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Perhaps The Best Water Out There For Healing?!? Unlike Any Other Water

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by kall1, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. kall1

    kall1 Banned

    Here's something to run by you - perhaps the best water for healing unlike anything out there. Patented formula of water that's been structured. Sorta hard to explain in ten words or less. Check out "M-Water"

    M-Water has undergone a subtle transformation through duplicating the forces of nature under ideal circumstances and the main difference between activated M-Water and any other type of water lies in the change of clusters of water molecules to a smaller seize, thus facilitating the transfer of water via so-called "aquaporin" channels into any cell and facilitating cellular hydration. (The discovery of aquaporin channels in cell membranes was awarded with a Nobel Prize in 2003.)

    M-Water is sometimes referred to as “Primordial Water”. It is originally sourced from artesian springs in the Cascade Mountain range of Oregon. It is then subjected to a proprietary method of concussive and low-level electromagnetic forces resulting in a restructuring of the water molecules into smaller and more stable “clusters”. This “activated” or “energized” water forms crystals that show greater clarity when visualized at freezing temperatures using high precision microscopy. A study has shown M-Water to be readily available to cells and highly efficient at facilitating hydration and detoxification.

    Independent clinical studies prove that drinking sufficient amounts of M-Activated Water™ created by adding small amounts of M-Water® to clean drinking water significantly increases cellular hydration within a few days and then stabilizes at higher levels over extended periods of time. In addition to increased energy and more available oxygen, drinking plenty of M-Activated Water™ results in: better absorption and utilization of nutrients, decreased inflammation, more coherent brain chemistry, a better functioning immune system, more efficient digestion and elimination, clearer thinking, more balanced emotions, improved athletics and sports and over all improved cellular chemistry.

    M-Water® is a micro-structured water that contains high levels of stored energy and more available oxygen. Our patented M-Power Aqua Technology® is utilized to transform ultra purified water using the revolutionary Elix® system from Millipore® with the addition of small amounts of minerals from ancient clay sources. NMR O17 spectroscopic analysis proves that M-Water® contains much smaller H2O clusters than the same water that has not been transformed with Health Breakthroughs patent pending technology. Based on water memory transfer, ordinary clean drinking water is transformed with the addition of small amounts of M-Water®, with the stability of both M-Water® and the water it is added to – remaining stable with smaller H2O clusters for several months and even years.

    These "ideal", smaller clusters of water molecules in M-Water also form a power grid of stored energy, which can be measured in (milli-)watts, a measure of stored energy. It also represents the donation of electrons and oxygen.

    With the so-called Fenestra Analysing method (USA), using various parameters to test water in vitro and in vivo, it was found that the wattage of M-Water is hundreds of times higher than any other water ever tested; a direct reflection of the stored energy available to the body!

    In 2004 a study was done, using the Fenestra Analysing method, with the conclusion that >90% of all people tested showed cellular dehydration, and that after drinking M-Water daily for a month, everyone who partook in the study, showed an increase in cellular hydration, the average being 22.3%.

    In 2005 a follow-up study was done, this time over a six months period and with Core Water added. Again everyone who partook showed an increase in cellular hydration, the average being 35%, this time. M-Water is the only product to optimise cellular hydration, which is validated by clinical studies.

    With the proven ability of M-Water to move freely into and out of cells this has to imply that M-Water plays a role in balancing the positive and negative charges of cell membranes.

    The state of hydration also plays a major role with pH balance. Whereas the body fluids, like saliva, may show no sign of acidity, this is by no means a reflection on intra-cellular pH. Cells may be very acid, especially as a result of poor detoxification and subsequent accumulation of acid waste products.

    Core Water essentially has the same properties as M-Water, but is 100 times more vibrationally potent. When the vibration of water is totally biocompatible, as in M- and Core Water, it has great organising power on cellular metabolism and hence will promote health and longevity. Increasing the strength of biocompatible vibration in Core Water has shown to dramatically increase cellular hydration (with all its metabolic benefits), when taken in conjunction with M-Water.

    Dr David Wheeler
    Tigard Oregon

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2013

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