduced my wireless output by adding another wireless router that's located in the far corner of my basement next to the power panel. I am able to set the output power at 25% (cannot even pick up this router on my patio)and have it turned off at night time. I have run ethernet cable throughout the house, even my patio. I also got rid of my cordless phones. I wired phones around the house. I figured out how do you get ethernet on my iPad. There is one catch in the order to accomplish this you have to have The iPad hooked up to the charger. This generate some EMF In the electrical range (as measured by my trimeter). I figured out how to make a grounded power supply for the iPad. There is a ground point on the power supply inside the slide on plug assembly. I was able to access the ground Nub with an alligator clip and made an Interface to the power terminals using a power cord. It's not pretty but it works. I also build a faraday cage to sleep in. I used my son's Old bunk bed and wrapped aluminum screening around five Sides and silver mesh to allow access to the bed. My iPad cannot find any wireless networks inside the bed.

    I installed a reverse Osmosis filter system with a remineralization cartridge.

    I am eating a BAB every morning right after I watch the sunrise. I usually eat 3/4 of a pound of ground pork every morning with some sautéed vegetables from the night before. I cook the pork in the back fat that I cooked down the night before. I cook the pork while I am watching the sunrise. I have found lately that I can go all the way to 5 PM before getting hungry. At dinner I try to have seafood as many days a week as my wife will let me. I eat raw oysters whenever I go to Whole Foods. I am about seven weeks into the Leptin reset. I am too skinny and I hope to start gaining weight soon. I do high-intensity strength training three days a week. I have seen good gains in strength but I haven't put on a lot of muscle mass.

    I have noticed a marked increase in my energy levels. My balance still sucks.

    I had blood work done recently, the following are my results:

    Reverse t3 - 20 (not sure what it says for my leptin levels)

    LDL - 116

    Total cholesterol - 220

    HDL - 85

    BUN/Creatin ratio went up to 27(my doctor says I was dehydrated)

    Plan to have more labs as I can afford them
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Pete..... being outside is the best. Check out movnat.

    What is your Vit D?

    Your wife won't let you eat more seafood??? Have you thought of sardines for breakfast?

    always remember ....the three legged stool
  6. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Thanks so much for responding. I tried to be outside as much as possible. Actually right now I'm writing you from my canopy on my patio even though it's raining. I will check out movnat. I have been a big outdoor person all my life unfortunately I was wearing glasses for the last 50 years. Actually this is the reason why I got Lyme disease.

    Are usually try to keep my vitamin D above 100. I actually hit 163 the last time I was tested. I think I took too many of my sub lingual sprays by accident. I try to eat foods rich in vitamin K such as cultured vegetables.

    With regard to the seafood and I usually make dinner every night because my wife is busy working. Most of the sardines I've found are in cans which I don't particularly like because of all The phalates. My wife will probably divorce me if I start stinking up the house at sunrise every morning.

    I am a little bit slow due to all the steroids I've had to take over the last several years. What do you mean by the three Leg stool?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Light water and magnetism. Read the Energy and Epigenetics 4 blog.
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sardines are really important for you ....and your wife! King Oscar is a good brand.

    You are taking Vit D supplement????
  9. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Thanks for the information, I will try to find those sardines.
    I take a sub lingual spray to supplement my vitamin D. I tried to lay out in the sun for 15 minutes aside ( I am very pale, been trying to build up my solar callus, I have been laying out in the sun since April whenever the weather permits ) we don't get very much UVB at this latitude for six months of the year. I really preferred to get my vitamin D from the sun, but I need it year round due to the fact that down on immunosuppressive drugs.
    One other question that possibly you could help me out with. My reverse T3 is 20 does this mean I'm leptin sensitive ?
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    [qu ote="brookway17, post: 209643, member: 19833"]Hi, my name is Pete. All my problems started with a tick bite. Which turned into a chronic Lyme infection.which according to our pathetic healthcare system does not exist.
    I will try to find those sardines.
    I suggest that before you buy sardines you should do this blood test and post it here:

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum

    Actually that tests may only highlight your problem but do not do much about solution.
    You can do better if you find a doctor that will do this two tests (and bunch of other).

    BodyBio Professional Report (Doctor's Report)
    BodyBio Fatty Acid Report (Doctor's Report)

    Contact info:

    Please keep posting your story.

