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persistent numb toes

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by hellojtm, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    OK. For the second time after CT i've had numb toes. I saw some other folks mention it and I searched the blogs. Dr. K. says something about the n3/n6 balance again and cell signaling for the nervous system. I believe it is a real phenomenon that we should start to iron out, i..e everyone share their experience with it so we can get a common thread and then let's understand the mechanism if possible. I think it will help us all, especially people that join in late and experience it, if we put our heads together and build our collective knowledge.
  2. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    specifically my 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot (if the big toe is the first toe). It'd be fun to get an acupuncturist or reflexologist to pontificate on it... I'm now going on 1.5 hours after getting out of the bath and they are starting to wake up. definitely a nerve thing as they feel asleep, possibly not getting any blood?
  3. Are the toes white? Maybe it's Reynauds syndrome (an autoimmune disease).

    Yesterday I had 3 toes on each foot turn white AFTER I got out of the bath. I don't even put my feet in the water and I've been CTing for six weeks! I took the dog for a walk yesterday right after the bath and it took 35 min for the numbness to go away.

    In my case it's Reynauds. I know Dr. K had mentioned in the comments of one of the CT blogs that it is caused by too high 06s. I just had mine tested and I'm at 2.96:1. So I'm not really sure what is going on. I hope someone has some insights and look forward to the responses. I don't want to just say "Oh, I have this infliction". I want to not have this (Reynauds) at all.
  4. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    After pushing the immersions from 20 minutes to 35 minutes, i get numbness intermittently in either my right small toe or my left small toe, and/or my small pinky finger. It isn't always my right or left side - however, if the toe and the finger go numb, it is always on the same side. example, my left pink and my left toe. my right pinky, my right toe. Sometimes it is just the toe too.

    It usually goes away in 30 minutes, and they aren't turning white. I'm assuming it is just a side-effect of the vasoconstriction process.
  5. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    Just to capture some more variables... getting my torso into my tub ends up being like holding a yoga pose for 30 minutes. I can't rule out some nerve impingement. My hips get sore and are complaining big time but there is not much room to shift around.
  6. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    I have this happen as well - sometimes toes on both feet, but usually more isolated to my left side. At its worst, the numbness has lasted for over an hour. I also keep my feet out of the water and it doesn't happen until 20 minutes or so after I get out of the tub. I have yet to test my O6/O3 so not sure if that's the culprit in my case or not. I did develop a bit of Raynaud's this past winter for the first time, so I assume that's what it is.
  7. meyoolia@gmail.com

    meyoolia@gmail.com New Member

    ditto here, too, re numbness and not having feet in the water. Mostly on the "inside" half (if you cut it in half vertically, it's on the half that'd touch the other big toe ;) ) of my left big toe, and more recently similarly on the right... with a little tingliness on the 2nd left toe as well. It would take so long to clear I didn't even notice how long it took. I haven't had my o6/o3's checked either, but didn't develop contact cold urticaria when icepacking or tubbing. Weirdness!
  8. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    Could be Raynaud's for me too. Interesting, just reading the mayo clinic web page about it.
  9. Susan M.

    Susan M. New Member

    Today was my 15th 40 minute soak, and I am able to keep my feet in the water now for the entire time (at least today I could), and as usual, I have two of the smaller toes on my right foot go numb after I have been out of the tub for about ten minutes. I do wear neoprene booties. I try to keep my socks and shoes off until they are mostly back to normal. My heels are always much colder than my toes, but they don't seem to go numb. The biggest challenge I have with the toes being numb, is that it messes with my balance for awhile. Otherwise, things get back to normal fairly soon. I wonder if my toes are going to go numb every time regardless of how often, or who cold, I go?
  10. janagram

    janagram New Member

    How common is reynaud's?

    theres 3 of you on this thread who think you have it.....you're scaring me...
  11. MonteD

    MonteD New Member

  12. KetoWarrior

    KetoWarrior New Member

    From Wikipedia:

    I got it a lot in my hands last winter. None this winter. I got in two toes during my first CT bath but not since and have experienced an overall improvement in my circulation to my hands and feet with CT just using skin color as an indicator.
  13. angieonthegogo

    angieonthegogo New Member

    I had toe numbness for the 1st time last night but it didn't start until after I was out of the bath for 15 mins or so. I CTd for an hour but I also was contorting myself for quite some time in order to stay as submerged as possible. I'm wondering if that was it or I just pushed it in the water too cold for too long and since the last time I ate.
  14. Gonzo

    Gonzo New Member

    I have Raynaud's. I soak in a tub at 50 degrees, but only put hands and feet in for about 15 minutes currently, during a 40-45 minute body soak. Fingers and toes usually do blanch white and go numb after I get out of the tub, just like typical Raynaud's episodes. My omega-6:eek:mega-3 just came back at 1.9:1, so I am not sure why the Raynaud's is still an issue. I plan to increase omega-6 foods just a bit to try to get to 4:1 or so, but don't know if it will worsen the Raynaud's. Of note, as I increase the time my hands and feet are in the water, it is less uncomfortable each time, and now I am comfortable within just 2-3 minutes. It is after the soak that I get numbness. I am hoping it will gradually improve with the CT.
  15. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    My heels and toes go a little numb once out of the tub and I chaulk it up to the body trying to warm everything up and the feet are last on the list. I have not been concerned at all with my feet getting this way. I leave them like this for a bit and then put them in luke warm water before leaving for work if they are still pretty bad where it might affect my walk.
  16. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    If I take long cold showers, I get nothing. But if I do an immersion, I tend to have a random toe, or finger go numb. The affected digit does not turn white - but starts getting numb about 15-30 minutes after I get out of the tub and am completely dry. Also, I do not submerge my hands or feet when soaking - i'm chalking this up to vasoconstriction that hopefully goes away----numb fingers crossed.

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