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Peter in Oz's Optimal Journal & Progress....

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Peter Schmidt, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Peter Schmidt

    Peter Schmidt Silver

    Hi All

    I am an IT Manager working with PCs in an office 8.30-5 Monday to Friday. Recently the office and warehouse upgraded their lights all to White LEDs – a blue-light nightmare. I have been wearing glasses for last few years.

    About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver (non-alcoholic) and a few months later on my annual blood test my TSH was almost zero and my T3 and T4 Thyroid hormones were very high. The Thyroid antibodies were also high. Hence, I was diagnosed with Graves Hyperthyroidism (tremors, rapid weight loss, high heart rate…) – an autoimmune dis-ease where the body “attacks” the thyroid gland and everything speeds up in the body.

    Causes: Multifactorial including too much: EMFs, fluoride, mercury amalgams & root canals, sugar, diary, wheat, processed foods, other water toxins; some genetic? (mother and her parents had autoimmune)

    I took Carbamizole but refused to accept the diagnosis that I may have to have an operation or radioactive iodine to reduce or kill my thyroid., so I researched deeply.

    I found Amymyersmd.com and adopted the thyroid healing protocols including the elimination diet:

    - No gluten or Dairy, Grains & Legumes

    - Paleo excluding Seeds and Nuts

    I used herbal mixtures and supplements (resveratrol, curcumin, gut healing, probiotics). I found that I had H-Pylori and took the standard allopathic antibiotics to clear it.

    After about 12 months, my thyroid hormones were back to normal and I was off the Carbamizole.

    Recently in my last blood test the TSH was almost zero again and my T3 and T4 Thyroid hormones were higher again. I’m currently on the elimination diet again (canned sardines, oysters) and have integrated Wahls protocol with it. I now have an understanding naturopath and get herbal mixture from her instead of from the US. I had to go on Carbamizole again till its under control - soon I hope.

    I have always taken vitamins (now getting Vit D from Sun instead).

    In Australia we have limited access to pathology, only under MD’s request if we persuade them for “exotic” ones – Reverse T3, blood had to be sent to Queensland and took 3 weeks.

    ## Epi-Paleo Stats – just joined Silver Klub, its great - thank you for this community.

    Age: 57, 188cm tall, 82kg

    Parents from Germany, I’m first generation Australian.

    Natural birth in Australia but rather large, and breastfed. Not much sport/exercise while growing up. Tonsils out around 3yrs.

    Live in Melbourne (all my life) with not enough sunshine and poor water

    ## New Epi-Paleo Environment

    I’ve now: reduced EMFs markedly (see my post), no fluoride (country tank water) except showers, 0.75l bottle per day European mountain water, some grounding; Daily Sun: 20 mins 8am Summer sun, 30mins 1pm sun, 30 mins 5.30pm sun(still in Vit D range) and some sungazing around 8pm (last sun I can see from home) – far more on weekends, reduced skin exposure to Blue light esp my thyroid (top button done up), Blue blockers in evening, daily Electronic fasts except TV - 8pm to 8am, glasses off when I can, using low watt incandescents at night and pre-sunrise. More organic food – wife refuses.

    I’m working on: get blue-blocker prescription glasses for office daytime IT work, starting CT with face, just started Leptin protocol..

    # I’ll load my labs tomorrow and may get new ones in two weeks (if I can persuade a doctor).

    Thank you for your help and support.

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nice job.
  3. Peter Schmidt

    Peter Schmidt Silver

    Hi All
    Find my "standard blood test" plus the Thyroid tests attached with some past test showing trends.
    Please keep these results confidential and within Dr Jack's Forum.

    Latest, see the PDF for the "normal range" if your units of measurement are different:
    TSH <0.01 uU/mL (too low)
    Free T4 26H pmol/L (high)
    Free T3 8.5H pmol/L (high)
    Thyr PeroxAb 258H IU/ml (v high)
    ThyroglobnAb 3 IU/ml (normal)

    The rest of the blood work is fairly normal.
    Thanks for all your help
    Peter in Oz.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Peter Schmidt

    Peter Schmidt Silver

    Hi All
    I do have a few questions:
    1. I heard, possibly on one of Dr. Jack's podcasts, that Hyperthyroidism has "too many electrons" so I am wondering if I should do the Leptin Prescription and CT - could it speed up my metabolism even more?
    2. I hope I dont lose too much weight on the Leptin Prescription, that most people do, as I am already losing weight from my Hyperthyroidism (got to 72Kg from 100Kg before I could stop the fall, last time).
    Thanks for your help.
    Peter in Oz.
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