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Get this lamp.
    Work with it slowly, over one whole month keep increasing exposure until you get up to twice a day full timer.
    Timer fully turned lasts 16min.

    I keep my lamp at the height that my navel is at center of the lamp.
    I stay real close next to that lamp.
    Half time front, then back.

    With very light skin you may have problem lasting that long.
    You may want to use melanotan injections, they would help in developing sun tan.
    Melanotan is available over e-bay

    Sperti Fiji SUN Table Top Tanning Lamp

    Last edited: May 26, 2017
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Thanks so much for your valuable information.
    I have a pretty good integrative doctor I have been working with for the last several years. I will ask him if he can order this test. Thanks for the other links I will pursue them .
    I will investigate the light that you suggested they sound like they can help my problem with my latitude.
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Post in more details your doc's approach.

  15. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    JanSz thank you so much for all your help you are truly too kind.

    I contacted my doctor and he told me that he does not offer that test.

    I have been in contact with body bio, but I could not find anywhere on their webpage where you could get references to the doctors that they work with. I contacted them by email asking them if they can provide this information. But they never have gotten back to me.

    I am not quite clear, should I avoid eating sardines until I get the results from this test?

    I think I am getting dehydrated from drinking the reverse osmosis water. My BUN was unusually high the last time I had blood work. I have started adding Himalayan sea salt to my RO water, hope this helps.

    I have been searching through the forums trying to find out what parameter is used to show leptin sensitivity. From what I have found it appears to be the ratio of T3/rT3. the optimal value being 20. Do I have this correct? I am going to have blood work shortly.
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Bucks county Pennsylvania near Philadelphia
    You can call them, talk to a person,
    BodyBio Fatty Acid Report (Doctor's Report)
    would be better,
    for starters you can get:
    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    that is why I mentioned that in my previous post.
    That test will tell also about your need for seafood.

    About T3 & Rt3
    they are identical chemically but one is right the other left.
    RT3 protect you from excess of FreeT3
    Both attach to receptors.
    There is limited ## number of receptors.
    The more RT3 there is the less is left for T3.
    You want make all FreeT3 busy.
    Eventually the best you can do is to have
    FreeT3 within top 1/8 of laboratory range or even slightly over.
    RT3 at mid range or lower.
    Others posted versions see bottom of this post:
    Having FreeT3 and RT3 in some ideal place
    does not guarantee you much
    there is a guarantee that less than some ideal range may be just one of many problems.
    So, you must have it in good range,
    but you still must be vigilant.


  17. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    I found that lab Corps can provide this test. My doctor is writing me a script for this test. I will see if he can interpret it for me.
    I have been considering trying see cold thermal genesis to see if they can get me off the dreaded steroids. One concern I have is that I am afraid that I might be too old,65, to become cold adapted. What do you think?
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are 65yo.
    I just started on my 78th.
    You can do it.
    Scan all your tests, tell printer to wrap it up into pdf file. Attach to your post here.
    Obviously, ask your doc for interpretation.
    But, do not push the issue, do not make him uncomfortable.

    If your script is not yet ready, possibly make it longer.
    This one below works for me at the LabCorp, all paid by Medicare (twice/year).
    More details here:

    If your doc is up to reviewing ICD-10 codes
    hopefully he will do better job or improve on what I figured.
    I would appreciate you sharing that with me. (I am not a doctor)

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  19. brookway17

    brookway17 New Member

    Thanks so much again for all your help Jan. You don't know how grateful I am. I talked to the people at Bodybio and they told me that they were unable to give out any information on the doctors they work with because I have a new FDA regulation. You know the FDA is always looking out for our best interests. Not. I like my integrative doctor but he is into a plant-based diet approach that I do not agree with.
    I spend the entire afternoon, outside at least, talking to LabCorp and Medicare trying to determine if I was going to be covered. And I could not get a straight answer out of them. Do I need a particular code to get Medicare to cover the Fatty acid profile? I know the Medicare code (apt 82542) but I'm not sure if I need a code for my condition? I know that I have to fast for this test, are there any other test in that list that require fasting.
    Oh by the way, it's nice to meet someone older than myself on this forum.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are definitely not too old!!! read the C/T protocol carefully and start with face dunks. Dr. K. is always very specific about protocols.
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